Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Need More Headbands

Everywhere I look, I see Carrie Bradshaw + Sex And The City EVERYTHING. Maybe I should check this movie out for the fashion. It's really over the top for me, but I guess that's why ppl love it so much.

I got an e-mail from SFU International today regarding international exchange -- they said we won't know if we've gotten in until LATE JULY. So far away!!

I'm so excited - I'm currently in the process of downloading Alex (from Clazziquai's) solo album! It's called My Vintage Romance, which is amazingly and strangely similar to the name I was thinking of for a new blog.

Anyway, I've checked out Soompi's Buy + Sell section -- some very interesting things!
I've bought a couple of things including a black halter vest. I have no idea what sort of material it is nor the size, but I'll take the risk since it's under $20 including S&H.
I saw this girl around my age wearing a v. cute trench today. I wanted to ask her where she got it from but she was on her cell. It was the classic double-breasted beige trench colour with cropped sleeves (went to the elbows), and the belt was empire-waisted and gold buttons that are exactly like Aritzia's Wilfred Winter Wool Coat (that I once lusted for).. which is why I think it's from Aritzia -- will check sometime soon.

We got a few tourbuses full of tourists from Massachusetts. They all look the same I tell you... all the older men have the same general stature - either short w/ a small pot belly and balding from the top, wrinkly face and a sneaky smile, or tall, a bit dopey looking, w/ a moustache. And the women are pretty much the same too - hard to tell apart.

My coworkers are such sweethearts [love].

Tmr is my last day of work until Sunday I believe. 4 days in a row is tiring man!!

Currently growing out my hair -- it's getting thereeeee. I'm still leaning towards extensions but that's only once my whole head dyes the same shade!! What shade of brown should I dye it next?

I don't know why I check AA so often - they only have new things once in a while, but it's pretty satisfyingly exciting when they do.
This is their new Unisex Thermochromatic Sheer Jersey T-shirt [$43]
Our ultralight Sheer Jersey T-shirt, made with a temperature sensitive pigment that changes between two colors - one when cold, one when warm.
Now what if you have an uneven body temperature and only get hot near your armpits?! How embarrassing hahaaha

California Select (AA's handpicked vintage items) are on sale on Ebay here.
Some cute items include this short heathered hunter green sample wrap dress that's currently at $51.
Sad news - I think I lost my house key with my Ocean Park jellyfish keychain when I crossed the street while reaching for my cell phone from my pocket today. I kicked something metal but I couldn't find it again! I'm pretty sure I have that lost key finder tag thingy on it so hopefully some good citizen will drop it in some mail slot! If not, is anyone going to Ocean Park soon?

I think next week I might embark on some sewing projects. Easy ones of course. Let's see how this goes ahha

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