Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays

Location: same spot as my Fall picture -- this street is so pretty all year round!
Credit: M

I finally have a bit of time to post! The past few days have been super busy.

On the 23rd, M planned a day just for me! We first went sledding at Burrardview park and went down this man-made snow ramp omg that was so much funn!! Then we changed into our PJs and robes and attempted to play Christmas songs, ate a full Greek dinner complete with homemade sangria (!), ate a super yummy chocolate brownie cheesecake that M made, talked (of course), and made stove-top smores (Yea we roasted marshmallows on the element) =D kumao!

On the 24th I had to work. A lot of large group reservations canceled but the customers were great.

On Christmas day (Merry Christmas btw!), my parents woke my brother and I up to open gifts which is a first! haha In the past, I get up first, lounge around, my dad wakes up and starts on breakfast, and then I have to drag my mom out of bed and my brother wakes up soon after that. My mom got a telescopic back scratcher from Restoration Hardware... which she's very happy with -- a step up from a toilet seat! ahha... a running Xmas joke. My extended family Xmas plans were canceled the night before due to snow but at 2PM, my Gpa called and wanted to get together so everyone made it for dinner at King's Fort in Richmond (Chinese food but not really a fan of the food though service was good). Before dinner, my family visited my mom's maternal mom's brother in the hospital -- he only has a predicted 24 hours to live (colon cancer/liver cancer) except, well, it's been over 24 hours now and he's still awake and comfortable. It was the first time I met him and my mom hasn't seen him in over 24 years (my mom's maternal mom passed away when she was 16). After dinner, my family visited my dad's side at my Uncle George's (in Richmond) where we ate dessert and swapped gifts. Chelsea (my cousin -- she's in Gr 8) is so tall now! She's my height! Corey was soo heartbreakingly cute as usual though not as talkative. I got to meet my cousin Kevin's new gf really quickly before we had to leave to go back to my mom's side at my Auntie Sandy's house for more dessert and gift-opening. Chaotic, I tell you! I'm so glad I got to see both sides this year. You don't know how good it is until it's gone... so having family dinner canceled this year made me realize how incomplete the whole Christmas season would be + how much I'd miss it. It still wasn't the same though b/c we ate out for the first time, but at least we were all together.

Some of my favourite pictures of the night:
Triton-baby's scrunchie face.
Kyle-baby trying to hide from me
Erin and Emerald play so well together
Emerald was trying to scare Tri and Goo.
Girl cousins -- Kristin, Em, Erin, and Shannon
Triton's favourite Xmas gift -- a custom-made lion's head!
Not the best one, but it's the nicest one my mom took -- all the cousins + g'rents.
This morning I woke up at 6:30, only having had 4 hours of sleep, and met Artemis to go Boxing Day shopping downtown. We spent most of our time at Aritzia and Zara. I got a black cardigan and a black seamless sporty-ish racerback tank for myself from Aritzia. The sales weren't fantastic but at least the crowds weren't bad at all downtown. The bus couldn't make it up the Renfrew hill on the way home so I had to walk the rest of the way w/out a hat or umbrella... I cannot wait for Spring! I want to buy sandals and wear my shorts!! I think I'm just grouchy 'cause I need my haircut...

Don't hold onto your past. There's a reason that it's not coming back.

If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.

Finally uploaded pictures from my cell:
Posh's Xmas decor - before opening for dinner

I found a stash of my maternal Gma's fur coats. Since it's politically incorrect to wear them, I don't think I'll ever wear them outside, but they are warm and this particular one is cute and lux so I sel-ca'd w/ it. My arms aren't long enough to get a full length shot, but it's sort of like a cropped coat with bell sleeves.

Laptop is being v.v. annoying... it keeps crashing/freezing on me! Must clear space and finish making CDs for my dad...
And gah I'm so tired and have a sore throat... missing out on Steven's party!
Whaat it's supposed to be 7 degrees tomorrow?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Giving Chances... & Double Chances

Haven't been bringing my digi around... I should though - so I'm relying on other ppl's pics.. and since I've been hanging around my Posh coworkers a lot recently having just worked 4 days in a row, I thought it'd be most approps:
@ Boss -- don't know why Frank looks that way.. that doesn't even look like him.
We're getting bundled up to face the snow... self timer with Wellsie who just wouldn't smile.. guys.. where's Scott?
I've come to the conclusion that some guys just don't photograph well.
I cannot express HOW much I hate it when people don't bother befriending someone or even giving them a chance to show them what they're all about because of how they look. Don't they know that a lot of the time, the person knows how they compare and are already self-conscious about themselves? Don't they know that some of these people need to be persuaded to even get out in public?! What is so hard about giving people a chance to tell their story? Why do you mock them when you don't even know their name? I am shocked, I am in awe, and I am truly disgusted.

On another note, I guess we sort of gravitate towards befriending or acquainting ourselves with certain people because a lot of the time, you will find a group of friends all to be on the same level of attractiveness. The good-looking people flock together as well as the not-as-goodlooking ones. It's just interesting to observe.
OOo apparently there's going to be a piano battle between TaeYeon from SNSD and Junsu! And there's also a dance off between JYP and Rain! Rain, before he became an independent artist, used to be under the JYP management. Much anticipated!!

Lee Hom - Heartbeat
This guy will forever remind me of Taiwan... love love
lol one of my coworkers said he used to work out at the same gym as him back in Taiwan.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Shift Change

So I just registered for a dorm on the Korea University campus @ CJ International. I chose a double... meaning I'd be sharing a room with someone. I really hope it was the right decision and I get to live with someone decently compatible with the way I do things. My Auntie Sandy convinced me to choose a double... but she also suggested that I lay some ground rules within the first week which is pretty smart I guess if the buddy is the type to follow through. I got to choose some other things to sort of narrow down my choices but the only thing I chose was that I wish to be roomies with a non-smoker. I want this to be so random - I really have no idea what's going to happen or who I'm going to be paired with. Other options were "I study in the morning, I go to bed late, I study in silence, and I want to be roomed with a local Korean buddy" - all of which I chose "no preference". I guess if worst comes to worst, I'll try to switch with someone with a single room and give them the $400 extra.

The snow is kind of cool 'cause I've got snow boots and can actually stick my WHOLE leg into the snow at once! Work today ended quite early -- like yesterday, there were a decent amount of people in the beginning and then it just suddenly died. I really only served 6 tables (compared to 15-20) and got off at 10 (would have gotten off at 9 if that one table didn't take their dear time!). Such a workout though... the snow, I mean. G and I decided not to take the bus so we trudged all the way up from Renfrew Stn. Anyway, tomorrow I think I'm going to just suck it up and go downtown to pick up some last minute Xmas gifts for family and then head to work around 6. Maybe I'll even eat @ work as I'm craving sukiyaki again... even though I just ate there 2 nights ago... and then a few nights before that too! ahaha... but veggies, yay!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Guh talk about unfairness in the workplace. There's this relatively new girl - let's just call her W -- she's only been here for 3 weeks and has only worked day-time shifts (ie. not as busy shifts) as a busser and host. There's also F and R who have been hosting and bussing for longer than W has. F has been here for more than a month and has mainly worked night shifts and he works really hard and is an awesome host. The boss says F is going to start serving soon. R is both serving and hosting now (she only just started serving a couple weeks ago) but she's been here like 2.5-3 months and is also an awesome host (like, really good!). The unfair part is that W is starting to serve already and F hasn't even started and F has been here longer and has worked more shifts -- esp. night shifts. Also, apparently W bombed her first and only night hosting shift and it wasn't even a weekend! How it works is that you're supposed to have MASTERED hosting before you serve. The boss made it very clear. Now how fair is that? I don't mind W -- tbh, I've only met her twice and haven't even seen her work but from my impression, she's nice. She's also mixed (but a bit of a butterface) if that has anything to do with why she got promoted so quickly.. and the fact that she's a girl... I think maybe the boss thinks girls sell more + get better tips... I don't know.. it doesn't affect me but I just can't seem to shake this from my mind. I'd be pretty annoyed if I were F or R especially because they've proven to be quite an asset to the company.

I've run out of my decent conditioner! Noooo now I don't even want to wash my hair... this weather...
I need to buy some good body lotion and more hand lotion (Glysomed is surprisingly good (and cheap!)! I think I bought a bad batch last time.. will give it another shot)... I'm cracking all over! I also need eye cream!

Painted my nails red for Xmas! Apparently looks fake =( OPI nail polish is amaaazzinnnggggg though-- I did 2 coats + 1 coat of Sally Hansen top coat and they don't chip or scuff up at all! Even after I have to use my nails to scrub oil off tables! Amaaaazzingggggg

Ah... so glad there's no more school! 2 weeks ago on a Sunday, I'd be thinking "Hm.. I should do my homework due tomorrow since I have work tonight... but then I have to shower and stuff so no time".. and then when I get home, I realized I have to stay up a few more hours to do my homework! But not anymoreeeee I'm free! I only have Xmas things to think about. Deck the halls!

Found another Chictopian I love love love! Style4style.
She wore this to her first day of school! lol
Great outfit
I need this blazer..... but it's vintage booo
Don't do converses though... wish she wore ankle boots/heels of some sort
Trying to find that LaRok skirt...
So pretty her hair here is perfect!