Friday, December 4, 2009

Pump It Up... for Xmas!

I'm done all lectures for this semester SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!! Give me the text, material, notes, info, and get me to take the exams and write the papers but don't make me go to lecture! Worked really well last night until 4AM to finish off the powerpoint for today's solo presentation. Don't know how well I did, but I did my best (I actually did) and, if what I had was what she was looking for, then I think I did pretty well.

Work tonight, lotsa big tables on reservation, gonna work w/ awesome team. I'm server 1, happy happy happy. I hope to serve a table of Angus Beef tonight! We just introduced it this week - priced quite a bit higher than regular beef though so it's hard to sell, especially for those people who come to Posh for its value.

Even though I did a Zipia order just last week, I still check Zipia every weekday after 7PM 'cause that's when the new stuff comes out. Yesterday, they came out with BUNNY HILL CLOTHES and they're SO NICE and CUTE! Since when did bulky snow clothes look so cute?
I guess I'm more excited 'cause I actually need a new snowjacket this year... I've had the same one since Gr 10.. 8 years! That's pretty good. But it's so boring and I blend in with the snow... especially with my black pants. Anyway, clothes to snowboard in is probably the one exception where it's expected that you look fat, baggy, and puffy so might as well wear bright colours!

Angora hair band thingy I love it - it's so 70's/80's (my mom had some)!
AOIFHAFJALKSJFSLF WEOIFJ WFIJFJ I'm so sad!! The pink snowboard pants (above, they have both subtle stripes and the pixel squares on them) are ALREADY sold out and they just put it in stock yesterday!!! They must have had some low quantities or everybody rushed to buy them 'cause it already made up half of the $300 order limit. GAHHH

IJLFJJFLSIFJSDLFHSDLFNDLFDLFID Another disappointment!! The yellow ski jacket I absolutely ADORED last night is also gone! It's not even in the out of stock list... what happened to it?!
You can't really tell, but it has super fat (like probably 5 inches), subtle vertical stripes all over.

I mean, I wasn't going to wear them together.. I wanted to choose either or... more into the hot pink pants! Can't miss me now! I was thinking a green (can't decide which shade yet) coat w/ pink bottoms lol.. these colours are so Eastery.

I even like their bright "seasons pass" bag tag
Trend alert: These colourful puffers are coming back in style! I've seen it around Soompi on an Ulzzang.. can't remember. I realize I don't really look at the face of the person wearing the outfit often unless they're good looking.
oh found the other bright coat - on ulzzang Mikki
I WANT HER SHOES! They are so me!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Just Need To...

Wooooohoooo I exceeded my "goal" and pretty much wrote all of my powerpoint! I just need to incorporate what we learned in class into my powerpoint and I just need to make it all nice and fancy and I just need to decide what I'm going to say compared to what I'm going to leave in and I just need to find out if I have waaay too much info (well, I know I do..) gotta condense superbly! I'm so glad I chose to do this topic after changing topics like 4 times. So much info and it's interesting! Policy implementation to manage air pollution during the Beijing Olympics 2008. China is getting smarter. This makes me glad.

Starting to see that I blog excessively to procrastinate... way too many posts in the last few days for the little amount of time I thought I had. OK it's almost 3AM and I am soooooooo awake still - I can probably stay up for another couple hours. Haven't yawned yet!! I had 5 cups of strongly steeped tea. Pretty much the equivalent to a triple shot grande vanilla latte O_O. The sides of my head are a bit sore 'cause I used this tight headband to keep my bangs off my face. The hair stylist at Chura, Mark, who I adore 'cause he's funny + we like to talk about Japanese fashion and magazines, liked my bangs long (interesting, a few stylists have told me they like my bangs longer, too) and so he didn't even trim them even though I told him I wanted to when he asked me what I wanted done! I'm so used to them short... now makes me wonder if other stylists just cut them 'cause I tell them I want to have it cut. Don't really know which looks better on me. I guess long bangs doesn't cut into my face - perhaps gives a slimmer illusion? I do think it's less childlike.

I worked for like 3.13 hours today hah - sloooow Wednesday. Wasn't really worth going, but it was a nice destressor away from this presentation/term paper. Served a table of 6 and w/ the restriction of only allowing 4 "card" transactions per table along w/ some weird ways of paying, I somehow did not get the right amount of gratuity as I should have even though they were all very generous. Sometimes it's complicated so I make up solutions in my head of how it could be better.. of course, the solutions aren't very feasible and would never be used haha... I work Wed, Fri, and Sun nights for all of December except for Dec 24th, 25th and NYE.

I've been using up this IOPE Foaming Cleanser I got free from Aritaum in Korea. I love it - it foams up soo well and luxruiously, smells fragrantly nice, and takes off everything w/out drying. Cetaphil I love too, but it just takes everything off w/out being too drying... it doesn't smell good nor does it lather either so sometimes I feel like it's not doing anything.. but when I swipe a cotton pad w/ toner all over after cleansing, no makeup comes off! So it must do its job. ANYWAY, the IOPE Cleanser is also whitening!! I haven't been doing this totally purposefully, but I've been lusting over fairer skin in the winter so that my blushes turn up nicer and stronger. But, because I only use this IOPE Cleanser on my face, only my face has gotten whiter than my neck and the rest of my skin which is WEIRD. Now what??? Guess I should stop using it.. but it's almost done and I love the feeling :)


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What Yellow?

I went through a quarter of the runway Spring collection from (and trust me, that's a LOT!).. I was kinda late though 'cause the shows were from the end of Sept hah. Anyway, concluded that the 2 "new" colours for Spring 2010 = shades of blue (from royal blue to aqua.. not really the seafoam-blues) and neon yellow in all sorts of vividness.

I like looking at this hue? of yellow... but I can't imagine it (the colour) looking very good on many people... I think you have to be quite tanned to wear it or you'll look washed out.
This dress is from net-a-porter.... Burberry Prorsum (which, btw I LOOOOOVE their Spring collection!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Except I don't remember seeing this dress in it. I'm indifferent about this dress.) hand-pleated silk-chiffon dress.

Anyway, the night is still early (11:30) and I have the skeleton of my powerpoint done - will finish half by tonight for sure!

Yoon Eun Hye...

I love your hair in these pictures!

I've been drinking a lot of tea recently. Straight up tea - no milk, no sugar. Coffee's strength scares me if I drink it after 4PM 'cause I really can't sleep or have that whole "light" sleep thing going on which makes me exhausted the next day. I'm not very worried about my finals because I think I have ample time to study for it though I haven't been caught up with material since the midterm.. but if the finals are anything like the midterm, then I should be fine. Just more worried about this presentation (Fri) and paper (due Mon) that's worth 50% altogether for my China class. I'm trying this new technique that if I publicize my mini goals, maybe I'll work a tinch harder to actually get them done when I'd like them done. That having been said, I'm going to get half my powerpoint slides done by tonight and finish organizing my notes. I have work tonight though at 6.. but hopefully I'll be able to come home soon.

Currently loving: Ritter Sport Mint Choco + Cadbury DARK Fruit & Nut!
Currently wanting: Hershey Kisses in PEPPERMINT


CHANEL 247 "Haute Chocolat" (my Fall/Winter colour)
CHANEL 307 "Orange Fizz" (my Spring/Summer colour)
AND "Miami PEACH"!!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Topshop > F21

... because I found more things I would buy! The prices are quite a bit steeper, but let's just pretend and see what I would get if I won the lottery, shall we? Either way, they're things I adore :)

so sequiny!! love the shape
Another!!!! Better for layering and wearing often... need!Cropped love - also sequined
I'd wear the cropped top with something like this (this dress is from net-a-porter, though)
Just 'cause I wanted a cowl neck, long-sleeved dress and this one has a zipper
Just plain cute.
Love chains against navy!
Aaah the back is adorable! It's like a deeep U but the straps are connected horizontally by three bows!
Looked really cute on the mannequin, not really in this pic. Wonder if I'm tall enough to wear it - it's so long!
Yea yea another basic.. but the material/texture seems kinda neat for this - it has silk in it.. and I'm thinking it'll look diff on me... not maternity-like as it does in the picture. The back is a mid-back zipper.
Quite versatile! You can club in it or you can add a ton of layers under and over to make it suitable for everyday wear.
I'd order a few sizes up so that the shoulders don't look so structured... well, it looks so funny on its own but it might actually look decent when worn.
Cute and lightly puffy!
A looser one than the one I have would be nice... in white, too!
Lookin' for some great trousers
Jersey snood!
These are PJ bottoms - sooooo cute
Yea.. still need this
A necklace! Cooooooooool
Cheeky bikini short in coral!
I like this - can't decide on the colour though.
I like the pink in this one but the gold is kind of dull in the picture.
wow I think I went through their whole website in an hour!

I've been on the hunt for a black jersey maxi skirt for a while now... not a very in-trend item so it's hard to find. I can think of a few ways to wear it all year round. Difficult to come across one that's flexible enough yet doesn't flare out too much. Straight down from my hips is ideal! How would I run away from a raccoon if one becomes vicious? I'd take very short but quick steps.
Anyway, all of these items would sure make for a more fun 'n interesting wardrobe.