Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm Gonna Tell You A Secret

We've got some attentive students in my English class...
Yep - you get to see everything going on when you sit in the back. I've MSpaint circled all those playing games... and this is only the right side! There were another handful on the left side of the classroom.I've come across this short article on StyleHive that I think everyone should know (esp. myself)!


It’s a tough craft to master, but once you learn how to dress for your body type, you will ALWAYS look chic and put together. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing something that cost $5 or $500. While bodies obviously vary, there are some general rules and guidelines that apply to women of all shapes and sizes. Read on for five amazing tips that will help you become more realistic about what clothes can and can’t do for you, and hence, a smarter, happier shopper!

1. Swallow Your Pride, It’s Non-Fattening!
Fit is the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT when it come to shopping- not the trends, not if you think the color looks pretty, not if it’s on sale- it’s all about the FIT. And you know what? When you buy something that’s a size up from what you normally go for, you will look thinner. In theory, this all sounds nice, but when you’re in a store and you try on pants in your ‘usual size’ and they’re cutting off your circulation, it’s tough to swallow your pride and say ‘you know what, these pants would look great in the next size up’ and it’s way too easy to say ‘I’m just bloated, a few days of dieting and these will look awesome.’ Remember, manufacturers vary in size charts and use different fit models- so don’t dismiss an item because it isn’t ‘your size’ because honestly, size is just an arbitrary number and you can search through every fashion magazine, every style book, and ask any fashion expert, and I guarantee, no on will ever tell you that a muffin top looks sexy!

2. Rule An Empire
An empire waist, that is! Empire waist dresses and tops flatter just about every shape. The cut emphasizes the rib cage- a slim spot on almost everyone, and makes it the perfect choice for concealing a tummy
. The key to getting it right it so make sure the garment gently grazes the body and doesn’t cling to it for dear life, or appear as though it’s running away. This look can even out super curvy girls, add shape to super un-curvy girls, and there are so many varieties of the empire, you can pick and choose to showcase what you want.

3. Face It
Drawing attention to your face is always a quick and easy way to look good and stay confident on those infamous ‘fat days.’ Solid colored dresses with embellished collars are universally flattering and can easily transition from day to night, taking you wherever you need to go and keeping you looking and feeling as fabulous as possible while getting there.

4. Inch Your Way To The Top:
A couple of added inches will naturally elongate anyone’s body and the longer your body looks, the leaner you will appear. A great way for achieving the long leggy look is to pair matching colors- like black skinny jeans with black heels (my personal favorite). Not a fan of the skinnies? Another amazing trick is to wear chunky platforms with a pair of uber-trendy wide leg pants which will give the illusion of added height since you can’t see the shoe.

5. Meet Your New BFF
Yup, I’m talking about Spanx- a must-have for pretty much every single celeb, and for women of all shapes and sizes. If you haven’t already hopped on the Spanx bandwagon I suggest you book a ticket- ASAP. Buy a variety of spandex camisoles, leggings, and bras (which do away with visible bra-lines and back fat!). Spanx items smooth out pesky bulges and bumps and can whittle you down half a size for a sleeker, leaner silhouette. They’re the perfect antidote for body-blues when you want to rock a sexier look and do it with confidence!
Celeb Testimonial: “I’ve been tempted to wear three pairs of Spanx. They’re made for gals with wardrobe issues. It saves my life! At awards shows, I can get weird sweat marks. Spanx absorbs it all, and you don’t get lines” Jessica Alba

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Nat said...

i got myself a pair of those slimming things from macy's .. brand called curves.. spanx is too expensive!