Saturday, July 12, 2008

Zipia Love

I cannot begin to tell you how gleefully excited I am about my newfound Zipia! It's this fashion network + wholesale mall, as they claim to be... and I think it's full of all Korean clothes for girls and guys. The site is a lot less cluttered than YesStyle and they only feature a few brands instead of YesStyle's 60+. Their prices are pretty decent too -- cheaper than YesStyle, but you've still gotta watch out for cheap quality clothing and such.
Their brands:
t.her. I love this line a lot!! The style is like Alexander Wang coupled with... actually I just realized it's very similar to Fashion Toast's style xept a bit less ugly sometimes (I still really like your style, FT, and I know you like to work ugly pieces in but sometimes...).
They seem to have the same style as certain celebrities and their style (like Nicole Richie and the Olsens) and yea. Their items are up to date and hardly very "fobby-like" at all IMO. This brand's pictures are excellently taken and the stylists give you creative examples of how to wear and remix their items. Wonderful brand! I guess I'm biased 'cause 80% of their items are ones I'd actually wear (and ones that are on my lust list too). It's amazing -- they have 125 pages and there's 15 pictures/page. That's a lot of work to put these together! I don't know if they're a house brand or not but they only have about 25 pages of old stuff and the rest of their 100 pages are brand new (for the Fall, I presume) 'cause they don't even have price tags on them yet (coming soon)! As you go towards the end, their stuff gets a bit less nice unfortch. .. but maybe 'cause I don't like Fall's clothes as much.
MuuMuu. This line is.. alright at most. I bet I could find some workable pieces if I look really hard but it's not worth it. Seemed like a few pages in, the style totally changed into retro aerobics (you know, neon colours).
AIDMA. Not bad - very YesStyle-like... the kind that's not really in style but not out of style either - some unique pieces.
Pong by Rushe. I find this line to have a Japanese feel to it... especially with the loose fits, white, black, and basic neutral and somewhat pastelly colours... and the girl has a huge bun on the top of her head.
They have about 5 others I haven't checked out yet. See for yourself.

What is a bit annoying about that site is that it only works on my Firefox sometimes -- I think it's b/c of my network connection. You have to sign up and become a member before you are allowed to browse.
OK so I guess I'm only excited about that t.her line. I'm looking forward to their blazer collection (classic and long), skirts (waisted and floral), and shoes (THE statement shoes I've been looking for!).
All the pics I've posted are from the t.her line.
I wanted these shoes in black but the material is a bit weird if you look closely. Exactly what I was looking for (statement-shoe strappy-wise).
This girl from Vancouver is doing a Soompi survey on personal orders from Zipia. She won't order until she gets over $500 worth of orders and it's gonna take about a month to arrive so I shouldn't order any summery things.

So yea - I finished working at the seminar! Good experience to seethe end product, "the show". Thank goodness I decided not to go out after, I wouldn't have made it. In a couple weeks I'll start working behind the scenes to see what it's like planning events and all that's involved.
This morning my family and Uncle Andrew went out for Dim Sum w/ my mom's aunt + her grandson (my 2nd cousin I never knew I had from Hawaii) + his girlfriend. Then we went to my Uncle's house to play his PS3. He bought this whole race car driving thing so it's like you're at some arcade w/ the low seat, wheel, gears, pedals etc. Pretty neat -- he has the projector and the huge HD screen so it's much more real. For the rest of today I'm gonna help my family clean the house. Hopefully I'll get to go to Ikea tmr + do some driving and the things on my list of things to do. I've decided to return the black skirt from Aritizia... I really like it but I really have no occasions to wear such a skirt unfortch.

ShopBop - Antik Batik Onyx Dress [$475]
This dress looks mature and elegant to me. Love the bounciness of the chiffon at the bottom. It's too low for me, but I really like how it drapes on the model. It's a dress you can grow up in 'cause it looks like a runway dress (movement) + not. I need a dress w/ thick straps like these - much more classy than spaghetti/halters.
Sidenote: My hair has been horrible ever since my haircut. I don't know what it is, but it's becoming oily very quickly (the roots!) + my bangs do not cooperate at all + my hair does not care to volumnize itself whatsoever. Siiigh. Oh yea -- I should give in my apron tmr... we'll see. Maybe Monday.

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