Thursday, July 10, 2008

This Little Piggy Went To The Market

My my - just came back from driving w/ my dad. Dropped off some ex-bakery bread @ my G-ma's, filled up the gas and practiced more left turns. After work today, my mom and I went shopping in PC to get me more work clothes. I actually bought a lovely pencil skirt from Jacob on Tuesday right before the mall was gonna close at reg. price but the (not-so-smart) lady didn't take off the security tag. Deactivated though. I didn't find out until I came home, when it was too late to go back to the store. I still wore it Wed for work (I covered the metal bulb w/ double-sided tape and black paper) 'cause I seriously had nothing else to wear, but I kept the tags on heh. Today, my mom went back to take the security tag off and found that went on sale ($39.99!) on Wed morning! Bad timing... so we exchanged it today for a smaller, more fitted size @ the sale price.

UM so much for buy-tox. I know, I'm terrible at discipline. I did pretty darn well (no clothes!) until today though! Well, it might get itself returned, but I bought a black skirt from Aritzia by Wilfred. I loveee but we'll see how my bank account will handle this. I'd try to sew it myself but it looks way too hard to make. Looks something between origami and a sort of puff pastry lol Plus it's fully lined w/ pockets and too much detail.
You can't really see the details on the pleated top part -- it looks really plain in this pic actually.
Here's one w/ better detail (click to enlarge). My bow looks dead xxxxxxBtw, after scrambling to find white button-ups (grar so hard to find!) at Metro w/ my mom last Tues, I ended up getting 2 short-sleeve button-ups out of desperation from Urban Behavior (whodathought?) for $10 each pretty much last minute. They surprisingly fit much better than Jacob.
We also briefly stepped into Club Monaco and I fell in love w/ so many of their pieces! They really put out some buy-worthy items right now like their cardigan (the buttons!), dresses, rompers, blazers, belts, skirts ahhhhh :D -- especially compared to just last May where I only sort of liked 3 or 4 items. Summer definitely churns out the nicest clothes.
Wed -- 1st day of seminar went well - I just wore the wrong shoes which resulted in me being veeery grumpy + irritable when it was done 'cause my mom wanted to go shopping and I just could not walk. Today also went well - even smoother xept ppl seemed to have ate more which meant I had to call the maintenance guy so many more times to replace garbage... piggies.
Last day of the seminar tomorrow. I'm doing extremely well waking up at 5:30AM the past couple days. I'm so lucky the people I work with are so wonderful and come from all walks of life and we work so well as a team!

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