Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Oh noo I think I'm getting a bit sick... I just generally don't feel very well all over.

My mom got me a plastic basket for all my cosmetics + facial products that spill over to my brother's non-existant side... seriously he doesn't have anything on his side 'cause he keeps his razor and toothpaste in a drawer! My mom recently got him the set of Proactiv stuff so he MIGHT need the space if he doesn't want to keep it downstairs in the "powder room". Now, all my stuff is shoved onto the right side... I'm not liking it but I can't seem to put anything in drawers/cupboards b/c I seriously use every single one (except for the hairspray) really often! I'm trying harder to pare down... if I were to only choose 6 ('cause that's my fav. number) things to keep out of them all, it'd be:

1. Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (facial, body, and hand cleanser that's extremely gentle -- great for sensitive skin or any problem skin like excema) I just bought this at Costco the other day and I must say - it's good! It's $20 but it seems like it'll last me a year at least lol Thing is, it seems SO gentle I feel it's not working but skin feels very clean after and no breakouts as of yet so so good so far! It's one of those cleansers that CAN require no water... just apply, rub in, + wipe off... which I don't get... I used to have an Origins face cleanser that did that and I didn't feel too clean.
2. Bio-oil - this thing is so great! I slather it on my face every morning and night and it keeps my dry skin hydrated all day long and night. Doesn't clog.
3. My Shiseido Eyelash Curler (I wonder if they'll give me more pads if I ask...)
4. Apple Mascara - This brand + Maybelline's Full N' Soft are the only ones that keep my curl!
5. MAC Fluidline w/ brush
6. NARS blush in Orgasm... and somehow use my hands to get it on my face lol

My top 6 from Charlotte Russe
Wow so dark -- I'm very attracted to these "colours" and I want everything on there... esp. that skirt for some reason... have nowhere to wear it though. Like my quick Microsoft Paint jobs?

FALL UPDATE -- trends!
* means I particularly love it.
1. The colour purple *
2. Exposed Zippers * like that boot from Charlotte Russe... and the Zipia skirt I love:
3. Fringe Detail - not on everything.. I really like this fringe Zipia bag though!! Click for a larger view.
Gives a boho-chic vibe.
4. Handbags w/ extra long shoulder straps (across the body) - also seen in fringe Zipia bag above *
5. Faux fur (certain types I like) - like this! So nice for winter...
6. Rider boots *
7. Over-the-knee boots *
Ah LOVE but not for sale yet...
8. Feathers
9. Full skirts (same like in Spring xept in darker colours)
10. Winter florals *
11. Black leather
12. Intarsia - a patterned design within a knit fabric, a brilliant addition to the standard sweater -- think of those knit snowflake/eagle/moose sweaters sold at Aritzia every winter.
13. Super wide-legged pants

Update is courtesy of ShopBop (mostly).

I think I found a Hallowe'en outfit idea --- I'm gonna be wasabi! Who wants to be ginger? If you don't like pink, I'll switch but I don't think I have anything pink.

F21 is having a Labour Day Weekend Sale! Northgate... here I come? Not.

Just did my last AA purchase (using the 15% off) for a while -- Winter leggings yay! Couldn't use retail gift card though... why do retail and online gcs have to be unrelated?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on the FALL trends... Kinda get me excited for Fall eventhough I love summer a lot! LOL :)
Do you guys have a store called "Lemor" in Vanc? We have it here in TO and they have a lot of really chic sweaters for Fall...