Saturday, March 29, 2008

Party In Your Mouth

Yesterday in Japanese class, a Korean girl did a presentation on her favourite Korean movie, Old Boy.
She showed us a clip of one scene where this guy eats a live octopus. I was totally disgusted!
Eating live octopus is a delicacy called San Nakji in Korea and Japan (ikiteiru tako)... and it's apparently supposed to be good for your skin or something.
The challenge is to munch and swallow the live octopus without choking. It is reported that there are on average of 6 deaths due to choking (on live octopus), each year in Korea.
This is the scene - the guy had to do 4 takes hahhaha:
Too bad the scene is ruined 'cause it's dubbed and the music doesn't really go with...

To REALLY see how Koreans eat octopus, take a look here. It's so worth it.

Would I try it? No way. I don't even eat octopus when it's dead. It's too chewy and tasteless.
Would you??

I guess it's appropriate to talk about the Pufferfish.
I'm sure the Simpsons have taught all of you how fatal the Puffer Fish (Fugu) can be when it's not cut properly because it releases the poison Tetrodotoxin. You have to have a license to be a puffer fish chef.
Have you ever wondered how they cut it? I believe it's also while it's very much alive. Click here.
A slight error during the removal of the toxic parts can allow the toxin to contaminate the entire flesh of the fish. Despite the risk of eating Fugu, it is reported that yearly, there are dozens of death from Fugu poisoning in Japan.
This is totally true - my sensei's uncle cut his own Fugu, ate it, and died.


Another Friday.
Woke up, watched the snow for 10 min, did some semi-light exercise, showered (hair is STILL black!!), went to the Quay w/ D for my facial (looooved it!! She's actually a foot reflexologist so she massaged my feet too. She also told me to do the yogurt mask 'cause I have dry skin and so does she and she does it every day -- and her skin looks really good for her age) and her manicure, lunch at Burgoo in North Van (nice place! Really great service. I had a great veggie sandwich that came w/ salad and multigrain bread. Cute presentation too! Our bill came in a Dim Sum container!! haha) then I did all my Japanese homework on the skytrain to school that's not due until next Wed. Wore the wrong shoes -- ouchhhh.

Is it just me - When American companies ask me to use a zipcode in order to get results from a test or something, I always use 90210 haha

Anyway - parents bugging about getting a real job this summer. I still want to do something temporary and fun w/ good money but dead-end (as my dad says) job on the side (like serving) , but I agree - I should look for a decent job that has some substance on my resume. Mom suggested taking some career aptitude tests 'cause right now, I have no idea what I want to do!

I took one from There are so many tests like these out there and they all have such big flaws... so I guess it's best to take a lot! For this one, I basically answered a bunch of "would you rather do this or this" Qs... so here's my results:People with Blue interests like activities that allow them to be creative. This can be through more traditional visual arts, writing or musical pursuits although not limited to these. The creativity is often expressed in thinking of new ideas or strategies that can have a broad range of applications. Blue interests often like thinking about the future and planning for long term benefits. Hobbies include: performing or listening to music, attending theater, story telling, journaling, decorative arts, painting. Career choice often are: Editor, Journalist, Teacher, Strategic Planner, Consultant, Performing Arts, Marketing, Communications, Research and Development.
People with Blue strengths are good at building long term relationships with others that are based on trust and respect. They are sensitive to the individual needs and concerns of others and respond with great understanding and intuition to emotionally difficult situations. They are good at making complex decisions because they will take the time to carefully evaluate their options so they make the best decision the first time. An additional strength they often have is to think about the future and put plans and strategies in place that are focused on long term goals.

There are four possible ratings categories organized by color:

RED indicates
GREEN indicates
BLUE indicates
YELLOW indicates

I think it's pretty darn accurate. I'm really interested in event planning actually.... I know blue doesn't necessarily mean literal planning, but I do love to plan.

3.1 Phillip Lim classic trench [$625 on]
I really like it. I forgot to save the back - it's simple and classic, yet a bit unique too.
Alexander McQueen's sale on HauteLook - so cute.
I really like that Burberry scarf and bag but I can't find it on the website!
I'm listening to Big Bang's 2nd Live Concert (2008) - The Great. It's really gooood.
Super tired. I've got G-ma's lunch and a trip to the cemetery tomorrow. Then I'll write English and write some of my Japn Oral all day.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Oops almost forgot to blog today --
I gotta really start concentrating on school starting tomorrow. I have a whole 6 page essay due next week (and I only got a C+ on the proposal booo) and my Japanese Oral next Friday (that I'm super scared about!!).
I'm glad my TA, Chloe, is doing a recommendation letter for me for the exchange! I just have to give my sensei the sheet and I can finally relax about that (and cross my fingers they have good things to say about me)!

Got my hair cut and dyed today! Yaay he cut off all the dead/damaged parts but kept the length. It looks like it has a good weight to it now IMO. I chose dark brown for my haircolour.. but it looks pitch BLACK (and it makes my face look really pale). I hope it turns dark brown in the next 2 washes like he said... and I hope it's not a tactic to get me to come back to fix. Oh gosh... oh and remind me to get super chubby and ugly for my next appointment with him........

And then we went to eat Peanutynoodows @ Richeemond and play $5 worth of fun games at Espot.
My title as best race car driver still holds thank you very much.

OMG I just realized I have my facial appt tmr and I have so much Japanese homework to do and I wanted to run on the treadmill too!! AH gotta sleep now.

I will leave you with this:

10 Words That Don't Exist, But Should

1. AQUADEXTROUS (ak wa deks'trus) adj. Possessing the ability to turn the bathtub tap on and off with your toes.

2. CARPERPETUATION (kar'pur pet u a shun) n. The act, when vacuuming, of running over a string or a piece of lint at least a dozen times, reaching over and picking it up, examining it, then putting it back down to give the vacuum one more chance.

3. DISCONFECT (dis kon fekt') v. To sterilize the piece of
confection (lolly) you dropped on the floor by blowing on it, assuming this will somehow 'remove' all the germs.

4. ELBONICS (el bon'iks) n. The actions of two people maneuvering for one armrest in a movie theater.

5. FRUST (frust) n. The small line of debris that refuses to be swept onto the dust pan and keeps backing a person across the room until he finally decides to give up and sweep it under the rug.

6. LACTOMANGULATION (lak' to man gyu lay' shun) n. Manhandling the "open here" spout on a milk container so badly that one has to resort to the 'illegal' side.

7. PEPPIER (peph ee ay') n. The waiter at a fancy restaurant whose sole purpose seems to be walking around asking diners if they want fresh ground pepper.

8. PHONESIA (fo nee' zhuh) n. The affliction of dialing a phone number and forgetting whom you were calling just as they answer.

9. PUPKUS (pup'kus) n. The moist residue left on a window after a dog presses its nose to it.

10. TELECRASTINATION (tel e kras tin ay' shun) n. The act of always letting the phone ring at least twice before you pick it up, even when you're only six inches away.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

That's Talent

A introduced me to Leona Lewis (22) a few months ago. She has a really really great voice -- a lot of people compare her to Whitney Houston. To me, I can see how their tones are the same, but they're really 2 separate artists so let's just treat it that way.
She's from the UK and won the talent show "The X Factor".
I wish I could embed these YouTube clips, but they disabled and this is pretty much the best one out there.
Leona Lewis - Footprints In The Sand
Leona Lewis - Better In Time

This is a MV that shows her auditioning while she's singing a copycat MV rendition of Kelly Clarkson's.
Leona Lewis - A Moment Like This
Ooo I got shivers. She seems like a really good girl that deserves the title.

This next song was the biggest-selling single of 2007 in the UK:
Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

I've pre-0rdered her album, Spirit, due to be released on April 8th! Can't wait.
Simon Cowell and Clive Davis collaborated to produce this album.

Do I Live Right Or What?

We killed it last year with the Rockstar Hotel in Saskatoon during Juno weekend, and that’s why we’re bringing it to Calgary this year! Walk the red carpet and party until the wee hours with the biggest rock stars at the Rockstar Hotel - the Hotel Arts in Calgary, Alberta. And don’t forget about all the VIP gifts you’ll be taking home! Enter for your chance to party at the Rockstar Hotel; prize includes return flights, two night hotel stay and $500 spending money!

Congratulations goes out to Natasha Eng of Vancouver, BC; as the Grand Prize Winner, Natasha and her guest have won a trip to Calgary, AB; hotel accommodations at the uber-exclusive Rockstar Hotel, 2 tickets to the 2008 Juno Awards, 2 VIP Passes to the Rockstar Hotel Party and $500 spending money. Congrats again to Natasha, and to all that entered this contest and made it a complete success.

Round 4





Dear friends,

It is my great pleasure to release another set of artists who are going to perform at the upcoming Bowl concert on May 17. They are,

Choi Baek Ho
Jung Hoon Hee
Dong Bang Shin Gi (TVXQ)

TVXQ is one of the hottest idol groups in Korea and gratefully accepted our invitation to perform at the Bowl. They are returning to the United States in 4 years after their debut appearance at the Bowl in 2004. Hope you give them a warm, friendly welcome back.

Choi and Jung are another fine additions for older generation. They were extremely popular in the 70's and 80's. It will be their first appearance to the bowl, and surely will make our lineup more mature and balanced.

We will release the final list on Tuesday, April 1. I think that will be our final announcement. Thank you.

C.S. Hah
Director, Special Events
The Korea Times U.S.A.

I'm in complete and utter SHOCK.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Yay nothing is due until next Thursday - I can rest!
It was snowing a bit this afternoon at SFU.
I forgot to to add this tee print from Pike Place/Market from yesterday's batch.
I just made a couple of American Apparel orders from Ebay! Can't wait to get them. There's only a couple of other items (they don't sell on Ebay) that I'd like, but I'll be one happy AA turtle for a while. I calculated how much I saved (including S&H) compared to if I were to buy the exact same things in Canada (including tax): $180USD! Amazing eh?
Thank you Ebay - my first purchase with help from my Uncle.

I am semi-addicted to The Hills. Is that a bad thing? Naw - nothing to be ashamed of.
StyleHive had a poll:
What's your main motivation for tuning in this season?
I'm definitely D. The drama is a bit "ih" and it's totally scripted... I mean, how can the cameras be there JUST when Spencer walks out on Heidi both times? Or.. ah whatever - it's just unbelievably scripted. They are good actors though. My favourite character is Whitney. She's not shown very much, but she's sweet and has an unpredictable yet classy style. Audrina is sort of pretty - love her jewelry and hair, but she has a bit of an aloofness to her. Heidi... I used to like her (watching reruns) until she left her best friend (LC) to be with stupid ugly Spencer. BAD CHOICE. Lauren is alright. She's the main character. She seems pretty bright and makes good choices (I'm not sure what the whole deal with her and her ex, Jason, was all about though).

OK I'm totally regretting not getting that YesStyle blazer again... it would have been perfect! And the price! AAHHHH
I'm seeing those slim-fit blazers EVERYWHERE! J'aime beaucoup!
Not a big fan of Gwyneth Paltrow, but she looks amazing after having had 2 kids! Plus, like her blazer.
OH got my Kabuki brush from Everyday Minerals today -- it's so cute and much smaller than I thought. Also super soft! Works well too. I can finally write an Everyday Minerals review soon!
This celebrity family is just too cute. They're the ones who wear matching shoes and tees and hoodies.
I think the mom is so pretty.
Han Ji Hye! I LOVE her red cropped trench! I tried one on at GAP. Def. on my lust list now.
White blazer! She looks so good.
Hyori Lee -- I think next year I want to get some really chunky furry shoes like these. They look great and I'm tired of freezing my feet off. UGGS look so slim compared to these.WOW Jlo looks so beautiful in these pictures! She sold pics of her baby for $6 million.
Diane Von Furstenberg sale on Gilt Groupe this morning!
Sale started at 9AM and at 10AM, all the good ones (most discounted ones) were sold out! Boo
Akita Dress [Origi. $345, Sale for $128] Love the colours - very French Connection like.
What a great dress! Nice detail - [Origi. $425, Sale $128]
Marcella Dress [Origi. $500, Sale $148]
This casual folded trouser cuff is becoming in style now. Yoochun (from DBSK) is advocates it.
It was popular in the 50's. I like how imperfect it is.
I think Jung Ryu-Won's trying it out in a slimmer fashion -- I like it on her. Good for ppl w/ thin ankles and non-existant calves.
Alexander Wang (designer) is really cute! His clothes are so nice -- I love his aesthetic. His clothes have a light weight, neutral feel to it -- very wearable. Def. a new favourite!! Will post about his clothes tomorrowwww

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I didn't bring my camera, but I took pics w/ my cell before it ran out of batteries.
Red Mango - yogurt shop in Bellevue Square.
I found it! There's also a Phoshizzle restaurant somewhere else in the USA ahha
We stayed at The Marriott - Courtyard which was a 15 min drive from downtown Seattle. It's quite nice -- we got a complimentary breakfast buffet where you can make your own belgian waffles haha - I've never seen anything like it. You use the batter dispenser to get a cup full of batter, pour it in the waffle machine yourself, flip it over, and it'll tell you when it's done! They also had an omelet station where I asked the guy to give me one with everything in it but jalapeno peppers, and to add more spinach and cheese. He asked me 3 times -- are you suuure you want everything? Yes..... WHY do you ask?! It was a very stuffed omelet lol
Sunday: This morning, we went to
Pike Place/Market in Seattle which is a lot like Granville Island xept bigger and more market-style, but the same type of artsyness. It was raining and gloomy. But there were tons of daffodils lining the top! How cheery.
Guess what! I went to the first Starbucks store!! Historic moment for me haha
They kept the vintage/antique style of the shop.
You can't see much detail, but the counters were made of wooden planks and behind the counters look nothing like modern Starbucks. Crowded in there - we only stayed for a couple of minutes in there.
Next door was this cheese making store called Beecher's.
You can watch them make the cheese!Neat!
Inside the rustic store. I tried Gouda. Yuck.
Have you seen Sleepless in Seattle? There was a scene where Tom Hanks eats here or something.. I haven't watched it.
lol - my cell likes to stretch people. Doesn't my mom look like a kid?
I wasn't ready for the pic so I cropped myself out.. but you can see how short I am compared to the tallest man in the world! If you put 50 cents in the slot, you get to see how big his shoes were. I caught a glimpse - they're HUGE!They sell a lot of fresh daffodils ($5 for a doz.) and tulips ($1 each) at the market! I really wanted to buy them. They look so pretty!
Downtown Seattle reminds me a lot like a mix of Vancouver's more historic part -- near Gastown and San Fran ('cause of the hills). After, we went to University Village, right across from U of Washington. Too bad some of the stores like Crate and Barrel were closed. I haven't been inside, but from what I see outside, I think it's my new fav. home decor store next to Restoration Hardware and Liberty.
Oh yea - J.Crew is the pits. Nothing like I thought it'd be from online.
Victoria's Secret's PINK line has sweats JUST as soft as A&F ones and for a bit cheaper, but they say stuff like "I Love Pink" and "PINK UNIV" on it which I don't like. But when I look at them more, I think their stuff is so cute to lounge around in!
Then we went to SPO but I hardly found anything. It was super packed! I had to wait 15 min in the cold to get into Coach. Plus there were TONs of people from Canada. Right at 5:30 it absolutely POURED on us! I saw the cutest classic Burberry trench for babies! It cost $209 on sale from $300! Plus, I confirmed that I really like Burberry's scent. I like the scent A&F sprays on some of their clothes too but I can't find which one it is!
Ohhh my legs are tired - we walked a lot today and I woke up early to do 30 on the tread... and I think I'm getting a cold from exhaustion. I've never felt so unrested in years - if ever!
I want to go back in 2 weeks somehow to exchange my capris!
Anyway I just took out my contacts and I realized I left my glasses in the car so I'm blind as a bat.

Round 3


Shin Joong Hyun
Yun Hyung Joo
Kim Se Hwan

They're old - like the music my parents would have listened to if they were Korean. One of them is the grandfather of Korean rock music haha!
I've never heard of them, but apparently they're pretty entertaining from last year. I'm a bit disappointed because that means there are only around 3 artists left to be released (this Tues) and I still want DBSK, Big Bang, and SNSD to be on that list. I just have to remember that this concert is catered towards people of all ages - not just us youngins haha.

Let's hope this list ends with a BANG like it did last year!
"We plan to release next lineup on Tuesday, March 25. This time it will be 3 additionals and shall be followed by another announcement. Thanks all for the support."
I'm awfully curious!

Anyway - woke up at 6:15AM this morning and got down to Bellevue Square at 11. I think it took about an hour at the border (when the estimated time was 2 hours). Bellevue Square has Aritzia and Lululemon. It's true that the TNA/Talula stuff is a bit cheaper than it is in Vancouver. Plus everything isn't picked over, but I still didn't find anything I liked enough to buy. It was interesting to see both of them pretty empty haha. A&F was pretty packed though. I bought A&F sweat capris ('cause B said they were the comfiest pair of sweatpants ever and I totally agree after trying a pair on!!) BUT I bought the one with the word FITCH down the leg 'cause it was light gray and I wanted that colour... but when I went back to the hotel, I tried them on again w/ a tee and realized that only the word ITCH showed (I think you get what I'm getting at). That's why I want to exchange it for a different pair! lol UNFORTUNATELY I think the malls are closed tomorrow because it's Easter Sunday so BOO. I had Red Mango (which is the original yogurt store I think that came from Korea... exactly the same as Pinkberry/Blueberry) for lunch. They weigh the amount of yogurt there, but they give you more than here for practically the same price. I'm surprised at all the Asians at Bellevue - a lot more than I expected... and mixed kids too.
Customer service is pretty darn excellent around here. The only [raise eyebrow] incident was when I went to Macy's and asked an employee if he knew where the Birkenstock shoes were.
Me: Hi - do you carry Birks? Birkenstocks?
Him: [accent] Oh socks are on the 2nd floor.
Me: No - not socks, Birk-en-STOCKS.
Him: Um... [very confused look] the socks are on the 2nd floor.
Me: BIRKenstocks. The shoes? They're walking shoes.
Him: Oh um... no... sorry....
lol then I turn around and this lady is totally amused by this and gives me this "I can't believe he didn't know what you were saying" look.
Petted 3 baby pitbulls while waiting for more than 30 min at an understaffed Ross.
AND hallelujah! I'm proud to say that my dad has found the world of good quality jeans. I told him it'd be a whole new experience even though it's not cheap & so he tried a pair on today and fell in love. Now if only my mom would try.
Just came back from a late dinner at an Italian restaurant w/ family friends in downtown Seattle. Tomorrow is outlet shopping. Hoping for some good bargoooons!

There's a printer just sitting next to me - waiting to be used. Hm... what should I print...
lol jk

I don't think I can wait until end of exams to cut my hair...