Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Giving Chances... & Double Chances

Haven't been bringing my digi around... I should though - so I'm relying on other ppl's pics.. and since I've been hanging around my Posh coworkers a lot recently having just worked 4 days in a row, I thought it'd be most approps:
@ Boss -- don't know why Frank looks that way.. that doesn't even look like him.
We're getting bundled up to face the snow... self timer with Wellsie who just wouldn't smile.. guys.. where's Scott?
I've come to the conclusion that some guys just don't photograph well.
I cannot express HOW much I hate it when people don't bother befriending someone or even giving them a chance to show them what they're all about because of how they look. Don't they know that a lot of the time, the person knows how they compare and are already self-conscious about themselves? Don't they know that some of these people need to be persuaded to even get out in public?! What is so hard about giving people a chance to tell their story? Why do you mock them when you don't even know their name? I am shocked, I am in awe, and I am truly disgusted.

On another note, I guess we sort of gravitate towards befriending or acquainting ourselves with certain people because a lot of the time, you will find a group of friends all to be on the same level of attractiveness. The good-looking people flock together as well as the not-as-goodlooking ones. It's just interesting to observe.
OOo apparently there's going to be a piano battle between TaeYeon from SNSD and Junsu! And there's also a dance off between JYP and Rain! Rain, before he became an independent artist, used to be under the JYP management. Much anticipated!!

Lee Hom - Heartbeat
This guy will forever remind me of Taiwan... love love
lol one of my coworkers said he used to work out at the same gym as him back in Taiwan.

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