Saturday, August 30, 2008

Spin Sin

(Ew, what's with the spacing?)
Just came back from work -- probably the first day I've ever worked SO MUCH!

7 hours @ event planning & 7 hours at Posh. Can't blame me but I'm a bit tired. I was all zzzzz in the morning and afternoon until I started my shift... tried all sorts of caffeine -- tea, coffee, pop, chocolate.. sugar... nothing worked until a coworker gave me a cookie she made.... zing! So awake. Had to stay until 12 (would have got off at 10) but this new girl was supposed to bus today but she didn't come! Apparently she didn't make it to her first 2 hosting shifts too.... so I hosted and bussed today. All the customers were very pleasant today... it was pretty crazy again but not as crazy as last time, surprisingly, as I had over 20 walk in groups (it spilled over to the other side of the reservation book!). I could have sworn the doppleganger of Phil from Wong Fu Productions came with his g/f hahaha - this one's is a bit thinner though... but just as nice (I assume Phil is nice).
It was also the first day of the price change:
Lunch used to be $9.88, now it's $11.88.
Dinner used to be $13.88, now it's $15.88.
And gift cards! Get a $158 value for just $138 and it's effective immediately. Expires in a year. That's 10 dinners -- good for large parties especially. Limited Edition.
Roger's last day =( So sad again.. but he promised he'd visit lots as a customer. Why is everyone leaving for school?! Can't they work 2 shifts a week? I guess I shouldn't say anything yet... let's see how my grades get with my 2 part-time jobs this semester...
Posh is fun though - I look forward to every shift... and it's exactly what I love -- absolutely wonderful coworkers, a decently modern atmosphere, and constant customer interaction... and the opportunity to rate how well you're doing with tips... and earn more than just a regular, steady wage.
Parents didn't pick me up at the station after work today -- they were asleep! I can't believe it... it was 1AM and I'm by myself with 3 guys in their mid-20's, waiting 20 min for the #16 bus.

Last night I discovered some neat emoticons on gmail chat accidentally and decided to search up some >>>more<<<>

Most of us know side-ways smileys like :-) or :D or even 8-]. These were invented by Scott Fahlman in 1982, turn 25 years now and are used almost all over the world. Including in Google applications like Google Talk, which rotate smileys you enter into "normal" direction. The following was Scott's original post where he made his announcement that would change the world... or at least, make parts of it a little more emotional:

19-Sep-82 11:44    Scott E  Fahlman             :-)
From: Scott E Fahlman

I propose that the following character sequence for joke


Read it sideways. Actually, it is probably more economica
to mark things that are NOT jokes, given current trends.
For this, use


Japanese smileys (or "emoticons"/ "facemarks") on the other hand aren't read side-ways, and they are also more stronger focused on the expression of the eyes. (Masaki Yuki of Hokkaido University claims Japanese students are "reading" emotions more through the eyes when compared to American students, who are more focused on the mouth.)

Here are some Japanese smileys:

(・ェ-) ... good night
( ^_^) ... hi!
m(._.)m ...thanks
m(_ _)m ... I'm sorry
( ̄ー ̄)
\(^ ^)/ ... I'm glad
ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ ... dance, sing
(;_・) ... sadness
(ToT) ... crying
( ̄へ ̄) ... discontent
(*´ο`*)=3 ... sigh
―(T_T)→ ... defeat
\(--)/ ... surrender
o(>< )o o( ><)o ... wiggle (  ゚,_ゝ゚) ... mock ☆⌒(>。≪) ... pain \(>o<)/ ... panic (゚ー゚)(。_。) ... yes yes (ι´Д`)ノ ... call (´~`) ... sleepiness [(--)]ZZzzz ... ( `_)乂(_' ) ... duel

Thursday, August 28, 2008

1. Got my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer illuminator sample @ Holts
2. Signed up for make-up makeover w/ Tayaba Jafri for Thurs, Sept 25th
2.5. Fell in LOVE with Chanel's makeup all over again... and their limited editions... I LOVE CHANEL
2.75. This customer lady smelled REALLY good at Holts' fragrance counter... I'm kicking myself for not asking what she's wearing.
3. Got my fabric + zippers @ Dress Sew (it's actually kinda fun to fabric shop!) $11
4. Bought Jason Mraz CD (which is SOLD OUT at EVERY FUTURESHOP LOCATION so it seems) from
5. Bought Shiseido Eyelash Curler pad re-fills [$5 for 2] @ Sears' counter w/ free $10 (when you sign up for a Sears card) = free
6. Had a really good Matcha Green Tea Latte from Gourmet Cup in Lansdowne -- like really good!
7. Went to focus group, picked which sort of pop I'd buy and which ones I wouldn't from 14 displays and got $30 wooot

Long day tmr... Event planning from 9:30-3 and Posh from 5-whenever... 10ish? Will need coffee.

Colour Me Wonderful

I have this huge urge to go into a fabric store! I found this great idea on something to make and I just want to hole myself in my mom's closet room for 2 days and sew like a mad woman until it's complete. And yes, this is partly an action to go through with my recent echoed phrase, "I can make that!"
One of the projects is to include an exposed zipper on a pair of ankle leggings like these on Zipia for $24.

I'm so excited I ordered my BCBG 'famous' shoes!!!!!! They're 40% off at Nordstrom right now.... All summer shoes are -- check it out. I'm a bit disappointed I didn't get my exact size -- had to go a half size up (which is the size I tried on in store - not bad, a bit loose but still comfy) 'cause my size sold out... if only I bought it yesterday! I had it waiting in my shopping cart.

I have a fascination with arms... I think. It's pretty much the 3rd place I look when I observe someone -- their arms - especially their upper arm if they're wearing sleeveless. I admire and am awed by long, slender arms that don't look like hams or bulge when they're pressed against their side. Of course, too skinny isn't nice to look at either. I admit I do get self-conscious about my upper arm sometimes, which is why I don't wear sleeveless often. The way I think is that if your arm looks thin, ppl assume the rest of you is that way too even if it's not... it's just easier to disguise! Plus there's so many more options in outfit and dress when you wear sleeveless... there seems to be so many different cuts to flatter/hide your unsightly midsection or your torso in general these days!

I always go on such an inspirational run (not literally) whenever I browse Chictopia. That site is so wonderful... thx Lulu, Rumi, and the other 2 Uglies!
Why is it important to have a personal style? Because we can’t duck tape our college degrees, resumes, and iTunes playlists onto our face. A more face-friendly option would be to adopt a distinct point of view when dressing.
They're so creative! Like look how Lulu made this chain accessory?
More on them and that site another day...

FashionSquad: featured on Chictopia. She's amazingly gorgeous and has such a great sense of style too. She's a 21 year old freelance fashion stylist and part-time model from Sweden. She has also been featured in a few magazines across the world such as VogueKorea!
Love both of these outfitss and sigh, her quilted bag is vintage. Drnnn
Love this dress -- she buys/finds such great items.
This is part of her shoe collection -- I am in LOVE and insanely jalouse of those boots and I can't believe she bought them from Zara! Her thick strappy shoes are nice too.
Instead I think I'll have to settle for:
BCBGirls 'Moca' Boot [$197] @ Nordstrom... wow.. I just realized that they look pretty much identical...??
Not a Steve Madden fan, but these boots look versatile [$348]
The only boots I want are knee-highs... or over-the-knee... but boots are just so hard to find for me 'cause of my calf-to-ankle proportions! Plus, there just aren't very many nice ones out there under $300...

Here's some other boot styles I've noticed and like but they're not for sale... from Zipia.
Other shoes on my lust list.... after I get my BCBG sandals, I'd like:
- some sort of water-resistant boot be it a black Hunter Original rainboot
- a cold-weather boot to keep my toesies warm when I just wanna wear casual stuff (why do they all look like Uggs?)
- some black dressier flats that are comfortable...
Shoes that cover 75% of my foot. I like some booties but I can't pull them off so scratch that.

You know why ppl pay so much for shoes? It's 'cause you can't simply make them with a sewing machine.

And I'm lusting for solid black stockings and a purple bag.

I can't remember the last time I was so excited about finding the perfect _____. You know, that feeling of finally discovering/getting your hands on something you absolutely LOVE? How sad... I mean, I get that feeling lots online when I find something I loooove but it's usually not for sale or unattainable financially so it doesn't count.

Anyway, time to shower and head out. Later, I'm meeting my mom at her work + then we're going to Richmond to do a focus group!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Oh noo I think I'm getting a bit sick... I just generally don't feel very well all over.

My mom got me a plastic basket for all my cosmetics + facial products that spill over to my brother's non-existant side... seriously he doesn't have anything on his side 'cause he keeps his razor and toothpaste in a drawer! My mom recently got him the set of Proactiv stuff so he MIGHT need the space if he doesn't want to keep it downstairs in the "powder room". Now, all my stuff is shoved onto the right side... I'm not liking it but I can't seem to put anything in drawers/cupboards b/c I seriously use every single one (except for the hairspray) really often! I'm trying harder to pare down... if I were to only choose 6 ('cause that's my fav. number) things to keep out of them all, it'd be:

1. Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (facial, body, and hand cleanser that's extremely gentle -- great for sensitive skin or any problem skin like excema) I just bought this at Costco the other day and I must say - it's good! It's $20 but it seems like it'll last me a year at least lol Thing is, it seems SO gentle I feel it's not working but skin feels very clean after and no breakouts as of yet so so good so far! It's one of those cleansers that CAN require no water... just apply, rub in, + wipe off... which I don't get... I used to have an Origins face cleanser that did that and I didn't feel too clean.
2. Bio-oil - this thing is so great! I slather it on my face every morning and night and it keeps my dry skin hydrated all day long and night. Doesn't clog.
3. My Shiseido Eyelash Curler (I wonder if they'll give me more pads if I ask...)
4. Apple Mascara - This brand + Maybelline's Full N' Soft are the only ones that keep my curl!
5. MAC Fluidline w/ brush
6. NARS blush in Orgasm... and somehow use my hands to get it on my face lol

My top 6 from Charlotte Russe
Wow so dark -- I'm very attracted to these "colours" and I want everything on there... esp. that skirt for some reason... have nowhere to wear it though. Like my quick Microsoft Paint jobs?

FALL UPDATE -- trends!
* means I particularly love it.
1. The colour purple *
2. Exposed Zippers * like that boot from Charlotte Russe... and the Zipia skirt I love:
3. Fringe Detail - not on everything.. I really like this fringe Zipia bag though!! Click for a larger view.
Gives a boho-chic vibe.
4. Handbags w/ extra long shoulder straps (across the body) - also seen in fringe Zipia bag above *
5. Faux fur (certain types I like) - like this! So nice for winter...
6. Rider boots *
7. Over-the-knee boots *
Ah LOVE but not for sale yet...
8. Feathers
9. Full skirts (same like in Spring xept in darker colours)
10. Winter florals *
11. Black leather
12. Intarsia - a patterned design within a knit fabric, a brilliant addition to the standard sweater -- think of those knit snowflake/eagle/moose sweaters sold at Aritzia every winter.
13. Super wide-legged pants

Update is courtesy of ShopBop (mostly).

I think I found a Hallowe'en outfit idea --- I'm gonna be wasabi! Who wants to be ginger? If you don't like pink, I'll switch but I don't think I have anything pink.

F21 is having a Labour Day Weekend Sale! Northgate... here I come? Not.

Just did my last AA purchase (using the 15% off) for a while -- Winter leggings yay! Couldn't use retail gift card though... why do retail and online gcs have to be unrelated?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So I woke up late today... I forgot to set my cellphone last night to wake me up for work so I decided not to go in today -- I'll make it up on Friday if they need me before my 5-12 hosting shift... eek! Busy day. So instead, I worked on my new blog which I will use soley to sell things. It beats having to individually post on Craigslist... I'll just post my site link w/ a couple pictures. I don't plan to work on it that much -- keeping it as simple as possible. It's called ClickSixLove that I just made up in frustration for a name.

I just wanted to do a mini rave over my new favourite eye makeup remover (EMR). It beats Vichy by... 1000%! My problem with the previous EMRs was that I had to press down a bit and tug a bit on my eyelids to get all the makeup off. Tugging = pre-mature wrinkles! Plus, I would soak a cotton pad again after I think I've gotten everything off and still find traces. Not good. However, I came across Neutrogena's Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover somewhere... I read good things about it. It claims to even remove waterproof mascara (which is true - it does!). Before you use it, you have to shake it or else it suspends into 2 layers. It's totally gentle enough to use when you wear contacts too and the area around my eyes feel smooth and clean with the aloe and cucumber extracts (I'm feeling my eye right now.. so baby soft!) I give it a 9.5/10 with the 0.5 docked off b/c have to shake it every time before using which cuts into sleeping time lol Butchea it's $9 which is pretty much half the price of Vichy and it works so much better! Rimmel is also pretty good for $6 but I find it pulls at my eyes. I can actually be gentle with Neutrogena's EMR.

Had Greek food @ M's today YUMM -- so glad we finally got to show our appreciation for all her dad's hard work throughout the years for being so generous and making SUCH delicious Greek food with a bottle of Brandy and a card. It's definitely not enough but it's a start! Anyway, I apparently ate 3 hours straight... slowly but surely... nice to see ppl in a super casual setting too where we're not rushed to go/do something.

Favourite Rihanna songs from her Good Girls Gone Bad Reloaded CD:
- Take A Bow
- Push Up On Me
- Sell Me Candy
- If I Never See Your Face Again (w/ Maroon 5)

Rain rain go away... I've got no shoes to wear when you're here so I don't like you.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Smile No Matter What

Yesterday I had my most stressful hosting shift everrr... it was unbelievably crazy...... That's the reservation booklet... I guess it doesn't look that bad, but there were tons of large-group reservations.. like one of 33, 11, 10, 10, 9, 8, 8, 8.... and don't forget the walk-ins! This is my souvenir for the night... and the everlasting picture in my mind of over 20 ppl clogging up the entrance all over my hostess booth (in my space), hovering over the reservation book, streaming through the doors... waiting (some impatiently). I had to keep reminding myself that I'm really trying my absolute best and that I can't please EVERYONE... as long as the vast majority is satisfied. I just want to give a big thanks to the group of 10 who had a reservation at 8:30 but had to wait a little more than an hour for their table. They were extremely good sports about it and it totally made my night easier.... and same with that one group of 5 who canceled... I cannot even try to imagine what it would have been like if I had to fit them in too... anyway - shift is over so it doesn't matter. Lesson learned: make reservations and you'll get priority over waitlist.

Finally sold my Zune Premium headphones! That guy got a good deal. They were practically brand new (I wore them for a couple hours).. and I sold them for 1/3 of the price they sell at Futureshop for.

This program proposal is such a painnn! I can't go up to SFU today to finish it b/c KU doesn't return my e-mails regarding the much needed specifics... academic advisors won't sign proposal until they see these specifics.. or else I risk not getting any credit for these courses!!

Some of my favourite outfits on Zipia from the "Vogue" category:
1. Love the bag!
2. Love the white button-up and the double wrap-around belt!
3. Pretty cute coat.
1. Love the sleeves on that coat
2. Short short love.
3. Want that cropped black coat!
1. Navy coat! Love -- and the whole outfit...
2. Coat love again! Cropped military one.
3. Looking for something similar xept navy/gray/white
1. I've been looking for a nice wool cardi to do this outfit
2. Cute coat! Resembles a little girl's wool coat. Want!
3. Love the outfit -- so runway.

I have a feeling I might be spending some $ on Zipia this Fall...

No time for more -- gotta go to Superstore w/ mommy and then to work.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Miserable Outside

Schedule for next week:
Today: Work @ 5-11
Mon: Make hair appt, go up to SFU again, Work 7-11
Tues: Work @ 9:30-5, BBQ
Wed: Work @ 9:30-5
Thurs: Free-from-work-errand-day! Um.. Get L? Order AA shipment, Focus Group @ 7:30 in Richmond
Fri: Hair appt, Work @ 5:15
Sat: Work @ 5

School's almost here! I don't know how I feel about it... but my schedule should be more consistent.

Looking at some recent pictures -- my hair is so blah. Everyone I know has done something semi-drastic with their hair recently like chopping it off and getting a cute little bob. The only "different" thing I've done was getting it permed a few years ago... which took forever growing out so I'm gonna have to re-think perming it again (though seems like Korea is a great place to get it done... I have half a year to think about this).
My coworker gave me a 50% off coupon from her friend who works at The Red Room Hair Salon + Spa on Howe. I'll try it out on Friday hopefully... but I have to think of a hairstyle. I still want to grow my hair out more so I'm gonna keep the length... but I need to think of a new cut...

I Had A Dream Where Louboutins Were Only $189!!

Back from work. I'm so happy with work -- I look forward to it every time even if I'm just bussing. This is the customer interaction I love. Constant, super nice, and interesting -- people who leave with a good, hopefully-more-lasting-than-the-bakery impression. I was telling M how one of the most satisfying parts is when I go around the restaurant, asking how they're liking everything and just receiving the biggest smiles and "wonderful", "great!" or "fantastic". Making them laugh makes my day. Coworkers really make it too. Love. It's one of the main reasons why I left the bakery -- my favourite ppl left...

Speaking of leaving, 2 of our (only 2) Tims left! I'm so sad...

I bussed yesterday... it's good how bussers are appreciated here though. I ended up staying until 1AM at the restaurant so I couldn't make it to Ashlee + Tina's event @ Atlantis... but I did have some good talks so that made up for it.

Today I went to get my eyebrows threaded in the morning + then I was supposed to go indoor wall climbing with a friend from Japn101 in Surrey but our timing was off and we couldn't go 'cause I had to go home before work. Boo. Hung out together anyway which was nice! It's weird to know I'm going into my 4th year. I still feel as if I'm going into my 2nd... and I think my mentality is like that too which makes it easy to relate with the 2nd yr coworkers... though it really is only a 2 year difference.

I bought 2 CDs from Futureshop today w/ gc -- Yael Naim (who sings New Soul, which I love), and Rihanna's "Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded". Rihanna's reloaded version has 2 or 3 new songs added to the original: Take A Bow and If I Never See Your Face Again. I'm actually listening to it now and it's a great great great CD! Recommended. I haven't opened Yael Naim yet. I was looking for Jason Mraz's new CD but they didn't have it unfortch.

Good news! Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are back together!!

Pics of Suri w/ a doll - she's wearing nail polish!
NO WAY! You want to play too?!
Teehee you're so funny. (She's a face-scruncher)
Who, me?! You talking to me?!
Want a hug?
haha so cute.

Remember how I said I wanted a tattoo a lonnnng time ago xept I didn't know what or where 'cause I can't commit to something so permanent? Well I narrowed the "where" down to foot (near ankle), inside finger, and shoulder... like right above the collar bone. There. Now it's time to think of the "what". I see ppl w/ tattoos and so many of them seem so insignificant like "I got this tat of a teddy bear because there was a booth at a fair that had a guy giving away free ones". No.
I don't know -- if it were me, I'd want something with meaning if it were so permanent! If not, it should be actual art... a masterpiece.

I wanna go hiking on the Baden Powell Trail before school starts .... anyone?

Yay I get to sleep in.