Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Want S'More! hehe

Great dinner, my fav homemade Sangria, games (I learned how to play Rummy, finally!), s'mores over an open fire, diva + candycane cupcakes by Cupcakes, sleepover, Greek-style omelette breakfast, & good company :D
My s'more with Max in the background, waiting for me to feed him (yea right).My favourite time of the day is when this mutt sleeps..........

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nice Monday

I love make up, Chinese hot pot, and chatting with my friends!

Got a decent dose of all today :D

Went downtown for about an hour to return my Dior Airflash @ Sephora 'cause it stopped working for me but brought the wrong receipt (darn.. where did it go??). Sephora to me is like a candy store for kids. So many things to try.. I could spend hours there. Got Melanie a NARS blush in Dolce Vita which I love on her (it's a dusty rose colour) and am perhaps considering for myself too hehehe I really love NARS. Wanna eventually collect all their blushes. (Yesss I addoooooooreeeeeee blushes). Got myself NARS lip gloss in Chihuahua (a pink nude.. very natural) to finally replace the one I lost. Do I need another lip gloss? No.........course not.... but I'll let you know that I also have a weakness for lip glosses. Eyeshadows just don't give me the same high I get when it comes to lip glosses and blushes ehhehe. The SA tried some of the new NARS glow foundations on M and it looked absolutely terrific! Apparently the NARS labs spent 7 years trying to formulate this foundation. I'll try that once I'm done my Dior + Bobbi Brown, but man are they pricey!

Wore a couple of my new-ish items from my Zipia haul: a navy, wool, double breasted, gold-buttoned blazer ($55USD) and that beige knit snood muffler ($18USD). I was pleasantly surprised the blazer was warm enough to wear instead of a coat, today! It was around.. well, I'm not sure.. 4 degrees? Even though it's wool, it was not thick wool like a winter coat should be, but yes, except for my hands, I wasn't cold at all. When I first got it, I was honestly a bit worried I might never wear it or I would have to alter it because of the shoulder pads! They're in style again.. I really look like a football player I think lol so I tried to disguise it with the beige snood which also kept my neck nice and warm. I think I looked quite Korean today.
Then I met up w/ B and D to eat the Chinese hot pot I've been craving!
with cute Fish Tofu (we ordered it 'cause we didn't know what it was haha.. just fish-shaped tofu)
Nomomonomonomonom I want to eat it again next week!
Then we just hung out and chatted which was really nice 'cause we don't get together to do that often enough.

Thought this was so cute - my little cousin Erin picked out my Christmas present this year. She saw it in the Shoppers flyer and said that it would be perfect for me 'cause it's cute and looks like me. haha good job 'cause this is my favourite scent from the Harajuku lines. This is the limited Winter edition called "snow bunnies" in LOVE so the girl is wearing a scarf and her snow jacket.
Anybody heard/seen Annick Goutal fragrance in 'Eau d'Hadrian' or ''Petite Chérie' in and around Vancouver? I just know that they have it @ Nordstrom... I'm dying to smell it. I love it for its bottle and heard that it smells nice. Seems to be a mix of fruity and floral.