Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blah blah blah blah blah

Spent about 30 min at Holts today, trying on their coats and jeans. They have Mackage.. and it was nice to just try them on without any sales person nearby. One thing I love about that store. I'm pretty much in between sizes for Mackage, which makes me kind of sad.. and for different coats, too which is weird. Like for the wool coats, I'm between a XS and S but for their down coats, I'm between a S and M. And none of the coats seem to be "the one" this season unfortch. But anyway, not much selection in coats at the moment.

For jeans, I tried on a bunch of $200+ jeans just 'cause I really wondered if they actually fit better than regular jeans. Conclusion: no, not really haha. I do agree that some of the material is much softer than regular $30-50 jeans, but other than that, the fit is pretty much the same. Ohhh the material on these Citizens black jeans were divine!!! So soft... I could use it as a pillow... Keep in mind that I only wear skinnies and sometimes straights. Though, I did try on this boyfriend cropped type that's super trendy this season. It seems really Japanesey to me.. maybe 'cause I saw it a lot in Japan and on Japanese people on the streets.
At first, I was really iffy and thought it would be too much material around my legs, but I was surprised it wasn't too bad. It's comfy too 'cause it's so baggy... almost like wearing sweatpants. Not something I'd buy though 'cause I don't really have any tops to wear it with.
I'm looking for a light, ripped jean that's in betwen a skinny + straight... preferably ankle-length, actually!

Got my hair trimmed at Chura~ t'was nice - I think I finally have someone to ask for next time I go there haha.. you know how they ask if there's a stylist I would want to request when I call in? I used to always say "doesn't matter". But now I have Emi! Cute name -- I remember I had a badminton teacher called Emi. She was pretty too. Why can't my first name be Emi instead of Emily? How about Emi with 2 "i's" -- Emii? hehe reminds of me Ebi.. Ebi sunomono... but anyway, she understands how to shape my hair and all 'cause her head is like the same shape as mine - very oval. lol

Btw, Nicole Richie is in Vivi's OCT 2009 issue!!!! Gonna get my hands on it... thanks, Ebay!

Work was good today for a Wednesday, though super slow for the first 2 hours... like I had a table of 1 and a table of 2 for the first 2 hours!! Then it really sped up around 8:30 and I had a few fun tables! But I guess because I'm able to spend more time with the tables, tips were quite decent so I am very satisfied.

I've got school "early" tomorrow. Somehow, 10:30 class seems too early.. I should have only stuck with 12:30+ classes! haha.. it's Tourism. The prof somehow makes such an interesting topic very dry... so I'm sort of wondering if it's even worth it to go... not to fear, I will go!

CANNOT wait for the weekend!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Winter Lust

Chloe Wrap Boots are perfect.