Friday, April 11, 2008

Here I Am

Disney Couture! Pretty and whimsical keepsakes/jewelry that brings out the kid-side of you.

These are inspired by Disney fairytales and designed by Kidada Jones.

Woven Suede Tinkerbell Pendant with Swarovski Crystals [$80]
This one doesn't suit me at all and looks super childish at first glance, but it has potential to be something cute on someone else.

14ct Gold Plated Multi-charm Bracelet [$76]
Princess Wrap Bracelet [$110]
OK neat idea, but waaay too overpriced for braided suede and charms... even if the charms are 14ct gold plated. I could make this.
This one is Pocahontas-themed.
I quite like this next one -- 14ct Gold Plated Believe Locket [$50]
Inside -- Tinkerbell!
**This is my favourite. 14ct Gold Plated Magic Castle Pendant [$80]
Like B said, it reminds me of DBSK's song, Magic Castle.
It's where all the dreams come from!
*Charm and Multi-charm bracelet [$50]
My 2nd favourite piece.
Guess Safety Bracelet with Charms [$80]
This isn't Disney, but it's a neat idea.
I found this on Etsy. - a nice keepsake for the bride on her wedding day. It's a jeweled charm w/ the date stamp to be tied around the bride's bouquet. What a delicate and pretty touch! I can't remember how much they were though... around $35 I think.BCBG Poly Dress [$380]
It sort of looks like a pregger's dress b/c of where/how the bow is situated, but if it's worn an inch or 2 lower or if the "mannequin" stands a little differently, it'd be perfect. I have a lot of black dresses, but this one is much more mature. I really like the sheer detail on the straps.Especially the back -- so pretty and vintagey. ADORE
BCBG Runway Organza Coat. I like the movement and the shape. Such a work of art.I forgot the designer... but what an unique and interesting wedding dress.
I got my Leona Lewis CD today (LOVE ITTTT IT'S A GREAT CD!!) -- one was cracked though so I'm gonna return it 'cause the estimated time of the replacement shipment would be in JUNE! SO far! I must say that Amazon has excellent customer service though. Plus, it took less than a week to get to my house!
Did I mention that I love her CD? It's one of those CDs where you love every song. LOVE LOVE LOVEEE

Cream is doing wonders for my hands - they're so much smoother and softer and even younger-looking (and I'm only 20!). Now I gotta concentrate on my poor, neglected feet.

Today I took advantage of the no tax @ Superstore and got my family 2 bags of $20 rice and a bunch of food I think we're lacking at home! lol
I also got some Jergens Natural Glow Daily Glow [$5.49 @ Superstore]. I used it last year - it's a good, natural and buildable tan type cream that doesn't streak or give you an orange tinge or anything like that.
And I got apple pie for dinner and pho for dessert lol yay
And 70% Lindt chocolate for my 2nd dessert. Thank goodness I'm running tomorrow w/ Ryan (oh wow... haven't been running in a week and the Sun Run is next week!!) and then I promised myself I would clean my room... it literally looks like a tornado has hit it...

YAY final HB list is coming out tonight!

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