Friday, June 13, 2008

Occupation: Nail Polish Colour Name Inventor

I finally updated my Classics links list on the left column - it's up-to-date with the blogs I check regularly.

Yesterday I was finally home to try one of 3 muffins I brought from the bakery and I must say the Sunflower Seed Harvest Muffins are AMAZING! If you like pumpkin pie or anything of that sort, you'll love these. Very rich stuff though -- I only need 2 bites and the flavour lingers in my mouth.

[Side Note: I found I did take my Hep A shot last year for the Taiwan trip so yesss no unnecessary trip needed to the travel clinic... and no unnecessary pointy thing needed in my arm!]

I ate a very very delicious mango yesterday. Perfect ripeness and sweetness. Mmmm

More about food - M made me a delicious dinner yesterday - a replica The Cheesecake Factory Santa Fe salad (the one I had and loved when I was down there)! It took quite a bit of work to make as you can see with the marinated teriyaki chicken breasts (hidden under the jack cheese) and 2 different salad dressings -- I found the recipe online and she made it and it was yummo and super filling -- we went through 3 rounds to finish it (in a 2.5-3 hour time span I think). We also had some homemade Sangria - I missed out last Sunday unfortch. It was super good too (apparently the type of wine you use really makes it) -- I looove Sangria!
Sangria, ice wine, and champagne have got to be my fav. alcoholic drinks... and malibu + 7up.

Anyway, I slept over so we also played scrabble + watched Barefoot GiBong (a good and very cute k-movie that's surprisingly not a romantic. It's based on a true story about a disabled "boy" with the cutest personality + it's all full of love).

Apparently I have 3 sleep stages. When I'm in deep sleep, I move around a lot - twist and stuff... (but I stay on my own side) but I sort of knew that when Nad said she thought I was ignoring her in Calgary haha 'cause I kept on moving and she asked if I was alright and I didn't answer. And then my 2nd stage is when I'm not in deep sleep but not awake either -- napping mode, which is me just breathing (thank goodness I don't snore!)... and my last stage is when I'm partially awake and lying there but you think I'm dead 'cause I'm really still and you can't even hear me breathe.

We finally went to the new Costco on Still Creek Dr. yesterday... apparently the largest in Canada. It was alright -- nothing really different.

Yesterday I got a call from Matchstick which is a company that's about advertising products based on word of mouth. I vaguely remember filling out this survey a month or 2 ago on MP3 players... and if I qualified, they'd call me and I'd have to answer more questions to see if I REALLY qualify for it. Anyway, so after answering 10 min worth of questions, they've qualified me to test out this new MP3 player called the Zune. They said I get to keep it. I'm one out of 300 other Zune-tester participants.
From Wiki:

Microsoft launched several campaigns to jump-start the Zune. The company had planned a $100 million campaign to promote Zune with "Music the way it wants to be" as a major theme and “Welcome to the social” as an advertisement tagline.[38] Also, the company had enlisted about 300 “Zune masters” to advertise the device on American college campuses (or Canadian...), to promote the item, and to run Zune-related events as expected. In exchange, they have received free merchandise, including a Zune.

Microsoft announced plans at CES 2008 to release the Zune to Canadian consumers on June 13, 2008, marking the first time it will be available outside the U.S.

So yea - I consider it the Microsoft version of an iPod with the mp3, video, photo viewer, recorder, radio... etc. xept I think it has a few more functions.. not quite sure though... like wireless charging, wireless Zune-to-Zune sharing, and I can sync this MP3 (I'm getting an 8GB one which has a 1.8" screen. I wonder if I can pay the difference and exchange it for the 30GB/80GB 'cause I want the larger screen 3'"/3.2" so I can watch videos and be able to read the subtitles...) w/ my comp and change + add songs wirelessly too. And if I had an Xbox, I could hook the Zune up w/ it and change the songs I'd listen to while playing Xbox games.
In return, I have to give them e-mail updates of me using it around Vancouver - who I tell about it, who asks me about it, and I have to write a review about it on my blog and stuff which I plan to do anyway. It seems pretty cool - I've received a few e-mails from and futureshop advertising this new MP3. They're sending it by courier and it should arrive next week. I wonder which colour I'm gonna get. I'm pretty MP3-less right now... I've been using my cell's MP3 function which is annoying 'cause you can't put it on shuffle or even make it continuous -- once the song is over, you have to change it to a different song manually. So yea - I'm a bit excited to get something electronically new.

I sold my black Guess dress yesterday =) Yay!

Whooo Go Koreans! FeetManSeoul

Liebemarlene Vintage introduced me to this site that sells OPI and Essie nailpolish (among many other things) at discounted prices... like for under $5!
These caught my eye.. and I really like their names haha very fitting.

I Only Drink Champagne from the OPI Night Brights Collection
Which is also very similar to Hollywood Blonde, Blonde Date, and Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey which I like just as much.
I'm Princess, You're Not! from the OPI Princess Charming CollectionCanberra't Without You from the Australia Collectionor any from the Soft Shades Collection and the Beyond Chic Collection.

I thought this was funny (and also perfect for me xept I don't like the shades).
OPI I Don't Do Dishes! Collection

No woman wants to ruin her manicure doing dishes, so OPI teamed up with Whirlpool to offer the I Don’t Do Dishes!™ line of Nail Lacquers – perfect for any woman who hates washing dishes, but loves fabulous nails! With these three gorgeous new shades from OPI – I Don’t Do Dishes!, Rinse Charming and More Time for Me – beautiful nails are at your fingertips. The new Whirlpool Gold™ dishwasher with the PowerScour™ option eliminates the need to scrub dishes by hand before washing.

They have the most creative names for their nail polishes! Much more fun than paint chip names.

From their Japanese Collection:

- Have A Tempura Tan-Trum

- Miso Happy With This Colour

- 10K Ginza Gold (Ginza is the a very ritzy district of Tokyo)

- Suzi Sells Sushi By The Seashore

- Let Them Eat Rice Cake

- Don't Be Koi With Me

Canadian Collection:

- Don't Wine... Yukon Do It!

- You Ottaware Purple

- Van-Couvered In Snow

- Nice Colour, Eh?

- Paint Your Toron-Toes Rose

- Polar Bare

Greek Isles Collecton:

- Ti-tan Your Toga!

- To Eros Is Human (haha)

- Don't Socra-tease me!

- Greece Just Blue Me Away

Plans for the next week
Fri (t0day): playland w/ B
Sat: K-class, meet w/ ppl to sell white lamps, exercise, M's party, sleepover
Sun: Father's Day!!! Noo I have to work:
Work 11:30-7:30
Mon: Work 11:30-7:30
Tues: Work 11:30-7:30
Wed: Off - driving lessons
Thurs: Tension Warehouse Sale 12-8:30
Fri: Tension Warehouse Sale 12-7:30
Sat: K-class, Tension Warehouse Sale 2-6

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Finally a break from work! It's fun and all but it's a bit much when it's 4 days in a row. I need some variety I think. After work I shopped around downtown (picked up a black Wilfred cashmere vest from Aritzia I like a lot but will probably return 'cause $75 is a bit much right now -- found out the trench I was looking for was from last year or a few years ago -- they only have a black one left from Alberta) + then Dims picked me up and I went winging w/ Nad + her friends at some pub in Capitol Hill. $5 for enough wings to get me really full! Nice. Amusing bunch too! ahhaha

My good deed today -- I took 2 pieces of dessert for Nad and Dims since they were picking me up. So I was carrying it around downtown by hand as I refused to use a plastic bag since I became quite annoyed at all those Asian customers who ask for 1 tiny piece of dessert to bring home in a BOX (we've run out of small boxes so we had to use ridiculously large ones) AND A PLASTIC BAG... omg CARRY IT BY HAND GOODNESS SAKES!! OR PUT IT IN ONE OF YOUR OTHER ALMOST-EMPTY BAGS!! Almost all the Caucasians, or non Asian... actually non-Chinese, I've noticed, look to see if they are able to fit the box in their bag before they request one. Aggravated by the Chinese man... (I can say this 'cause I'm Chinese but hopefully I don't have these characteristics) -- they're always trying to get the best bang for their buck... which sort of makes me so surprised whenever they buy something from this super over-priced bakery. It's annoying! They buy 5+ loaves of cinnamon bread and then ask us to slice it for them -- and since we can't put it in our bread slicer, we have to cut them by hand. And they're always sooo picky on presentation from my other coworkers who are all environment and eco-friendly ppl who want to conserve boxes and such... make them put different desserts in specific boxes so they don't touch and blah blah blah. They're such wasteful packagers! Especially the older ones!! Any free thing they'll lunge for it whether it's a plastic bag or a plastic knife. No wonder I read they're using up such a high percentage of our world's resources - China, the country. I mean, I realize they do a lot of the farming + factory production, but I'm 100% sure they could cut down on SO many things that will alleviate the pain our world is facing. And their practices are being instilled in their people and it's traveling all over the world. Same with us! Grar... I'm gonna attempt to be more eco-friendly now...

Anyway...then, I saw a scruffy homeless man, kneeling on the side of the sidewalk on Robson. He was wearing a cap and a light coloured, dirty jean jacket and jeans, his teeth were totally rotted and almost gone, and he was shaking while holding a crumpled gray cap (that used to be a khaki colour). He wasn't sitting or sleeping like most of the other ones. I quickly walked past him like everyone else, but then realized he was different. He was asking only for food, not money. So about 5 steps away, I stopped, turned around and gave him the cake. He took it and suddenly (and scarily) threw his gray cap down and said something along the lines of "finally! what does it take out of all you people - someone has finally given me food!"
I just stare at him for a few seconds while he's making this commotion + then he looks in my direction (but not at me) and says "THANK you". And like any customer at the bakery, I smile and tell him to enjoy. I don't know how I feel. Good, a bit oddly liberated in some weird way, yet unfinished. I guess I feel there's more to do. I should have told him to pay it forward somehow... 'cause anyone can - no matter if you're young, old, disabled, blind, poor etc., anyone can do something to help someone out - even if it's just a little.

The next week is pretty filled w/ activities.

I'm so behind on DBSK news! From skimming, Yunho looks even more manly, Yoochun's hair is growing longer again + his face is looking a bit pudgier but he's still thin, Jaejoong looks more buff, Junsu looks like he's battling some acne problems, and Changmin is just looking great! Darn picture shrunk -- click to see enlarged.
These pics are from their "A Week Holiday" photobook.
haha this pic reminds me of BSB 'cause they're all in white.
I really like this picture.
So... vesty but nice.
LOL so ppl were wondering where DBSK went to after they went to LA - there were many fan accounts of people saying they saw them in Las Vegas while others say they saw them in New York and got a picture with them. The truth? They were at the Grand Canyon taking photos for this photobook with the concept: natural landscapes.
Yoochun rejected his bday gift worth thousands from his fans and asked them to buy his CD in August/Sept.

Anyway, I'm jealous mannn!!
What: alexander wang sample sale in NYC
Where: 386 broadway. 3rd floor.
When: june 25- 28. wed: 3-7, thurs-sat: 10-7
Go check it out for me, you NYC-ers!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Need More Headbands

Everywhere I look, I see Carrie Bradshaw + Sex And The City EVERYTHING. Maybe I should check this movie out for the fashion. It's really over the top for me, but I guess that's why ppl love it so much.

I got an e-mail from SFU International today regarding international exchange -- they said we won't know if we've gotten in until LATE JULY. So far away!!

I'm so excited - I'm currently in the process of downloading Alex (from Clazziquai's) solo album! It's called My Vintage Romance, which is amazingly and strangely similar to the name I was thinking of for a new blog.

Anyway, I've checked out Soompi's Buy + Sell section -- some very interesting things!
I've bought a couple of things including a black halter vest. I have no idea what sort of material it is nor the size, but I'll take the risk since it's under $20 including S&H.
I saw this girl around my age wearing a v. cute trench today. I wanted to ask her where she got it from but she was on her cell. It was the classic double-breasted beige trench colour with cropped sleeves (went to the elbows), and the belt was empire-waisted and gold buttons that are exactly like Aritzia's Wilfred Winter Wool Coat (that I once lusted for).. which is why I think it's from Aritzia -- will check sometime soon.

We got a few tourbuses full of tourists from Massachusetts. They all look the same I tell you... all the older men have the same general stature - either short w/ a small pot belly and balding from the top, wrinkly face and a sneaky smile, or tall, a bit dopey looking, w/ a moustache. And the women are pretty much the same too - hard to tell apart.

My coworkers are such sweethearts [love].

Tmr is my last day of work until Sunday I believe. 4 days in a row is tiring man!!

Currently growing out my hair -- it's getting thereeeee. I'm still leaning towards extensions but that's only once my whole head dyes the same shade!! What shade of brown should I dye it next?

I don't know why I check AA so often - they only have new things once in a while, but it's pretty satisfyingly exciting when they do.
This is their new Unisex Thermochromatic Sheer Jersey T-shirt [$43]
Our ultralight Sheer Jersey T-shirt, made with a temperature sensitive pigment that changes between two colors - one when cold, one when warm.
Now what if you have an uneven body temperature and only get hot near your armpits?! How embarrassing hahaaha

California Select (AA's handpicked vintage items) are on sale on Ebay here.
Some cute items include this short heathered hunter green sample wrap dress that's currently at $51.
Sad news - I think I lost my house key with my Ocean Park jellyfish keychain when I crossed the street while reaching for my cell phone from my pocket today. I kicked something metal but I couldn't find it again! I'm pretty sure I have that lost key finder tag thingy on it so hopefully some good citizen will drop it in some mail slot! If not, is anyone going to Ocean Park soon?

I think next week I might embark on some sewing projects. Easy ones of course. Let's see how this goes ahha

Monday, June 9, 2008


Mannn I'm not gonna bring home any bad-for-you baked goods. Only multi-grain or whole grain breads. Today was quite slow at the end compared to the non-stop-ness of all the other days... which resulted in having some leftovers of the stuff that's usually sold out. Some girls brought RedBull for us.

Grarrr the 84 bus has ruined part of my day 2 days in a row now!! Yesterday, I waited quite a while and called Nad + found out that the 84 doesn't run after a certain time.... so I had to go catch another one which made me arrive at M's party at around 9:45 when I got off work at 8!!! And today, 2 of the buses didn't show up so I waited almost 45 minutes for the BUS! At least it wasn't pouring... and I had a lot of food with me... lol

I found the AngelaBaby + Janice Man thread on Soompi. My goodness - Angela looks quite different from before!
A few years ago (w/ braces):
It looks like she re-shaped her chin/jawline.
Janice Man before:
I love this picture of her - so natural + extremely pretty.
I mean, knowing that they got PS doesn't make me think any less of them - I still think they're both beautiful - it's just interesting b/c I thought they were naturally that way.
But really, they're normal girls that have money to spend on enhancements (mainly good products).

Anyway, speaking of before and afters, there's a couple threads on actual Soompi-ers: Ugly Duckling to Swans (or something like that) where ppl post pics of how they've changed w/in the last few years. Some have been pretty amazing!
Here's 2 of the biggest tranformations in my eyes:
Before (oh gosh...):
After (cute!):
He's got girls chasing him, I bet.

And since we're talking about birds (ducklings) + transformation, it reminds me of these little geese I've been watching grow up in Granville Island. Last week, they were just tiny little things and this week they're half the size of their Momma + so fluffy and agile! And they're sooo good at plucking grass!
Plucking away while parent geese watch on guard. They all waddled toward me when I came 'cause they could smell the bread from my bags.
It's so funny when the momma goose tries to defend her kiddies -- she bends her black neck like a bull, and runs to you and squocks + snaps her beak. Toro toro!!
Why did the baby geese cross the road?
I'm gonna bring my polaroid + fisheye and hopefully I'll get a few shots of them tmr after work!
Please don't rain...