Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Writing Sleepy

So I'm trying to start a new blogsite soon. I haven't had any time to tweak it, but I hope to get it up and running before school starts.

It's been really relaxing ever since I've come back from Korea. Surprisingly, with the (zip) money I have, I've been shopping a decent amount. I've been mostly spending time with my family. I went to Saltspring Island with my family and grandma (she has been back in 30+ years.. ever since she came to Vancouver!) to revisit where my dad was born and raised.
Saltspring Island goats lol I named them Billy, Goat, and Gruff!
Thanks, goats.
They bend down funny.Where my dad used to skate --
Right outside Hastings House - some pottery art... the island sells a lot of locally made pottery.
Hastings House: such a nice little resort! I believe it's $500-600/night and you get your own mini cottage. Very very nicely kept.
(my mom's digi makes some odd greenish tinge pics)
This is their famous (expensive) restaurant! Apparently the best in BC or Canada or something.. many rich business ppl + celebrities take helicopters to Saltspring just to eat here. Chef's 5 course menu is $110.
Having a rock throwing contest while waiting for the ferry~ + then chicken fight kkkk
My mom and I went on a mini overnight trip down to Bellingham/Seattle. Nad and I went to Yaletown where StyleSpy held an event + we got goodie bags full of swag + discounts to some Yaletown stores. Someone I knew from my Taiwan trip a couple years ago from Portland, Oregon came up for the weekend. Her and her friend stayed at Bern's house so I tagged along to QE Park + Granville Island and then met up with them the next day @ the Night Market.
QE park:
I also house sat for the first time for my Uncle Andrew + Liana while they went to Vegas. It was more dog sitting than anything. Melanie slept over for both nights (and thank goodness, too! That house ain't so new... my mom grew up in that house and they renovated the insides, but still) and Bern slept over the 2nd night. I love dogs now that I got to dogsit Sadie (German short-haired Pointer). She was very good and we had some fun @ the park - I got me a bit of exercise, too! We watched 2 movies in the basement: One Week + Hairspray and played quite a bit of Rockband. I slept "under the stars" on my roofdeck, one night.
Waking up - sunshine in my face.
View downtown that morning.My bed.
Neighbours:I did the Grouse Grind yesterday (tortureeee) + went boating @ White Pine today. 6 hours in the sun man... I was so exhausted I took a nap for 5 hours after I got home.

I'm making dinner at home 3 times a week and doing dishes 3 times a week.. though it hasn't been happening much because I've been out at nigh. Actually, I got my brother to do dishes for me for a week as my birthday present haha! Speaking of birthdays, I didn't do anything for my birthday this year - I just didn't feel like doing anything, I guess. On the day of, I basically lounged around, talked on the phone, went out for dinner w/ my parents, and then watched UK's fireworks performance at Kits Beach at night. The next day was Nad's birthday - also near Kits Beach @ Hapa Izakaya. I watched the fireworks on Sat night, too. (I gave up trying to take a picture -- the fireworks were quite a bit nicer than this).
Kind of old news, but I'm (still) sad about Jon + Kate's breakup.... I almost teared when I saw last night's recent rerun episode (the kiddies' 5th birthday party) where Lexi goes up to Jon and he asks her which friend she invited to her birthday (Bradyn, I believe) and Jon's like "a boy.." and Lexi says she doesn't hug or kiss boys -- "only parents" she makes clear. And then she kisses Jon and tells him "I love you!!". I thought that was so sweet.. especially at a time like this during the breakup where both parents just don't seem happy to be there, in each other's presence. Jon seems to be needing a bit more lovin'. Btw, did anyone take a look at Kate's ring?? I only got a glimpse of it during one of the 1 on 1 interviews, but it's gorgeous and is definitely something I'd love.

Got my first day back to work tomorrow night and a facial appointment. Yayyyy~