Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Last Fall, over 3 million people were brought to tears by the movie Koizora..."

My brother introduced me to Koizora (aka. Sky of Love).

Hah - released on Valentine's Day...

Yes, it was cheesy/sappy (some say sappier than The Notebook).

It was sad.

It made me cry... a lot.

I thought the guy in it (real name: Haruma Miura, 90'-er) looked too perfect... very good looking... like Jun from KAT-TUN...
I love his character as Hiro... where art such a guy in the real world?!
Anyway, it's about the love life of this high school girl named Mika... it was first a mobile phone novel and then it became a manga and movie and 6-episode drama. It's semi-autobiographical (written by Mika).

Butchea, a pretty darn decent movie. I would watch it again.. but I sure don't wish it happens to me, though!
Watch on HERE.