Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sleeping Sloth

GAH There goes my chance of ever becoming a hand model! Now both hands are ruined!
My left hand has a scar just below my 2nd finger's knuckle from peeling potatoes a few years ago. I nicked my hand w/ the vegetable peeler. Today, I burned my right hand under my thumb in the oven so now there's a puffy, discoloured line that's 3/4 of an inch long.

Darn.. DBSK's Happy Together Friends episode is out and subbed and I have no time to watch!
Must keep researching my Op-Ed and finishing reading that stupidly long article.......
Hm... maybe I can fit Part 1 (10 min) during my break............

I'll leave w/ 2 SoHee (Wondergirls) pictures. V. cute outfit as simple as it is.
I don't know who the guy is, but he looks good w/ SoHee.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Down One, Up Two

2 posts today.
I brought 1 pack of Natto to Japanese class today.

YESS 1 pack gone... 1 more to go.
Didn't smell AS bad as it did when I first tried it. Maybe it's a bit old now... don't know when it expires... but from the reactions, it still tastes just as bad... if not worse hahahaha

The next friend who comes through my front door gets to eat it.
Lucky lucky person.
I think I won't have anyone over for a long time now...
Natto wa oishii kunakatta desu. Mazui desu. (Natto is not delicious. It's gross)
Natto o tabemashouka? (Shall we eat natto?)
Isshoni tabemashou! (Let's eat together!)

In other news,
--> YES last Japanese quiz today!!!!! I think I aced it.
I'm much more confident about my oral (next Wednesday) after today's class.
I pay attention amazingly well when I'm awake.. and after a good quiz.
--> My Everyday Minerals package came yesterday (minus the kabuki brush which is still on backorder until 3/8). So far, I quite like the eye shadows and one of the mineral shades blends into my skin so well on its own! I don't have to mix them like most people do. Someone has got to show me how to blend eye shadows though... I look like someone punched me. I'll do a post on them once my kabuki brush comes!
--> PSPs are actually pretty darn cool - I didn't know you could put such clear videos on it.

Shaki wa kawaii desu! (So cute!) and so well groomed. He's Junsu's dog.
I like dogs that always look like they're smiling.
Love the tongue. Bleeeh hahahaOK! Let's power through this weekend! I'm pumped! (wow.. this must be the 1st time I'm using that expression. How strange now that I typed it... not very me either... but you know what I mean)
Can't wait for Wednesday to be over.
Can't wait for Wednesday to be over. Can't wait for Wednesday to be over. Can't wait for Wednesday to be over. Can't wait for Wednesday to be over.

Top 10 LV

B's right - it's so much better shopping for things you can't afford when you're financially lacking. Sooo here's my top 10 Louis Vuitton choices (from the stock):

Mahina XXL $3,900
Quite nice! Subtle LV and holds a lot.
Monogram Canvas Trousse Toilette 25 $440
I actually like the one underneath a bit more (more feminine looking), but this one is more practical 'cause it fits more. That's a lot of mores.Monogram Canvas Pochette Cosmetique $265
Damier Canvas Hard-Sided Box PM $2,150
Hurray! A box! I don't know what to put in it... I guess it'll be some expensive decor accessory. Love the hardware.Monogram Mini Lin Zippy Wallet $655
Zippy wallets are so neat.
Monogram Vernis Key and Changeholder $210
It comes in many diff colours. The patent won't get dirty as easily as the other leather.
Monogram Vernis Zippy Wallet $740
Bye grubby fingers! Just a wipe away.Damier Azur Berkeley $1,480
This bag is brand spankin' new to their collection!! I like it so much better than the speedy. However, its uniqueness comes w/ a hefty price compared to the $700 speedy - double!Damier Azur French Purse $570
Damier Azur Pochette Cles $160
These changepurse/keyholder thingies are great. It'd be even better if this fits my cell phone. I just measured, and it does!!
I don't like their Denim or Multicolore line. I like their small accessories more than their large bags.

Off-topic side notes:
Happy Leap Year!
I'm really liking the Burberry: The Beat fragrance! It surprisingly smells good! I've only liked magazine scents once before. The description for this one is: A sparkling floral woody fragrance where attitude meets energy. haha. [Sniff]
I just finished the last 2 mini candy balls from my Hello Kitty rabbit-wannabe pen!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm Gonna Tell You A Secret

We've got some attentive students in my English class...
Yep - you get to see everything going on when you sit in the back. I've MSpaint circled all those playing games... and this is only the right side! There were another handful on the left side of the classroom.I've come across this short article on StyleHive that I think everyone should know (esp. myself)!


It’s a tough craft to master, but once you learn how to dress for your body type, you will ALWAYS look chic and put together. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing something that cost $5 or $500. While bodies obviously vary, there are some general rules and guidelines that apply to women of all shapes and sizes. Read on for five amazing tips that will help you become more realistic about what clothes can and can’t do for you, and hence, a smarter, happier shopper!

1. Swallow Your Pride, It’s Non-Fattening!
Fit is the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT when it come to shopping- not the trends, not if you think the color looks pretty, not if it’s on sale- it’s all about the FIT. And you know what? When you buy something that’s a size up from what you normally go for, you will look thinner. In theory, this all sounds nice, but when you’re in a store and you try on pants in your ‘usual size’ and they’re cutting off your circulation, it’s tough to swallow your pride and say ‘you know what, these pants would look great in the next size up’ and it’s way too easy to say ‘I’m just bloated, a few days of dieting and these will look awesome.’ Remember, manufacturers vary in size charts and use different fit models- so don’t dismiss an item because it isn’t ‘your size’ because honestly, size is just an arbitrary number and you can search through every fashion magazine, every style book, and ask any fashion expert, and I guarantee, no on will ever tell you that a muffin top looks sexy!

2. Rule An Empire
An empire waist, that is! Empire waist dresses and tops flatter just about every shape. The cut emphasizes the rib cage- a slim spot on almost everyone, and makes it the perfect choice for concealing a tummy
. The key to getting it right it so make sure the garment gently grazes the body and doesn’t cling to it for dear life, or appear as though it’s running away. This look can even out super curvy girls, add shape to super un-curvy girls, and there are so many varieties of the empire, you can pick and choose to showcase what you want.

3. Face It
Drawing attention to your face is always a quick and easy way to look good and stay confident on those infamous ‘fat days.’ Solid colored dresses with embellished collars are universally flattering and can easily transition from day to night, taking you wherever you need to go and keeping you looking and feeling as fabulous as possible while getting there.

4. Inch Your Way To The Top:
A couple of added inches will naturally elongate anyone’s body and the longer your body looks, the leaner you will appear. A great way for achieving the long leggy look is to pair matching colors- like black skinny jeans with black heels (my personal favorite). Not a fan of the skinnies? Another amazing trick is to wear chunky platforms with a pair of uber-trendy wide leg pants which will give the illusion of added height since you can’t see the shoe.

5. Meet Your New BFF
Yup, I’m talking about Spanx- a must-have for pretty much every single celeb, and for women of all shapes and sizes. If you haven’t already hopped on the Spanx bandwagon I suggest you book a ticket- ASAP. Buy a variety of spandex camisoles, leggings, and bras (which do away with visible bra-lines and back fat!). Spanx items smooth out pesky bulges and bumps and can whittle you down half a size for a sleeker, leaner silhouette. They’re the perfect antidote for body-blues when you want to rock a sexier look and do it with confidence!
Celeb Testimonial: “I’ve been tempted to wear three pairs of Spanx. They’re made for gals with wardrobe issues. It saves my life! At awards shows, I can get weird sweat marks. Spanx absorbs it all, and you don’t get lines” Jessica Alba

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Zhang Li Yin Hot Off The Press

FINALLYYYY a new song from her! Just aired this morning.
These are in Mandarin though.
Featuring the same ppl in Timeless (Siwon + Hankyung from SuJu and YeonHee)

Zhang Li Yin - 星愿 (I WILL)
[Full MV] (new song)

Oh wow YeonHee looked beautiful in that cheung saam (that traditional Chinese dress)! That's the prettiest one I've ever seen!
Zhang Li Yin - 幸福的左岸 (Happiness' Left Short)
[Lovers] (MV to old song)

Zhang Li Yin always seems to sing such sad songs for her MVs... aw poor Hankyung!! Wo ai!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Korean Gasoos

Here's some recent pictures of Korean Celebs:

The beautiful Song Hye GyoWow she looks so much like a Shiseido Maquillage model here
The very pretty and natural Yoon Eun Hye
This picture is pretty old, but I thought Chae Yeon looked very pretty here. Nice hair + hair colour!
Boa's also looking pretty
Surprise performance - nice outfit minus the boots.
I wish I could wear caps like she does.
My my - Changmin (2nd row) is getting more handsome every time I see him.
I don't know why photographers make them do weird close-together jumping photos, but they look nice... well maybe except for Yoochun (2nd from left). They look photoshopped to death.
This member from Kara is so pretty sometimes - Kim Sunghee.
I like her hair length
She actually has a pretty low voice
This isn't the greatest picture of her. Wonder Girls in New York

SoHee (2nd from right) looks so cute - she looks cold actually ahha
Neat shot in Times Square
Horton Hears A WHOOOOO
There's something so mysteriously captivating about SoHee. When you first look at her, all you think of is "wow - big cheeks". The also has that aloof, sleepy look to her. Then, when you see more, she becomes very cute and pretty despite her big cheeks and lack of a double-eyelid. She's only 15 - I think she should become a model or an actress instead 'cause she's quite amazing at that (well I haven't seen her act yet, but she's a great model), buuuuuut not a v. good singer. Click HERE (haha so cute when she mouths the rap) or HERE (love the music) to see what I mean ... and here's a solo of her dancing - WHOA should 15 year olds dance like that? In heels?? She's good!!!
At the giant 6-floor Tiffany & Co.! How fun! JYP bought them all Tiffany rings!
Can't wait to see them at the Hollywood Bowl! Artist list comes out on March 10th! 13 days! Yay that means I can start planning that trip.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Shoulder Pads And All

My mom still has a lot of clothes (dresses, namely) that she's not willing to get rid of. She claims that they're gonna come back in style. I totally disagree. There are only some styles that will recycle, but not any of these. I had some fun and raided her closet, trying on all the old ones. We both had quite the laugh - maybe now she realizes that it'll never be trendy again!
It was surprising how tiring it was to change clothes. I think I wore about 5 other dresses on top of these but they didn't turn out that well.
Most of these pieces are from the 80's. I'm not sure if they can be considered vintage or not.
Ah... bad and quick MSpaint job lolll
Top left corner -- ooooooh my goodness the shoulder pads in this sequined dress! I felt like a clothes hanger in it! That dress is amazingly heavy. It's beautiful though - the sequin details are exquisite. I'm thinking of bringing this to a tailor and updating it by cutting off the sleeves, lifting the hem, and making it more form-fitting.
The floral patterned ones are atrocious and I look almost as if I belong on a farm as a farmer's wife or even as the cow. In fact, I think the latter is most appropriate b/c I can't even button up the bottom left one! My hand is covering the gaping hole.
The black and white swirly blouse makes me feel like I'm a clown.
I guess the black dress isn't very old - it has a mod cut, but I swear she has had it for a veeeeeerrrryy long time.
I have to say my favourite is the top right corner one. It's very pretty and flowy and is made of raw silk. You can't tell but it's a sheer v. light gray background with thin, metallic blue and green lines Gotta find a slip to wear underneath though 'cause it's also veeeery see-through.

Tons of work to do!
Cannot wait for next Wednesday to be over.
I have to:
- write an 800 word 1st draft Op-Ed (stands for Opposite Editorial) on Ecotourism worth 10% due on the 4th
- Prepare a geo presentation on this v. long article also for the 4th worth 5%
- Prepare for my Japanese Oral #1 worth 10% due the 5th
- Write my Japanese Assignment #6 due the 5th on Christmas or my birthday or something... worth 4%
Now that I've written these out, it doesn't look like they're worth very much, but I want to do well!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dim Sum + Games

Eventful day yesterday!

M, D, and I went to B's house @ 9:45AMish to drop of (and eat) a wildberry frozen cheesecake D and I made Friday night. Stayed for 1 hour then went home to shower, then went to eat Dim Sum w/ B and her family! Haven't had Dim Sum since Hong Kong - almost 6 months! I (surprisingly) haven't taken many pictures recently so here's a few places we hit up in HK for some goooood Dim Sum!
The 2nd day (I think) in HK we (B and I) went to this Dim Sum restaurant w/ Steven and Kenneth. I lost the pics so I don't remember what it's called anymore but I really liked the atmosphere - it was neat - and the food tasted so good after all that Taiwanese food.
Maxims Palace - it looks more like a Chinese wedding hall, but they serve some good Dim Sum here. There's also a pretty terrific (hah who uses that word these days) harbour view! I really liked the atmosphere - classy and clean. B's aunt took us here 3 times I think. This huge place is extremely popular. In the morning, it's totally packed and you have to wait quite a while for a table, but it's worth it. They have a v. organized system that I was impressed with - esp. for such a big restaurant. On the way there, you pass by this whole undercover area full of Filipino nannies (some with Agnes B bags!) eating lunch on blankets. V. interesting!
Gold lined China. A check mark in my books =D
Prices are approx. $3/dish.
I think I was trying to take a picture of the guys in the next table who ordered a lot of food at once.
Only thing is that it's a bit chilly inside - they blast the air con (like most indoor places in HK).
Luk Yu Tea House - where the 1st traditional Dim Sum place opened in HK (and apparently the most famous) in 1933. It was one of the tourist destinations I wanted to go to from some research. There's a good mix of tourists and regulars there. As you can see, the style still dates back to that time. An interesting fact: "Luk Yu is not only famous, but infamous: On November 30, 2002, a wealthy businessman was murdered execution-style by a mainland Chinese hit man. Witnesses said the assassin was calm and cold: he ate breakfast, paid the bill, walked behind his target, shot him in the head, and strolled out of the teahouse."
What I found interesting was how the waiters seemed quite old. It matched the old-worldness of the restaurant. "Our waiter was a most genial fellow; when we enquired how long he'd been working there, he replied more than 40 years—and he'd started when he was 14 years old."
The menu, I remember, is actually a bit more expensive than Dim Sum restaurants here in Vancouver averaging around $4-5/dish compared to $2.50-4/dish here.
While I didn't find the food anything special, it was nice to know that I visited such a place!
On the other hand, both B and I thought this place to be higher than par as far as Dim Sum restaurants go! Serenade Chinese Restaurant in Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui Stn). It was quite inexpensive (at $2-4CDN/dish) compared to Luk Yu. A v. bright place and another great place for a wedding reception though not as elegant as Maxim's b/c the ceilings are lower.
Half-eaten food isn't so nice to take a picture of... we tried something new w/ the chilled eggplant dish and it turned out to be excellent. It's similar to Maxim's Palace in that it's a v. clean place and the view (if you get a seat next to the window) is just as nice, if not nicer. A definite recommendation and I will def. go out of my way to eat there next time I go to HK.
We went to a couple other places for Dim Sum too (I can't believe I didn't take pics there!) but I don't remember the names... B?
All in all, I don't think Dim Sum places in HK can be disappointing. Just go where the locals flock. That's true for everywhere eh?
Anyway, after Dim Sum today (yesterday), D and I studied @ my house for a few hours before she had to go out for dinner and I went to Ryan's for a games night. I love games so much - esp. board games! We played so many - Mario Party 7 in pairs where Steph + I were in 1st place for so long and then Bowzer scrambled the game around and we lost quite badly at the end ahha
Then we played this game I've never heard of before called Quelch! It's a hilariously fun game - I'm very much considering adding it to my game collection. For some reason I can't find anything about it online... maybe Quelch is spelled differently. Anyway, it's a bit like Cranium b/c you still act, hum, draw, and even write poems like limericks and haikus, but you just don't guess. They have some outrageous rules and you have to do them or you go back a certain number of spaces. In the pic below, the rule, that applies to everyone for the rest of the game, is that if you've landed on the same spot as someone else, you have to hold their hand until one of you moves forwards or backwards. There aren't very many spaces on the board so someone's always holding hands with another ahhaha
Sometimes, you have to draw something or act a certain way or replace certain words with another word before your next turn. For example, I had to write a limerick on a mosquito who drank too much blood.
Mine was something like this (it's one of those things that was so much better when you wrote it and you can't remember what it was like exactly):
There once was a mosquito who was full.
He looked like he was about to lull.
Drinking blood was his goal
As much as a bull.
But he still could go for a stroll.
Other examples include:
- Instead of saying "turn" (as in, "it's your turn"), you have to replace turn with "Moo" or else you have to go back 1 space. "It's your moo!!"
- I had to act as if I was a confused mime who broke out of jail and joined a traveling dance crew until the timer ran out.
- Make your body into a shape of an X until it's your turn again... and we had 7 ppl playing so my arms grew tired.
- Jason had to point to the ceiling and look at where he was pointing. He also couldn't speak in English (so he spoke in Cantonese) until his turn (I mean, moo) was up again.
- Lick someone's elbow. If you don't, you have to go back a couple spaces.
- Put someone else's sock on your hand like a sock puppet for the remainder of the game. Give it a cute name.
So basically there turns out to be a bunch of r. fun "roolz" - so many that you can get so caught up in your turn that you forget to do things which makes you go back spaces. Yep - it's a creative game and is great for ice breakers... 'cause you never know the next time you can be sitting on a stranger's lap (or even slow dancing with the person next to you!!)

Then we played 2 games of Wii Kablookii (v. similar to Cranium) where my team won twice. They got to see the competitive side of me for once haha. It's neat, but not worth the $40. Maybe if it was $15, I'd get it.

Ended the day off with an introduction to Guitar Heroes III. Honestly, it's not that great. It's really fun to watch if you're watching an expert like this 9 year old playing the hardest song in expert mode in Guitar Hero history: Through The Fire and Flames
His fingers actually fly.
Jason is actually really good!
Butchea - not really something I'd like to practice and get good at.

1. My hair is really longing for some good weightless non-Dove moisturizer conditioner
2. My nails are too long - scratched my eyeball while I was trying to take my contact out
3. ah... I got a huge zit on my forehead... haven't had one in months. I think it's from all the bad food this week.
4. Someone find me some good hair volumnizer that's under $25 'cause a lot of these serums weigh my hair down and hairspray makes it look greasy (and also weighs it down). Maybe a good mousse? Dove sucks and reeks.
5. Oh... what a v. sad week exercise-wise and food-wise

Back on track for sure tomorrow! It's a full Geog 389 day. Woo. Hoo.
Nad is HOME from NYC!!!!
It's late - 3:25AM and I'm exhausted 'cause I didn't get enough sleep last night.
Sleep well,