Sunday, March 23, 2008

Round 3


Shin Joong Hyun
Yun Hyung Joo
Kim Se Hwan

They're old - like the music my parents would have listened to if they were Korean. One of them is the grandfather of Korean rock music haha!
I've never heard of them, but apparently they're pretty entertaining from last year. I'm a bit disappointed because that means there are only around 3 artists left to be released (this Tues) and I still want DBSK, Big Bang, and SNSD to be on that list. I just have to remember that this concert is catered towards people of all ages - not just us youngins haha.

Let's hope this list ends with a BANG like it did last year!
"We plan to release next lineup on Tuesday, March 25. This time it will be 3 additionals and shall be followed by another announcement. Thanks all for the support."
I'm awfully curious!

Anyway - woke up at 6:15AM this morning and got down to Bellevue Square at 11. I think it took about an hour at the border (when the estimated time was 2 hours). Bellevue Square has Aritzia and Lululemon. It's true that the TNA/Talula stuff is a bit cheaper than it is in Vancouver. Plus everything isn't picked over, but I still didn't find anything I liked enough to buy. It was interesting to see both of them pretty empty haha. A&F was pretty packed though. I bought A&F sweat capris ('cause B said they were the comfiest pair of sweatpants ever and I totally agree after trying a pair on!!) BUT I bought the one with the word FITCH down the leg 'cause it was light gray and I wanted that colour... but when I went back to the hotel, I tried them on again w/ a tee and realized that only the word ITCH showed (I think you get what I'm getting at). That's why I want to exchange it for a different pair! lol UNFORTUNATELY I think the malls are closed tomorrow because it's Easter Sunday so BOO. I had Red Mango (which is the original yogurt store I think that came from Korea... exactly the same as Pinkberry/Blueberry) for lunch. They weigh the amount of yogurt there, but they give you more than here for practically the same price. I'm surprised at all the Asians at Bellevue - a lot more than I expected... and mixed kids too.
Customer service is pretty darn excellent around here. The only [raise eyebrow] incident was when I went to Macy's and asked an employee if he knew where the Birkenstock shoes were.
Me: Hi - do you carry Birks? Birkenstocks?
Him: [accent] Oh socks are on the 2nd floor.
Me: No - not socks, Birk-en-STOCKS.
Him: Um... [very confused look] the socks are on the 2nd floor.
Me: BIRKenstocks. The shoes? They're walking shoes.
Him: Oh um... no... sorry....
lol then I turn around and this lady is totally amused by this and gives me this "I can't believe he didn't know what you were saying" look.
Petted 3 baby pitbulls while waiting for more than 30 min at an understaffed Ross.
AND hallelujah! I'm proud to say that my dad has found the world of good quality jeans. I told him it'd be a whole new experience even though it's not cheap & so he tried a pair on today and fell in love. Now if only my mom would try.
Just came back from a late dinner at an Italian restaurant w/ family friends in downtown Seattle. Tomorrow is outlet shopping. Hoping for some good bargoooons!

There's a printer just sitting next to me - waiting to be used. Hm... what should I print...
lol jk

I don't think I can wait until end of exams to cut my hair...


Nat said...

aw man wish i was there! i went to metro yesterday.. 30% off at Urban Behaviour and Costa Blanca, but didnt find anything i like :( saw some okay things, but.. their quality is so bad that it's not worth it unless it's 50% off haha.

...i dont know what birkenstocks are....... *looks around* but i guess if i worked there i might/should know.

hahahahahhahaha ITCH. lol.

where is this bellevue square. have i ever been there... well, i guess not coz i dont remember it. = =''

you know metro is actually closed today!?! i was shocked - i thought they only close for xmas day. they are usually open every freakin day.

N said...

oh that is surprising that metro was closed!

Birks -- i'll blog
about them again sometime next week - they're basically the type you'd see in those old ppl shoe stores like Naturalizer/Aerosoles xept the ones I like can be for both old + young.

Bellevue Square is right before Seattle so yea - I don't think you've been there. It's a more mid-range priced mall. There's no cheap stores like Forever21 (ah I didn't even get to go to that store!) or WetSeal/Anchor Blue etc.

I didn't get to exchange my sweats lol... oh well
You think you'll be going anytime within the next 2 weeks? haha