Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What Yellow?

I went through a quarter of the runway Spring collection from (and trust me, that's a LOT!).. I was kinda late though 'cause the shows were from the end of Sept hah. Anyway, concluded that the 2 "new" colours for Spring 2010 = shades of blue (from royal blue to aqua.. not really the seafoam-blues) and neon yellow in all sorts of vividness.

I like looking at this hue? of yellow... but I can't imagine it (the colour) looking very good on many people... I think you have to be quite tanned to wear it or you'll look washed out.
This dress is from net-a-porter.... Burberry Prorsum (which, btw I LOOOOOVE their Spring collection!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Except I don't remember seeing this dress in it. I'm indifferent about this dress.) hand-pleated silk-chiffon dress.

Anyway, the night is still early (11:30) and I have the skeleton of my powerpoint done - will finish half by tonight for sure!

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