Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Crippled Band-Aid

I just found out that Old Navy revamped themselves.

So after a quick look around their online shop, I've come to the conclusion that it's pretty much the same as before with a few new, more exciting items than their basics. I can't remember the last time I bought something for myself at Old Navy... actually, I lied. I remember now - the last thing I bought was a black racerback 5 years ago. I think my problem with their clothes besides the fact that they're boring (well, they are basics), is that they don't fit ME well. That's why I don't bother looking.
Shoes, on the other hand... so cute!
I swear Urban Outfitters carries the same sandal for almost double the price.
Very nice shoe - great in red! Only $15 too! I just hope the back doesn't cut into my foot.
These have got to be my favourite - I can't decide between a purple or red. I'd choose yellow but I already have my gold chain gladiators. These are jelly sandals! Whoooodathought.
I'm really into bandeau swimsuits and gold now so this is almost perfect! The scrunch in the middle is what's turning me off - it makes it look cheaper than it already does, butchea - still cute nonetheless.
The bottoms are even nicer.
Today I handed in my takehome exam (harddd) @ SFU + then met up w/ M, B, and D to shop a bit and eat Korean (avec Jeff) @ our favourite K restaurant Dae Bak Bon Ga on Robson next to Fogg 'n Suds. It was seriously the biggest Korean feast I've ever experienced.... wow. Then, as pigs/cows we are/were, we shared half a litre of Indian Mango + Ferrero Rocher gelato @ Mondo Gelato right after that was also very good. An early night, but we'll have many more once finals end.

Darn when is that final list of artists gonna roll around?


Nat said...

did u not say last season/summer... "jelly sandals??? :S:S:S what were they thinking!" and "gosh can you imagine how sweaty and sticky (and smelly?) your feet would be?" lol

the gold bikini is cute, i think the scrunchy looks fine.

N said...

haha yes i remember I said that exactly!
Actually over the summer, a couple ppl in Loveboat wore them all the time and they said they were very comfortable! How my opinion changes when I learn new things.

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