Saturday, April 12, 2008

Adore Club Monaco

Oh Club Monaco -- I can't help but longingly stare at your mannequins' outfits when I pass your stores.
You have such nicely tailored clothessss

I'm especially lusting the blazers -- such perfect fit!! Seriously need to try this on...
This outfit is cute!
Love the pencil skirt in this outfit - also a perfect fit.
High-waisted skirt [$109-119USD]
I like the proportion in this outfit and the whole wide-legged pant idea but I don't think I'd wear it.
Cute shorts! [$59]
I'm SO excited about their sunglass collection! I've been looking for sunnies but I want semi-quality ones that weren't $200 but not really night-market quality either. These sunnies are in the right price range. Plus, they're vintage-inspired which is exactly what I love! Hope they fit.

These might be too thick/dark for me, but I like the look and the possible gradient lens.
If I didn't own aviators, I'd be interested in CM's version too. Very nice. They even have the plastic thick-rimmed aviator-type and Ray-Ban look too.
Speaking of glasses, I'm gonna get new frames soon. Gotta start searching for some! I wish I bought a pair in Hong Kong like B for cheap!

BANANA REPUBLIC GOES GREEN: Preparing for Earth Day on April 22, Banana Republic will launch a 50-piece eco-friendly green collection for women and men that will hit stores on April 8. The collection, made of renewable or sustainable fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton, retails from $24 to $150, and will be a continuing concept.
CLUB MONACO DIPS INTO SWIM: Club Monaco is adding a poolside presence to its stores for spring, with a capsule swimsuit, sunglasses and cover-up collection. For women, there are three swimsuit styles, all retailing for $89: a triangle palm print bikini, a black-and-white polkadot bandeau, and a solid black with a triangle top.
That's the polkadot bandeau. Pretty cute!
Today I finally used my Nair Pretty Hair Remover Cream on my legs.
Enriched with moisturizing peach, Nair Pretty Cream is gentle to even the most sensitve skin. It has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for your legs, bikini line, and underarms.
I bought this a year or 2 ago for around $6 at Superstore, but never used it... or maybe I have but I don't remember. I've tried Nair classic wipe-away cream before and wasn't too impressed... and it reeeeeked.
Anyway, the package looks like new still and there's no expiry date (that I can see) so it looks pretty safe to use. The smell is "soft peach". Yep, I definitely smell the peach, but I also smell the strong, indescribable Nair smell.. It claims to make skin feel peachy soft. And let me tell you... it DOES! My goodness I was so shocked at how well this stuff worked! I put a thin layer on both legs (even though they say to put a thick one), waited 15 minutes like the directions said (also because I have thick hair -- if you have thin hair, you can just leave it on for 5 minutes), and wiped it off gently w/ a damp faceclothtypethingy. All gone! My legs are so smooth and soft! The only thing is that you should exfoliate beforehand if you have thin surface in-grown hairs like I do so there are about 5 hairs that I had to pluck instead... oh and you gotta make sure you take it off gently or your skin will turn slightly red. Butchea - recently, I've been quite unhappy with razors.. maybe it's just the ones I had, but I even opened the a new Venus Gillette one and while it definitely shaved my legs, the shave wasn't as close to the skin as I'd like so I'd feel prickly legs the next morning. It's only been 5 hours since, but it's still just as smooth! So yea - I'm pleasantly surprised and happy about this old purchase.
The quickie: It's super easy to use, takes very little time, smells quite pleasant compared to other Nair products, and actually does what it claims to do EXCEPT I wouldn't recommend it for those with sensitive skin. It's not as gentle as it should be and will cause a burning sensation/redness on sensitive skin.

Final List for HB




Many of you have already noticed, but it is regretful to inform you that we have lost two more artists, Eru and Tae Jin Ah. Eru decided to go to the military giving up his US citizenship and notified us that both he and his father would not be able to make it due to that reason. Even if we lost two popular singers(Lee Hyo Ri and Wonder Girls) by that time, we had no choice but releasing him with respect and honoring his voluntary and courageous decision. Regardless of the reason, please generously accept our apology for giving you a confusion and keeping you wait for long.

I am aware that many of you have expected to see your favorite singers in the final list, but I hope you understand that the names in our list are also great artists who can provide as much excitement and pleasure as the previous year's. Also we have slightly reduced the number of artists this year in order to give each of them more time to perform. Please come and enjoy the show.

AH I'm so disappointed Eru can't come anymore!! Darnnnnn oh well - the only one I really care about is DBSK so as long as they're on the list, I'm good.
I'm pretty pleased with Minwoo - I hope he sings his song "Girlfriend" -- I've had that song on repeat a few months ago.
Chae Yeon - I think she's similar to Hyori so I'm pretty OK with her too -- haha it'd be funny if she sang her song "My Love" so I can singggg "arikikiki!! arikikiki!" LOL
Butchea - she's more of a performer... can't really sing.
As for the H.O.T. member, I can't say I know who he is.... [wiki-ing] ah. I recognize him.

I'm pretty ecstatic that the artists can sing more songs! 2 songs just ain't enough.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Here I Am

Disney Couture! Pretty and whimsical keepsakes/jewelry that brings out the kid-side of you.

These are inspired by Disney fairytales and designed by Kidada Jones.

Woven Suede Tinkerbell Pendant with Swarovski Crystals [$80]
This one doesn't suit me at all and looks super childish at first glance, but it has potential to be something cute on someone else.

14ct Gold Plated Multi-charm Bracelet [$76]
Princess Wrap Bracelet [$110]
OK neat idea, but waaay too overpriced for braided suede and charms... even if the charms are 14ct gold plated. I could make this.
This one is Pocahontas-themed.
I quite like this next one -- 14ct Gold Plated Believe Locket [$50]
Inside -- Tinkerbell!
**This is my favourite. 14ct Gold Plated Magic Castle Pendant [$80]
Like B said, it reminds me of DBSK's song, Magic Castle.
It's where all the dreams come from!
*Charm and Multi-charm bracelet [$50]
My 2nd favourite piece.
Guess Safety Bracelet with Charms [$80]
This isn't Disney, but it's a neat idea.
I found this on Etsy. - a nice keepsake for the bride on her wedding day. It's a jeweled charm w/ the date stamp to be tied around the bride's bouquet. What a delicate and pretty touch! I can't remember how much they were though... around $35 I think.BCBG Poly Dress [$380]
It sort of looks like a pregger's dress b/c of where/how the bow is situated, but if it's worn an inch or 2 lower or if the "mannequin" stands a little differently, it'd be perfect. I have a lot of black dresses, but this one is much more mature. I really like the sheer detail on the straps.Especially the back -- so pretty and vintagey. ADORE
BCBG Runway Organza Coat. I like the movement and the shape. Such a work of art.I forgot the designer... but what an unique and interesting wedding dress.
I got my Leona Lewis CD today (LOVE ITTTT IT'S A GREAT CD!!) -- one was cracked though so I'm gonna return it 'cause the estimated time of the replacement shipment would be in JUNE! SO far! I must say that Amazon has excellent customer service though. Plus, it took less than a week to get to my house!
Did I mention that I love her CD? It's one of those CDs where you love every song. LOVE LOVE LOVEEE

Cream is doing wonders for my hands - they're so much smoother and softer and even younger-looking (and I'm only 20!). Now I gotta concentrate on my poor, neglected feet.

Today I took advantage of the no tax @ Superstore and got my family 2 bags of $20 rice and a bunch of food I think we're lacking at home! lol
I also got some Jergens Natural Glow Daily Glow [$5.49 @ Superstore]. I used it last year - it's a good, natural and buildable tan type cream that doesn't streak or give you an orange tinge or anything like that.
And I got apple pie for dinner and pho for dessert lol yay
And 70% Lindt chocolate for my 2nd dessert. Thank goodness I'm running tomorrow w/ Ryan (oh wow... haven't been running in a week and the Sun Run is next week!!) and then I promised myself I would clean my room... it literally looks like a tornado has hit it...

YAY final HB list is coming out tonight!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gelato Lust

I signed up for a summer Korean language course with M! I actually didn't even think I would ever find a course to fit my schedule, but it does! April 19th - June 28th - every Saturday from 10-12AM @ UBC. 10 sessions for $300 w/ no classes on May 17th (the week I'm gone for HB!) so yea - it was basically calling my name.

Tomorrow I'm going to be studying Japanese all day (excited to devote serious studying time to that subject! To go through the whole text and write down all the katakana words... and then practice kanji galore.. FUN) ... and then going to Superstore after 5PM to be exempt on tax and to buy 80lbs of rice at $19 before the prices spike up to $26/bag lol

AND I tried on my Birk Madrids on at Stoneridge today and I just finished ordering them on! Many ppl have misconceptions about Birkenstocks... they think they're ugly walking shoes for old people whjo have no style and I thought the exact same thing until I found this sandal. "[This] design tones the foot and calf muscles while improving circulation. This timeless one strap features our famous contoured footbed, fully adjustable strap and shock absorbing EVA sole." I've made my feet suffer with such cheap shoes for so long. Maybe this will help relieve them.

You can use the coupon to get 15% off and SoftMoc has free shipping across Canada. SO I saved around $13 =D Oh and another thing, these shoes fit REALLY big. I have medium width-ed feet - I used to have very very narrow feet (AA), but I think after a lot of pounding and mistreatment, they've widened a bit. Anyway - I'm almost always a 8.5 in all shoes... sometimes a 9 for pointy-toed stilettos and sometimes a 7.5-8 in flip flops and other slip ons. An 8.5 equals approximately a 39 in European sizes. However, for this shoe, I fit a 37! My goodness...
Anyway, if I turn out to really really like these, I will hunt for the colour I originally wanted - red!

I'm seeing eco friendly clothes everywhere now! I think it's an excellent idea to have higher-end stores like Saks, Nordstrom, and Holts promoting eco friendly fashion. "If rich ppl do it, then I can be like them and do it too!"
I can't say I have any organic/environment-friendly items yet... except for a green shirt made of bamboo that I got from UBC Bookstore's rush. It's supposedly very breathable and sweat-free. On the back, it says "Wanna feel my bamboo shirt?" Geez. Butchea - they're definitely upping the fashion and feel of the materials so they don't look as earthy as before... which is great! I'll definitely look into them.

Last point - I'm loving how Aritiza is styling their mannequins these days! Outfits I'd totally wear. The pieces they style with are hard to find around the store sometimes though... butchea - nice + inspirational.

Exciting stuff.

My Crippled Band-Aid

I just found out that Old Navy revamped themselves.

So after a quick look around their online shop, I've come to the conclusion that it's pretty much the same as before with a few new, more exciting items than their basics. I can't remember the last time I bought something for myself at Old Navy... actually, I lied. I remember now - the last thing I bought was a black racerback 5 years ago. I think my problem with their clothes besides the fact that they're boring (well, they are basics), is that they don't fit ME well. That's why I don't bother looking.
Shoes, on the other hand... so cute!
I swear Urban Outfitters carries the same sandal for almost double the price.
Very nice shoe - great in red! Only $15 too! I just hope the back doesn't cut into my foot.
These have got to be my favourite - I can't decide between a purple or red. I'd choose yellow but I already have my gold chain gladiators. These are jelly sandals! Whoooodathought.
I'm really into bandeau swimsuits and gold now so this is almost perfect! The scrunch in the middle is what's turning me off - it makes it look cheaper than it already does, butchea - still cute nonetheless.
The bottoms are even nicer.
Today I handed in my takehome exam (harddd) @ SFU + then met up w/ M, B, and D to shop a bit and eat Korean (avec Jeff) @ our favourite K restaurant Dae Bak Bon Ga on Robson next to Fogg 'n Suds. It was seriously the biggest Korean feast I've ever experienced.... wow. Then, as pigs/cows we are/were, we shared half a litre of Indian Mango + Ferrero Rocher gelato @ Mondo Gelato right after that was also very good. An early night, but we'll have many more once finals end.

Darn when is that final list of artists gonna roll around?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Current Notes

French Connection USA has so many more items on their site than the Canadian one!
Here's the spring/summer shirt I wanted.. actually the material is different. I want in yellow.
Betty Burnout Pullover [$98]

I'm not sure how I feel about this next one -- I mean, it's nice and is probably really comfy and hides all those tummy insecurities, but it's really just a big drape! Best w/ ppl w/ thin, long legs.
Moonbeam Melange Knit Dress [$168]

Grove Dress [$70]
I like the colour for this - also comes in 3 or 4 other colours from what I remember. I'd have to see it up close though 'cause right now, I think it's made out of that swish swish parachute material. If it's not, it'd be a great tunic throw-on for the spring/summer!

FCUK Jewel Heel [$168]
Ah nice statement shoe! The material might be a bit too trendy though...

Veronica Cotton Shirt [$98]
When I see this, I think either Club Monaco, FCUK, or Zara.
Martinex Halter Dress [$188]
Very cute and flattering on all body types IMO -- and it's yellow!

Forever 21!
I usually don't like these types, but this one is cute. I like the colour and material and the horizontal action going on at the bottom. The bow is cute too - better if you have short pixie hair to show it off.
Pleated Taffeta Top [$19.80] I've been looking for some cute railway shorts! I think I found them @ F21.
I actually want a mix of the next 2 shorts.. .I like the width and spacing of the stripes here and the little button detail on the side which gives it a more tailored look, but I don't like the bow b/c I don't feel I need to bring lumps/bumps/attn to my hips. They're both [$17.80].
I like the wide band at the top for this one -- and the possibility to cinch in the sides if it happens to become looser etc.ShopBop
T-bags Print Tube Dress [$185]

Love the print on this dress! Very much so!
I saved this statement heel a few weeks ago --Pour La Victoire [$226] True Religion Shorts [$172]
HM when is my AA shipment gonna come?! It's almost gonna be 2 weeks!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

3 More

I FINISHED my English Essay!! All handed in now wooooot. Now time for the Geog 11 page take-home exam due this Thursday... then I think I can take the next week less stressfully.

I forgot to mention how entertaining Russell Peters was - great host.
Some memorable quotes from Juno night:
Russell Peters
"The Junos have treated me really well. They've actually given me my own driver - Chad Kroeger," Peters said, referring to the Nickelback frontman's recent drunk driving conviction. "They're gonna have to change the name from Nickelback to get-your-license-back."
"I never actually have seen the Junos before -- which makes me Canadian." haha so true.
"We've had so many successful Canadian acts, and you know they're successful because they don't live here any more. Do you think if I still lived here I'd be hosting these awards? Hell, no. 'Russell, stay in Brampton, it's okay.' "
How he made fun of the 11 year old boy ahhaha

The oh-so-charming Buble when accepting his award, which was presented by Doritos.

"I'd like to thank Doritos for making such tasty treats," Buble clowned. "Sometimes when I eat them it makes my fingers go orange but it's worth it... and before they kick me off I just wanna say, this is for all those people that said I couldn't vote for myself enough times to win " (LOL so cute!)

Later, backstage, Buble nicely summed up the night, dominated as it was by Feist. "I just keep kicking the crap out of myself for not writing 1234," he joked.

I quite liked all the performances too and was pleasantly surprised at Feist's - Sea Lion! It's a great song to sing live -- loved her unique voice. From that performance, I was going to buy her CD @ the airport... but I'm glad Nad stopped me 'cause I YouTubed her later and didn't really like many of her songs.

All in all, I think I'm even more proud to be Canadian =)

2 more summer lusts!
Cute suspender shorts like the Alexander McQueen one I posted up a few days ago with either a crossed back or a Y-shaped back.
So easy breezy!
I'm not talking about the ones that are higher than your belly button.
Lilo's + Fergie's are niiice.
ANNDDDDD super light destroyed jean shorts w/ them frayed ends and all! Gosh I'm so into the casual look these days...

Oh yea I just remembered - I discovered the Jonas Brothers a while ago. They have nice voices and a pretty decent look... but most of their songs are a bit too poppish. Maybe it's 'cause they sing for Disney haha butchea... not bad!

Monday, April 7, 2008


I'm back from Calgary! Here's my general laydown.
Nad and I got to Calgary around... 12:30ish PM on Sat - took a taxi to the Hotel Arts, settled down a bit in the room (Nad has the pics), then took the train to Chinook Centre (the largest mall and apparently the best in Calgary -- it's like Metrotown... xept not as good). After 2 food court meals and, of course, shopping, we headed back to the hotel, got ready, and went to the party (as VVIPs!! and that's not a typo).
Here's a few pics from my camera - I hardly took very many pictures compared to usual.
At the party (which was in the lobby and 2nd floor of the hotel) --
Those w/ pink wrist bands were allowed on the 2nd floor where we could get swag... like a manicure!
Wow.. don't mind my paleness... I think that's what happens after a couple drinks... or just more so than usual.
Can you tell who's behind Nad?You guessed right! Jacob Hoggard from Hedley.

I got a couple pics w/ him too. Cool guy.
In front of that thing the stars stand in front of to have their pic taken.
Can't say I know who they are, but they were dressed quite funkily and were very energetic!
Thanks, (Juno nominee) Belly, for posing for me instead of the camera woman.
You can also go outside and swim in the heated pool.
I also got pics w/ Rick Campanelli (remember him?!) and Chad Kroeger lol...In the lobby in front of the big E where they conducted interviews.Nad and I made a short video after the party. I'll post it sometime soon once I learn how to edit it!

The next day, we had lunch @ the hotel's Raw Bar and then walked around downtown which was around a 5-10 min walk from the hotel... oh pitiful downtown lol. Then we went back, got dressed up, and took the taxi to the Saddledome - pretty much RIGHT on time! We missed the red carpet, but that's ok. The performances were great but our seats weren't really haha -- farrrrrrr.
After the awards --
View of Calgary downtown from the Saddledome. The space-needle type building is the Calgary Tower.
I wanted to eat at the revolving restaurant, but it was closed due to renovations until the summer.
We walked back afterwards - it was about a 15 min walk.
Lobby pic!
It was fun! A great break before finals. More pics to come in the next couple of days, but now I have to do my essay that's due tomorrow...