Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So I woke up late today... I forgot to set my cellphone last night to wake me up for work so I decided not to go in today -- I'll make it up on Friday if they need me before my 5-12 hosting shift... eek! Busy day. So instead, I worked on my new blog which I will use soley to sell things. It beats having to individually post on Craigslist... I'll just post my site link w/ a couple pictures. I don't plan to work on it that much -- keeping it as simple as possible. It's called ClickSixLove that I just made up in frustration for a name.

I just wanted to do a mini rave over my new favourite eye makeup remover (EMR). It beats Vichy by... 1000%! My problem with the previous EMRs was that I had to press down a bit and tug a bit on my eyelids to get all the makeup off. Tugging = pre-mature wrinkles! Plus, I would soak a cotton pad again after I think I've gotten everything off and still find traces. Not good. However, I came across Neutrogena's Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover somewhere... I read good things about it. It claims to even remove waterproof mascara (which is true - it does!). Before you use it, you have to shake it or else it suspends into 2 layers. It's totally gentle enough to use when you wear contacts too and the area around my eyes feel smooth and clean with the aloe and cucumber extracts (I'm feeling my eye right now.. so baby soft!) I give it a 9.5/10 with the 0.5 docked off b/c have to shake it every time before using which cuts into sleeping time lol Butchea it's $9 which is pretty much half the price of Vichy and it works so much better! Rimmel is also pretty good for $6 but I find it pulls at my eyes. I can actually be gentle with Neutrogena's EMR.

Had Greek food @ M's today YUMM -- so glad we finally got to show our appreciation for all her dad's hard work throughout the years for being so generous and making SUCH delicious Greek food with a bottle of Brandy and a card. It's definitely not enough but it's a start! Anyway, I apparently ate 3 hours straight... slowly but surely... nice to see ppl in a super casual setting too where we're not rushed to go/do something.

Favourite Rihanna songs from her Good Girls Gone Bad Reloaded CD:
- Take A Bow
- Push Up On Me
- Sell Me Candy
- If I Never See Your Face Again (w/ Maroon 5)

Rain rain go away... I've got no shoes to wear when you're here so I don't like you.

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