Monday, June 9, 2008


Mannn I'm not gonna bring home any bad-for-you baked goods. Only multi-grain or whole grain breads. Today was quite slow at the end compared to the non-stop-ness of all the other days... which resulted in having some leftovers of the stuff that's usually sold out. Some girls brought RedBull for us.

Grarrr the 84 bus has ruined part of my day 2 days in a row now!! Yesterday, I waited quite a while and called Nad + found out that the 84 doesn't run after a certain time.... so I had to go catch another one which made me arrive at M's party at around 9:45 when I got off work at 8!!! And today, 2 of the buses didn't show up so I waited almost 45 minutes for the BUS! At least it wasn't pouring... and I had a lot of food with me... lol

I found the AngelaBaby + Janice Man thread on Soompi. My goodness - Angela looks quite different from before!
A few years ago (w/ braces):
It looks like she re-shaped her chin/jawline.
Janice Man before:
I love this picture of her - so natural + extremely pretty.
I mean, knowing that they got PS doesn't make me think any less of them - I still think they're both beautiful - it's just interesting b/c I thought they were naturally that way.
But really, they're normal girls that have money to spend on enhancements (mainly good products).

Anyway, speaking of before and afters, there's a couple threads on actual Soompi-ers: Ugly Duckling to Swans (or something like that) where ppl post pics of how they've changed w/in the last few years. Some have been pretty amazing!
Here's 2 of the biggest tranformations in my eyes:
Before (oh gosh...):
After (cute!):
He's got girls chasing him, I bet.

And since we're talking about birds (ducklings) + transformation, it reminds me of these little geese I've been watching grow up in Granville Island. Last week, they were just tiny little things and this week they're half the size of their Momma + so fluffy and agile! And they're sooo good at plucking grass!
Plucking away while parent geese watch on guard. They all waddled toward me when I came 'cause they could smell the bread from my bags.
It's so funny when the momma goose tries to defend her kiddies -- she bends her black neck like a bull, and runs to you and squocks + snaps her beak. Toro toro!!
Why did the baby geese cross the road?
I'm gonna bring my polaroid + fisheye and hopefully I'll get a few shots of them tmr after work!
Please don't rain...

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