Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yoon Eun Hye...

I love your hair in these pictures!

I've been drinking a lot of tea recently. Straight up tea - no milk, no sugar. Coffee's strength scares me if I drink it after 4PM 'cause I really can't sleep or have that whole "light" sleep thing going on which makes me exhausted the next day. I'm not very worried about my finals because I think I have ample time to study for it though I haven't been caught up with material since the midterm.. but if the finals are anything like the midterm, then I should be fine. Just more worried about this presentation (Fri) and paper (due Mon) that's worth 50% altogether for my China class. I'm trying this new technique that if I publicize my mini goals, maybe I'll work a tinch harder to actually get them done when I'd like them done. That having been said, I'm going to get half my powerpoint slides done by tonight and finish organizing my notes. I have work tonight though at 6.. but hopefully I'll be able to come home soon.

Currently loving: Ritter Sport Mint Choco + Cadbury DARK Fruit & Nut!
Currently wanting: Hershey Kisses in PEPPERMINT


CHANEL 247 "Haute Chocolat" (my Fall/Winter colour)
CHANEL 307 "Orange Fizz" (my Spring/Summer colour)
AND "Miami PEACH"!!!!

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