Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Just Need To...

Wooooohoooo I exceeded my "goal" and pretty much wrote all of my powerpoint! I just need to incorporate what we learned in class into my powerpoint and I just need to make it all nice and fancy and I just need to decide what I'm going to say compared to what I'm going to leave in and I just need to find out if I have waaay too much info (well, I know I do..) gotta condense superbly! I'm so glad I chose to do this topic after changing topics like 4 times. So much info and it's interesting! Policy implementation to manage air pollution during the Beijing Olympics 2008. China is getting smarter. This makes me glad.

Starting to see that I blog excessively to procrastinate... way too many posts in the last few days for the little amount of time I thought I had. OK it's almost 3AM and I am soooooooo awake still - I can probably stay up for another couple hours. Haven't yawned yet!! I had 5 cups of strongly steeped tea. Pretty much the equivalent to a triple shot grande vanilla latte O_O. The sides of my head are a bit sore 'cause I used this tight headband to keep my bangs off my face. The hair stylist at Chura, Mark, who I adore 'cause he's funny + we like to talk about Japanese fashion and magazines, liked my bangs long (interesting, a few stylists have told me they like my bangs longer, too) and so he didn't even trim them even though I told him I wanted to when he asked me what I wanted done! I'm so used to them short... now makes me wonder if other stylists just cut them 'cause I tell them I want to have it cut. Don't really know which looks better on me. I guess long bangs doesn't cut into my face - perhaps gives a slimmer illusion? I do think it's less childlike.

I worked for like 3.13 hours today hah - sloooow Wednesday. Wasn't really worth going, but it was a nice destressor away from this presentation/term paper. Served a table of 6 and w/ the restriction of only allowing 4 "card" transactions per table along w/ some weird ways of paying, I somehow did not get the right amount of gratuity as I should have even though they were all very generous. Sometimes it's complicated so I make up solutions in my head of how it could be better.. of course, the solutions aren't very feasible and would never be used haha... I work Wed, Fri, and Sun nights for all of December except for Dec 24th, 25th and NYE.

I've been using up this IOPE Foaming Cleanser I got free from Aritaum in Korea. I love it - it foams up soo well and luxruiously, smells fragrantly nice, and takes off everything w/out drying. Cetaphil I love too, but it just takes everything off w/out being too drying... it doesn't smell good nor does it lather either so sometimes I feel like it's not doing anything.. but when I swipe a cotton pad w/ toner all over after cleansing, no makeup comes off! So it must do its job. ANYWAY, the IOPE Cleanser is also whitening!! I haven't been doing this totally purposefully, but I've been lusting over fairer skin in the winter so that my blushes turn up nicer and stronger. But, because I only use this IOPE Cleanser on my face, only my face has gotten whiter than my neck and the rest of my skin which is WEIRD. Now what??? Guess I should stop using it.. but it's almost done and I love the feeling :)


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