Sunday, November 29, 2009

Topshop > F21

... because I found more things I would buy! The prices are quite a bit steeper, but let's just pretend and see what I would get if I won the lottery, shall we? Either way, they're things I adore :)

so sequiny!! love the shape
Another!!!! Better for layering and wearing often... need!Cropped love - also sequined
I'd wear the cropped top with something like this (this dress is from net-a-porter, though)
Just 'cause I wanted a cowl neck, long-sleeved dress and this one has a zipper
Just plain cute.
Love chains against navy!
Aaah the back is adorable! It's like a deeep U but the straps are connected horizontally by three bows!
Looked really cute on the mannequin, not really in this pic. Wonder if I'm tall enough to wear it - it's so long!
Yea yea another basic.. but the material/texture seems kinda neat for this - it has silk in it.. and I'm thinking it'll look diff on me... not maternity-like as it does in the picture. The back is a mid-back zipper.
Quite versatile! You can club in it or you can add a ton of layers under and over to make it suitable for everyday wear.
I'd order a few sizes up so that the shoulders don't look so structured... well, it looks so funny on its own but it might actually look decent when worn.
Cute and lightly puffy!
A looser one than the one I have would be nice... in white, too!
Lookin' for some great trousers
Jersey snood!
These are PJ bottoms - sooooo cute
Yea.. still need this
A necklace! Cooooooooool
Cheeky bikini short in coral!
I like this - can't decide on the colour though.
I like the pink in this one but the gold is kind of dull in the picture.
wow I think I went through their whole website in an hour!

I've been on the hunt for a black jersey maxi skirt for a while now... not a very in-trend item so it's hard to find. I can think of a few ways to wear it all year round. Difficult to come across one that's flexible enough yet doesn't flare out too much. Straight down from my hips is ideal! How would I run away from a raccoon if one becomes vicious? I'd take very short but quick steps.
Anyway, all of these items would sure make for a more fun 'n interesting wardrobe.

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