Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gelato Lust

I signed up for a summer Korean language course with M! I actually didn't even think I would ever find a course to fit my schedule, but it does! April 19th - June 28th - every Saturday from 10-12AM @ UBC. 10 sessions for $300 w/ no classes on May 17th (the week I'm gone for HB!) so yea - it was basically calling my name.

Tomorrow I'm going to be studying Japanese all day (excited to devote serious studying time to that subject! To go through the whole text and write down all the katakana words... and then practice kanji galore.. FUN) ... and then going to Superstore after 5PM to be exempt on tax and to buy 80lbs of rice at $19 before the prices spike up to $26/bag lol

AND I tried on my Birk Madrids on at Stoneridge today and I just finished ordering them on! Many ppl have misconceptions about Birkenstocks... they think they're ugly walking shoes for old people whjo have no style and I thought the exact same thing until I found this sandal. "[This] design tones the foot and calf muscles while improving circulation. This timeless one strap features our famous contoured footbed, fully adjustable strap and shock absorbing EVA sole." I've made my feet suffer with such cheap shoes for so long. Maybe this will help relieve them.

You can use the coupon to get 15% off and SoftMoc has free shipping across Canada. SO I saved around $13 =D Oh and another thing, these shoes fit REALLY big. I have medium width-ed feet - I used to have very very narrow feet (AA), but I think after a lot of pounding and mistreatment, they've widened a bit. Anyway - I'm almost always a 8.5 in all shoes... sometimes a 9 for pointy-toed stilettos and sometimes a 7.5-8 in flip flops and other slip ons. An 8.5 equals approximately a 39 in European sizes. However, for this shoe, I fit a 37! My goodness...
Anyway, if I turn out to really really like these, I will hunt for the colour I originally wanted - red!

I'm seeing eco friendly clothes everywhere now! I think it's an excellent idea to have higher-end stores like Saks, Nordstrom, and Holts promoting eco friendly fashion. "If rich ppl do it, then I can be like them and do it too!"
I can't say I have any organic/environment-friendly items yet... except for a green shirt made of bamboo that I got from UBC Bookstore's rush. It's supposedly very breathable and sweat-free. On the back, it says "Wanna feel my bamboo shirt?" Geez. Butchea - they're definitely upping the fashion and feel of the materials so they don't look as earthy as before... which is great! I'll definitely look into them.

Last point - I'm loving how Aritiza is styling their mannequins these days! Outfits I'd totally wear. The pieces they style with are hard to find around the store sometimes though... butchea - nice + inspirational.

Exciting stuff.