Sunday, March 23, 2008


I didn't bring my camera, but I took pics w/ my cell before it ran out of batteries.
Red Mango - yogurt shop in Bellevue Square.
I found it! There's also a Phoshizzle restaurant somewhere else in the USA ahha
We stayed at The Marriott - Courtyard which was a 15 min drive from downtown Seattle. It's quite nice -- we got a complimentary breakfast buffet where you can make your own belgian waffles haha - I've never seen anything like it. You use the batter dispenser to get a cup full of batter, pour it in the waffle machine yourself, flip it over, and it'll tell you when it's done! They also had an omelet station where I asked the guy to give me one with everything in it but jalapeno peppers, and to add more spinach and cheese. He asked me 3 times -- are you suuure you want everything? Yes..... WHY do you ask?! It was a very stuffed omelet lol
Sunday: This morning, we went to
Pike Place/Market in Seattle which is a lot like Granville Island xept bigger and more market-style, but the same type of artsyness. It was raining and gloomy. But there were tons of daffodils lining the top! How cheery.
Guess what! I went to the first Starbucks store!! Historic moment for me haha
They kept the vintage/antique style of the shop.
You can't see much detail, but the counters were made of wooden planks and behind the counters look nothing like modern Starbucks. Crowded in there - we only stayed for a couple of minutes in there.
Next door was this cheese making store called Beecher's.
You can watch them make the cheese!Neat!
Inside the rustic store. I tried Gouda. Yuck.
Have you seen Sleepless in Seattle? There was a scene where Tom Hanks eats here or something.. I haven't watched it.
lol - my cell likes to stretch people. Doesn't my mom look like a kid?
I wasn't ready for the pic so I cropped myself out.. but you can see how short I am compared to the tallest man in the world! If you put 50 cents in the slot, you get to see how big his shoes were. I caught a glimpse - they're HUGE!They sell a lot of fresh daffodils ($5 for a doz.) and tulips ($1 each) at the market! I really wanted to buy them. They look so pretty!
Downtown Seattle reminds me a lot like a mix of Vancouver's more historic part -- near Gastown and San Fran ('cause of the hills). After, we went to University Village, right across from U of Washington. Too bad some of the stores like Crate and Barrel were closed. I haven't been inside, but from what I see outside, I think it's my new fav. home decor store next to Restoration Hardware and Liberty.
Oh yea - J.Crew is the pits. Nothing like I thought it'd be from online.
Victoria's Secret's PINK line has sweats JUST as soft as A&F ones and for a bit cheaper, but they say stuff like "I Love Pink" and "PINK UNIV" on it which I don't like. But when I look at them more, I think their stuff is so cute to lounge around in!
Then we went to SPO but I hardly found anything. It was super packed! I had to wait 15 min in the cold to get into Coach. Plus there were TONs of people from Canada. Right at 5:30 it absolutely POURED on us! I saw the cutest classic Burberry trench for babies! It cost $209 on sale from $300! Plus, I confirmed that I really like Burberry's scent. I like the scent A&F sprays on some of their clothes too but I can't find which one it is!
Ohhh my legs are tired - we walked a lot today and I woke up early to do 30 on the tread... and I think I'm getting a cold from exhaustion. I've never felt so unrested in years - if ever!
I want to go back in 2 weeks somehow to exchange my capris!
Anyway I just took out my contacts and I realized I left my glasses in the car so I'm blind as a bat.


Nat said...

how fun! i wouldnt mind going down there for a road trip or such. .... hellooo summer! ah, it's nearing the end of semester (well, i like to think so.. still got 3-4 wks left..sigh) but already i am drooling at the thought of my freedom in may!!!!! how exciting.. cant wait. party party party.. haha actually i think im gona explore foood. thinking of having a cooking party. lol! how..exciting dont u think :P

mm sure those sweats sound comfy..but i duno if i wana know how much you paid for them = =" haha. annd yeah, big letters =T remind me of my HS pants, with NORTH plastered on the butt. how yech. dont know what is with high school obsession with letters and words on your ass!
anyway.. you're going again in 2 wks!??! ..dont you have finals?? haha

N said...

oh what an EXCELLENT IDEA!! exploring food?! We can become foodies! haha

haha i know - I never liked words on sweatpants before and I sort of even wish A&F and VS (victoria's secret) wouldn't put so many words on their clothes!

My finals aren't until the 10th-17th so I've got lots of time in between to go down again! Got noone to take me though so it might not be possible.