Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I'm through w/ the bakery. No more -- I get bored easily. I guess this shows that I really need a stimulating job in the future... or I need to be my own boss so I can make up my own rules. Well, it's not only boredom, it's also the fact that a couple of my fav. coworkers are on holiday/left last week, together with the possibility that I might get stuck closing w/ my least fav. coworker, the fact I get so (silently) annoyed when people ask for a plastic bag with handles after I paper-bagged their one cookie [fake smile], the fact that it's so routine, and the fact that it's making me chubby. It wasn't as bad as I'm making it sound though -- the customers/tourists were still very nice, complimenting, and most of them seem to have a great sense of humour...I only met two that were grumpy. Plus, I like that I'm paid for lunch... I'll miss the handful of regulars... Smiley Donna and her Cranberry Orange muffin we save for her every day, the Weiner Bun guy who always comes around the bakery corner, eager to buy some Weiner Buns, and the Granville Island employee who only wants me to serve him when I'm there. I will also miss the loaves of bread and goodies I bring home every time I close and the homeless that flock towards the garbage bag full of leftover bread when I lug it out. Lastly, I'll miss seeing my flock of geese I've seen grown up since I started working.

I'm half-heartedly looking for another part-time job that will take me in for the next 1.5 months. I'm still working the next 3 days + might be in Victoria most of next week so that doesn't leave me much time.

Anyway, I've got a few errands to run today so bye bye la~

[Edit] Got my hair cut at that cheapie shop next to RBC. My goodness - when did $10 hair cuts become so quick?? I know I don't have much hair but I swear I sat in that seat for only 10 minutes. No wash, no blowdry. I left with wet hair lol. She's a rough lady.. push/shove/pull -- I can't tell what nationality... Israeli? - she's lucky my head/hair isn't very sensitive. All she asked in the beginning was "how much off" and "You Chinese?" -- as if that would affect how much effort she put into cutting my hair.
Anyway, the haircut itself doesn't look bad - I told her HALF and inch and she ended up taking around 1.5 inches off. I was gonna go to MimiHouse across the street originally but they were closed. Haven't been to a cheapie place in a few years. From my experience, I think if you have thicker hair and go to a cheapie place, you can tell.. whereas if you have thin hair, it doesn't really show up as much (unless they're really awful). So yea - I guess I should save some money + go to these mini salons when I just need a trim. Now I need to dye my hair but I'm scared my length won't dye and only my roots will turn really light...

Sold my 2 scooters today! Thanks again, Craigslist :D

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