Saturday, February 7, 2009


I bought one of those pocket 2-year calendars (one with beach backgrounds) from Michaels for 33 cents the other day (you know, I walk there (1 block away) every lunch break and wander around for 15 min (yes, wasting half of my lunch), picking up a few things and never buying anything)... to organize myself so that I wouldn't miss another deadline. I'm still a bit overwhelmed by all the people I want to see and errands I need to run before I go! Today was rather productive as I went to get my prescription filled for my Hep A shot, ate a LOT of greek salad + H-dip in between + got my visa photo taken @ Costco (AH passport photos are on sale for $5 instead of the $14 I paid @ LD!!). Yeaaa... I'm pushing it by handing my visa application so late as I only have literally 2 weeks left (I'm handing it in on Monday!) and it takes 5 business days to process. It should be fine...
Anyway, the point of this is to say I've been quite busy recently (w/ dinners, lunches, a sleepover, babysitting, and exercise) which is why I haven't blogged half as often as usual (for all you who have cried "your readers are bored!").

My heart pounds every time my eyes skim over the day of the 21st on the calendar. I definitely have mixed emotions... I'm amazingly excited and am anticipating this whole experience in general and I can't believe I'm actually going on this trip I've talked about for soooo long but as the days approach being countable on both hands, I'm getting nervous... I'm going cold turkey from my comfort zone - no companion, no daily taken-for-grated interaction with family and friends, new surroundings, "new" language, new everything (except for music and food). I'm going in without expectations and I'm just going to be myself and see where things take me.

OH before I forget, I wanted to document my 1st (free) trial lesson of Muay Thai Kickboxing a few blocks away from my house (yesterday)! I would love to start doing it regularly - when I come back. I feel it today as the back of my legs, upper abs, and upper back are a tad sore. It's even more fun w/ a friend so I'm so glad I did it with Ashley. Go try it! The instructor was helpful in correcting my technique a couple times and he actually can be kind of funny too. The first bit was jumping back and forth with our fists protecting our face as we jab in different directions with all our might. And then we kicked as hard as we could and kneed our partners. Ab work out on mats (many crunches w/ legs off the ground). Then some half-burpies working our legs. Stretching. And we learned a cool defense sequence. Don't try to smooch me if I don't like you 'cause you'll be sorry!! It was such a workout -- I sweat so much! And it's different every time - you'll work on different parts of the body.

I've written more but I can't finish it right now... I shall post it tomorrow... or Sunday, rather, as I am pulling a 11:30AM-12AM double shift tomorrow @ the restaurant. I will be having a quick dinner there during my break from 4:45-5:45 so you're welcome to join me! haha

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

School Pride?

Last week, a customer asked me if I knew what SFU's mascot was. I was embarrassed to say I had no clue/couldn't remember! Did you know? It's a Scottish Terrier named McFogg the Dog. Ah, now I can vaguely picture it in my mind... Don't know how I feel about that.