Sunday, July 6, 2008

Feet Treat

ENVY is hosting a Short-Shorts themed party at Fabric on Friday the 18th. I sort of want to go (I've never been to Fabric, let alone Sonar) but I probably won't be here. I own quite a few short shorts lol. All girls wearing short-shorts get in free before 10:30PM and if it's your birthday between July 10th-30th, you also get in free. Tons of prizes to be won too including a $100 cash prize for the shortest short. Woooot
Sort of reminds me of Taiwan's Plush + the free cover if you show up in a bikini top... and then the contest... hm

Interesting -- there was a test on sunscreen and its effectiveness and a lot of the common brands sold in drug stores have proven to be ineffective. I didn't read the whole article, but here's the list of the best to worst sunscreens out there based on safety. Coppertone, Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic... Some Neutrogena kinds, Kiehl's, Olay... even Lancome and Loreal are at the very bottom of the list of over 952 different types. Even the Shiseido one I wanted is around the middle! KINeSYS is pretty high on the list, thank goodness. I love that sunscreen spray!

What do you think? Would you wear any of these?Today I drove (first time driving w/ Mommy - she didn't last long as a passenger... we went to Brentwood + back and around busy intersections twice. She says her heart could only take so much). Still tired in the morning for some reason -- I think it's my bed. I don't have room to spread out 'cause all my "winter" blankets line the left side of my bed against the wall (too hot) and it only gives me half a bed to roll around in... and I guess I've been rolling more than usual 'cause my blankets get all twisted (neeever happens!!). There must be some subconscious things bothering me that I don't know about.

Aaahh otoke (what to do?) about my room!? Furniture hunting is gonna be so hard 'cause they ain't cheap and I want ones I can keep for a long time (like when I move out and stuff)... I want something w/ a bit of personality.. not Ikea-fied. My grandma has this wood and glass chunky square table that's a bit ugly and Italian-looking that would be perfect to sand down and re-paint some ivory hue as a bed-side table but they ain't offering... though they don't need that table... they already have 2 coffee tables in their small living room.
Plus, I really really want to do something about the awful colour of my desk and bookshelf! OTOKE!?
I think I'm just gonna settle for a cheap, Ikea duvet cover though. They actually turn quite soft when you put them through the wash a few times... and so cheap! 2 pillow cases and a duvet cover for a twin is only $16.99!! Can't go wrong. I can switch them with the seasons! lol

Had dinner at Wah Wing in the Continental Place in Richmond. It was my Bak Por's 82nd birthday or something (don't know why we're celebrating her 82nd? I thought it was her Chinese 81st which = 80 yrs). She's my g'pa's older brother's wife. I never got to meet the older brother I don't think. He died around the same time I was born. Anyway - amazing woman. She raised 7 kids on her own 'cause her husband was crippled... and she's soo small!! I guess she must have had them pretty early 'cause her 5th oldest is the same age as my mom (50) and she (my bak por) is only a few years older than my g'pa (I think he's 78).
When we sang happy birthday, all her grandchildren came out wearing red tees and tanks that had the Chinese character for longevity on it and stood behind her - a nice touch. First time there was Cantonese karaoke at a family event... I got a headache. My uncles and aunts were smart enough not to participate. Good singing doesn't run in my family lol
Food was good -- it was a spin off the typical however-many-course feast (it's 12 for weddings, right?). I tried duck feet web for the first time as part of the cold first dish appetizer along w/ the usual jellyfish + meat. Pretty good. There was also a goose feet dish with abalone + bok choy. I didn't really care for it but it wasn't bad.. just tasteless even though it was deeply marinated. The steamed broccoli was excellent.
Butchea - it was alright. I wish they had some activities going. My family loves to participate in games like that - fun competitiveness. A slide show would have been nice.. or some speeches -- even if I couldn't understand.

I'm pretty excited -- got another part-time job (that's just as unpredictable as Stuart's, schedule-wise) for an event-planning company. They plan seminars for mental health and education professionals all over Canada and the States. I'm working at the last 4-day conference this week at Library Square on Wed, Thurs, and Fri. Sold out at 120 attendees (extremely small event apparently) @ $775/ticket. Includes lunch! Hopefully in August I can help w/ promotions and learn what event planning is really about.

Btw, those dresses up top are made out of quality-controlled rejected condoms... designed by Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini.


Nat said...

sweet, that event planning job sounds much more up your alley. let me know if u want a tutorial on indesign!!

um ok so which sunscreen should i use :( i have a coppertone one leftover from my sister and an Alba one i think.. that my mom got. how much is sunscreen spray? gosh i barely go out in the sun anyway so not worth it to buy sunscreen. (i know i know, the risk of skin cancer is not worth it?? ...bleh)

hmm the first and last condom dress look the best. hehehe how .. rubbery.

i tell ya renos are HARD WORK. ...yeah you're not doing a reno but... man all that redecorating haha. wat on earth CAN you do for your desk/bookshelf?

N said...

OK thanks!

I don't know -- my mom wants to buy the badger one I think. The KINeSYS was 2 for $10 at Costco last year or a couple years ago -- I don't see it anymore.

I know what I can do to those pieces of furnitur... get rid of it!! The bookshelf anyway -- it's ugly.
I think the desk is a bit nicer than the bookshelf so I feel bad to get rid of now...

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