Saturday, April 26, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 5

Wooooot I'm halfway finished! That went by pretty quickly! 5 more days to go.
I've gotten really fast at lemonade making lol -- takes me less than 45 seconds to make 2 cups (which includes washing, cutting, and squeezing the lemon). I could open a healthy, fresh lemonade stand downtown next to the hot dog stands (ah smells so good!!!). Maybe call it the 45 second lemonade?... for couples! lolll

Hunger, thankfully, isn't a problem at all anymore. My tummy still growls from time to time, but I've learned to ignore it 'cause I know it'll pass within the next 10 minutes. Good skill for the future haha Maybe I'll learn to appreciate the taste of food even more than before.

I asked M if she'd do 40 days of MC if someone paid her $1,000 and she quickly said no. Me? Hmm $1,000 is quite a bit! But.. 40 days is also a lot.. 'cause even now I have an urge to cheat but I won't. I'm just thinking how easy it is to just eat half a cracker. Right now I think about food and what I'd eat at the moment and what my first real meal will be once I'm done CONSTANTLY. We thought about which foods we'd cheat on IF we were bad enough to cheat (which we aren't!). M chose to eat the whole lamb her dad is roasting for Greek Easter Weekend... I originally chose a Viet sub but later changed my mind to a Shawarma ('cause we passed by the ones near True Value Vintage). I just want something with flavourrr

At least this detox is saving me money.. and will save me money next week when I go on my outings.

This morning I went to Korean class at UBC - so glad our teacher gave us SO much vocab! I'll actually have to look it over. I can read and write now!! Woohooo - Hangul (the Korean alphabet) is so much easier to memorize than the Japanese one. One reason is because there aren't as many.. another is because it's so systematic ahha
A lot of people don't romanize Korean well though... so it's sometimes hard to write properly. There's a lot of sounds that aren't pronounced but are written or written completely different from how it's pronounced, which is why some ppl think Japanese is easier because what you hear is what you can write. Korean has a lot of silent/soft sounds (like p) and a lot of letters can be interchanged (p/b, t/d, k/g). LANGUAGES ARE SO COOL!

Then M and I went shopping downtown for something for her recital - she just needed a top but we ended up with a pair of pretty darn flattering dark-wash jeans from GAP (got to use my expired 20% off loll she so niiiice) and a lovely black wrap from Aritzia. Pretty good - I didn't buy a single thing today! Plus I got paid for some help at home so yay!!

SSW: 0
Tea: 2.5 cups - 1 Starbucks Tazo Refresh Venti
Lemonade: 4.5 cups
Water: 2
Lax: 0.. gonna drink tmr.

Time for bed -- Oyasumi,

Friday, April 25, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 4

Bad news Richmond Night Market lovers -- (I'm probably late on this news aren't I... oh well)

[April 7, 2008] The Richmond Night Market has been cancelled for 2008, according to a Target Events Production Ltd. media release.

Target Events has hosted the night market every year since 2000, with nightly attendance as high as 30,000 people, according to the release.

Night Market founder Raymond Cheung was quoted in the release, claiming that the landlord for 12631 Vulcan Way–where the event has been held–had decided not to renew the lease.

“The landlord wanted to significantly increase the rent and we do not believe that we could continue to provide a safe, high quality event for the public to enjoy at the rate demanded,” Cheung is quoted as saying.

Though a prized community tradition, the Richmond Night Market has not been without controversy.

A September 2004 Asia Pacific Post report claimed that the event had become a “involved in the manufacture and sale of fake goods”. That story included an account of a police raid on the market, in which a “whole array of fake goods” was discovered.

Target’s release stated that another group, Lions Communications, is attempting to secure the necessary permits from the City of Richmond to hold a similar event in the same location.

Cheung was also quoted as saying that the Richmond Night Market hopes to find an alternative location for 2009.

To be honest, I'm not that sad. It is a nice place to just walk around late on my Fri/Sat/Sun, but they sell a lot of junk. Their food is pretty alright but nothing you can't get anywhere else - I will miss the shaved ice this year though... where else can you get that? Other places in Richmond most probably. I guess it's the novelty of having everything at one place and the whole market style. Chinatown's night market starts on May 7th though! haha... not half as good but it's something. Maybe they've changed a lot - I haven't been to the Chinatown one in years! Hopefully they'll have my $15 stack of 100 CD-rs.

In other news, Miss Korea Contestant Kim Ju Yeon (24) broke down in front of reporters on the 25th and finally revealed her pregnancy with soccer player Hwang Jae Won (27).
Kim Ju Yeon who is pregnant with Hwang Jae Won's baby is going through a very difficult time, as the soccer player wants nothing to do with her or their child.
Kim Ju Yeon who only requested, "If you can't be a good husband, please at least be a good father," received extremely harsh words from Hwang Jae Won, along with the evidential text message to prove it.
The soccer player said, "I told you we should've aborted the kid from the very beginning," "If you die, the child will die too, so why don't you just go and die."


Finished Ugly Betty Season 2!! All this talk about Gio's Sandwiches makes me want one... and I don't even like sandwiches... well, most. Actually my mom bought me turkey meat that's not in ham slice form and I promised to finish it this time.. but I think it expires soon and I still have exactly 1 week to go so noooo!! I'll freeze it.

I was lethargic this morning. I didn't want to do anything and it took me 2.5 hours to get up from my chair. I was just watching the Food Network the whole time. And then I was fine for a while so I sped walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes (I watched Chef at Home). And now I'm waiting for my brother to get out of the shower. Feeling a bit ih again. I contemplated 4 or 5 times about just quitting this detox -- I want to chew something so badly!! I promised myself to eat healthy and to really portion myself... I want fruit and veggies!! Plain yogurt! Anything! I'll even eat asparagus. Tired of drinking my lemonade...
Today tested my will power...

Apparently there are secrets to this cleanse. There are certain foods you can actually ingest that won't interfere with digestion. I'm curious!!! I have to buy this book to find out.. and that book is $37 so booo.

I wish all my friends did this cleanse w/ me 'cause so much of our outings are centred around food! We always go out to eat or we go chat over bubble tea or something like that... consuming something haha It's just not as fun when I'm restricted like this. I am soaking up all the hermit-ness I can 'cause I know the next few weeks are going to be so busy.

SSW: 0
Lemonade: 6 cups
Water: 3
Tea: 1
Lax: 1

I need more lemons...

Woohoo seems like we found someone to sell our HB ticket to!

Oooo I like the shape and the gold sides! I wonder if they're cut out.
Forever 21
F4207 Sunglasses [$5.80]

Uptown Bracelet [$4.80]Lust priority list:
Jean shorts (A&F Nicholette Super light destroyed)
Bathing Suit (saw a cute Guess one)
2 Inch Barrel Curling Iron

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 3


Serious buyers only.

TICKETS: Garden Box
SECTION: Row 926
PRICE: $250
PAYMENT PREFERRED: Paypal (Cash when we meet up is another option but we do much prefer paypal)

Basically one person from our box couldn't make it anymore so we're selling her ticket. We're from Canada and Texas and we'll be in LA on May 13th and will pick up our tickets before the 16th. You can choose to pick up your ticket from us (we'll be partying in the same box! biggrin.gif) beforehand or on the day of! I definitely have the order confirmation sheet if you would like evidence.

Please e-mail me at for more details if you're interested or if you should have any questions. cool.gif
When you do contact me, please tell me your name, age, where you live, and whether or not you can pay using Paypal.
Please respond within 12 hours of my reply.


UGGGHHHH I tried a "tip" from the Soompi Master Cleanse forum that suggested drinking to drink all the salt at once to get it over with and then drink the rest w/ just plain water. NEVER AGAIN. I mixed 2 tsp salt with 1/3 cup water and took a sip w/ the straw and GAH it was HORRIBLE. Then for the next hour and a half, I felt sickish and jittery. I'm drinking my lemonade now. I gotta take a shower soon and then head down for my eye appointment. I know my eyes have gotten a lot worse the past couple years. My glasses are definitely not strong enough 'cause I have to squint if I'm looking at the projector sometimes.

Before I drank my lemonade, I felt a craving to just chew on something that has flavour. I'm a bit tired of just drinking things. I'm not allowed gum.

This is pretty amazing though. I didn't think I'd die without food, but it's so surprising how well I'm lasting with no solids (ok.. I'll admit I sometimes leave the pulp of the lemon in the drink too)... but other than that...
And yea - I totally agree w/ M. We both (and many others out there) just live to eat and not eat to live. We've all been brainwashed to believe that we need food in order to survive happily but really, it's what we've been eating and our lack of fasting and 'abstaining from food' that's causing illness like cancer, heart problems, cholesterol... etc. So yea - from this detox we both realize we really don't need food at all and definitely did not need to be eating as much as we have been to have the same energy. We were both thinking the next time we go for Pho, to make sure we went with someone who would be content just eating half a bowl while M and I would split the other half lol I'm sure we'd be full too.

M was just telling me how, even though she's on her first day of the cleanse, that her sense of smell has heightened to the point she can smell the candle in the washroom that wasn't even lit. I find that I can think a lot better and quicker and I'm more clear in how I come across when I'm speaking.

I'm so glad I feel so normal so far in this cleanse. Those w/ a lot of toxins in their body will feel super crappy throughout. Good sign.

Oh and a good thing about this is that you can "eat" any time you want! lol

SSW: I don't know... I drank 1/3 of saltiness and then filled the rest of my measuring bowl w/ water but only drank about 1.5 cups I think and poured the rest out.
Lemonade: 6
Water: 2
LT: 1
Apparently a few days ago, Tyra did a show on beauty secrets from around the world. One girlwrote a recap:

I saw the whole thing yesterday. OMG they showed every secret EXCEPT KOREA!!!!! omg i was so angry... but yeah the stuff i remember is like for your complexion and getting your facial skin better they use 24 kt gold "foil" strips?? on your face (Egypt). For saggy butts you have to go to a salon to get some kind of treatment that lasts like 2-3 days or something (Brazil). Snake body massages where they put harmless snakes all over your body to deal with stress and aches and it also gives you like skin "glow??" (Israel). I THINK THIS IS THE COOLEST AND MOST USEFUL FOR ASIAN GIRLS TO GET REALLY PRETTY EYES EVEN WITHOUT MAKEUP To get curly eyelashes that stay you have to go to a salon that does this kind of treatment. They kind of mold your eyelashes with different kinds of solutions and serums (Japan). For dry and yucky feet, they have a fish pedicure. This must also be done in a salon and they dunk your feet into a small tank full of these fish that like eat away at your dead skin (Turkey). There's a SEMI-permanent makeup that uses coal and a needle for your makeup and it lasts around 1 to 2 years. The woman that was performing the work also had on ALL semi permanent makeup and it looked 100% natural and so pretty. It's NOT like tattoo makeup it's SEMI permanent and doesn't come out ugly like some tattoo makeup. It's used for your eyebrows and lip liner and eye liner. yeah so hope that helped and i dont know if i remembered everything. OHHH!!! one other thing. MORE interesting facts. This professional makeup artist woman came on to share more beauty tricks from around the world. one of them was like Bull semen for your hair...another one was like nightengale bird crap i forgot what for, and all this other stuff....SO GROSS! but hey whatever floats your boat right? ^^*

I'd try a fish pedicure!! And the semi-permanent un-tattoo-like eyeliner also sounds like a good idea.

Yay Amazon received my cracked Leona Lewis CD for return and is giving me $15.15 back (even though I only paid $11.99) 'cause the price dropped after I bought it but they didn't make the connection.

Went for my eye checkup today. EEK eyes went up by so much! I think before I was 175 and 200.. now i'm 275/375! Blind bat. I'll eventually get Lasik though once my eyes stop fluctuating... before I'm 25 hopefully.

Fun things to look forward to next week!
28th: Going to academic advisor for sure... ok not so fun... but I gotta.
29th: B, M, and I are going to Holt Renfrew's Beauty Event and hopefully will be the first 50 in line who RSVPed to receive a free compact Pro-Linea straightener. yay!
Dye hair + Jason's going-away (he's going to Germany for the whole summer!!) get-together.
1st: Last day of Master Cleanse! Eye appointment @ 3. Mavi grand opening in Gastown w/ Nad (goodies!)
2nd: Ktown + washing car w/ M and then A's Bday @ club
3rd: Korean class, Shopping, R's Bday party
4th: Volunteering @ Vancouver Marathon in the morning and write up essay for Student Exchange
Back to Student Advisor.. Mother's Day present.
7th: Extensions if hair dye works out? M's dinner (Greek food!!) + games
9th: Hand in Student Exchange + manicure + pack
10th: Korean Class, Pedicure, S's Bday party
11th: Mother's Day - lunch and dinner w/ relatives.
13th: Gone to LA until the 20th
So yea, I have a few gaps which are wonderful for me to spend at home con mi familia.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 2

My room is clean! I can see my floor! A lot of it too! Just my desk is still full of random things like paper, pens, nail polish, creams, jewelry, pictures...

I didn't feel hungry/thirsty but decided to do the SSW anyway -- 2 cups again w/a straw this time. Makes it a bit more bearable. I'm so glad the saltiness doesn't linger in your mouth. I drank that at... 11:30AM? Hm... now it's 2PM and I'm still not hungry/thirsty but I'll make myself do the lemonade. I actually want some tea -- will make some green tea too.

Lemonade tasted even better today - I even put less maple syrup! My taste buds don't seem to notice the cayenne pepper anymore which is excellent. Parents made BBQ ribs for dinner. Sure smelled good. No cravings for it whatsoever for that. The smell was enough to satisfy me hahaha
Actually, I contemplated for 10 seconds whether or not I should eat a piece of plain, steamed veggie (sans sauce) but I didn't. I don't see why its so bad to eat that... maybe the pesticides... but hmm. Oh yea - one of the points of the MC is to let my digestive system rest... and if I do eat anything then this isn't a detox like it's supposed to be, it's a diet.

Btw, you lose how much toxins/junk is inside you. I guess this will determine how healthy/unhealthy I've been... so far, I'm no different than I was 2 days ago.

SSW: 2
Lemonade: 6
Tea: 2
LT: 1

After my nap yesterday, I looked for jobs on Craigslist. I found one "Summer STUDENT Work" that had to do with customer service and sales and had a guaranteed base pay of $16.89/hour not including commission. They'd also train you and said you work in a fun student environment with flexible pay and you could win scholarships and stuff... too good to be true? Sort of... I called them and all they said was that the company was Vector Marketing Canada. Hm.. I looked them up online after they set up an interview for me at 6PM tonight and Vector Marketing (NOT the cereal lol) sells Cutco knives! OMG. Totally not something I wanted to do. Plus, I read the fine print and it said that I would have to go through 3 days of training UNPAID. Not fun. So I called them back to tell them I was uninterested.

Cleaned railings front and back and picked up dead leaves and weeds today. Going to deal with some bills later. Cha ching!

lol I told my brother to grow out his hair the day before he was going to get a haircut a few weeks ago 'cause I think he looks a lot better.. so he didn't get his hair cut. My mom just told him to get his hair cut 'cause he's looking like a girl... "like a Barbie doll" HAHAHAH I bet he's feeling all torn now.. who should I listen to? My sister who knows what's in and what isn't, or my mom who (I can't believe) wore sport-material navy blue pants (that looks like it can repel water) with shoe-laced pockets and a top with childish butterflies to work? Oh gosh what a hard decision.

Oooo just watched the latest ep. of Gossip Girl (finally!). It was a good one. B and J are pretty good at this battle for queen bee I must say. And Ooooo can't wait to see Georgina, I mean, G, come into the picture and mess things around. B has been a bit boring recently.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 1

OK so I took my lax tea (LT) last night (nice herbal tea - tastes good). Didn't seem like it worked this morning 'cause BM was normal until I found out that laxatives don't create diarrhea unless you take too much ahah. I was sort of expecting that. Then I made my Sea Salt Water flush (SSW). 2 teaspoons into 4 cups (32 oz.) of lukewarm water. While it doesn't taste half as bad as if you were drinking ocean salt water, it's still quite hard to guzzle down. I can only take a couple gulps at a time and really swallow it hard like I'm taking one of my salmon oils. I'm also thankful that it doesn't leave a salty residue in your mouth either because it's uniodized. It just goes through your body and your kidneys don't pick up the salt so it doesn't affect your blood pressure or what not. Anyway, I could only take 2 cups (16 oz.) and think those 2 cups were enough because 30 min later, I had to make a trip to the washroom. It feels like my whole digestive insides have been expelled but I'm sure there's tons more. In an hour, I can start squeezing my lemons and making that lemonade. I'm not hungry yet so that's a good sign.

Just made my first 10 oz. of the lemonade which consists of 2 tablespoons of organic Grade B Maple Syrup, 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemons (half a lemon), and 1/10th teaspoon cayenne pepper. I think I accidentally put too much cayenne in it but that's ok. It tastes pretty good! Just how lemon + maple syrup tastes like with a bit of spice from the cayenne that doesn't kick in until after you swallow.

3:40 PM
1 more lemonade and a cup of warm spring water later, I'm good!
Actually, I had a tiny craving for sugar-coated gummies only 'cause I saw someone eating them on TV but that has now passed. I am tired today but I think it's 'cause I had interrupted sleep and just not enough sleep altogether for the past 3 or 4 days.

Took at nap at.. 6:30? I don't remember... woke up at 10:30PM and made another 3 cups of lemonade.

OK so it is a bit tiring squeezing 6 half-lemons over and over again so I'm going to be making a batch in the morning from now on... xept I only have 1 left for tomorrow. I'll need to make a trip to T&T for more lemons. Great timing sheesh... lemons are quite expensive at 50 cents each. Need Costco's lemon bundle!

SSW: 2 cups
Lemonade: 6 cups
Water: 1
BM count: 3
LT: 1 cup

How my day went: Surprisingly extremely well!! No pains whatsoever, hardly any cravings for food. Parents ordered Megabite pizza for dinner (with actually really yummy-sounding toppings) but I didn't feel the want to eat it at all. Hm. Wow... if I can so easily live without food, imagine why I ate so much in the past.
It's 12:03AM and I'm sipping my lax tea.
If only my legs weren't still sore from the run... that's probably the most annoying part - going down stairs.
I feel.. easy going (which is what I usually feel when it's not exam season), light (no heavy foods are in me), and optimistic (since today seemed so easy, I think this MC is going to be smooth sailing from now on). My only concern is getting tired of the taste of lemonade...

Tomorrow (or Thursday now that I napped instead of organizing potential course plans) I'm going to my academic advisor and hopefully we'll get some courses sorted for the exchange.. and yea just the future in general. I wish I didn't have to leave the house but if I wanna go, I gotta do it! Also, I should go before my Upass expires...

Today I caught 3/4 of the premiere of Rock The Cradle on Much Music. Basically this show is sooort of like American Idol where people sing, are judged, and the audience at home determines whether they stay or not for the next week. The big difference is that these people are the offsprings of well-known celebrities. This show is to see if any talent was passed down to them. They had Olivia Newton-John's daughter (big lips, I call her), MC Hammer's daughter, Bobby Brown's son... it's good to see most of the celebs being there and supporting their children. The highest-rated singer (from the 4 judges) is declared untouchable. I'm not too impressed with the judges... they're all over the place with their scoring of the performances and they don't seem to have that credibility to be one of those judges whose opinion we respect... they don't really seem to know what they're talking about. The performances were also pretty lackluster... but I guess you really can't expect much. The winner gets a record deal. I originally thought that this show was really silly 'cause if they had any good talent, the parents would use their connections and get their children some sort of recognition... but at the same time, this show is good to get their face out in the public and show what talent they did/didn't get. Anyway, I don't think I'll be watching again.

Monday, April 21, 2008

疲れています = Tsukareteimasu = I'm tired.

Yes - I'm sore in my thighs and shoulders but I only feel it when I have to sit down/get up/go up or down stairs. I can keep walking fine. Happy Birthday A! Had a full day today - went for brunch (stuffed faces) w/ A @ Stefos (Greek) on Davies (w/ dessert!), shopped downtown (brr), shared a brownie @ Capers, Refresh Tazo tea @ Starbucks, and shopped more! I had a good time and I'm glad both of us will have a lot more time to see each other this summer! Then I realized I really needed 2 more ingredients for my MC so M picked me up from the stn and we popped by Zellers for some Lax Tea (haha the cashier looked at us questioningly) - which was on sale!! Then to D's house for some Salad Rolls since I unfortunately missed the last couple days. I didn't eat my record for dem rolls... only 7. My record was 9 I think. I could have made it if there was enough meat lol.
I'm home now and am exhausted. I wanna just spend some time alone -- not in a loner-ish way, but in a "I need some me time" way. Tomorrow I'll be home all day. I'm not too sure what I'm going to do. I have a lot on my list, but I'll have to see which one I feel like tackling first.

Btw, my MSN is being very annoying and isn't letting me send messages!!!!
I tried to download the highest version but I already have it. HM

OK tomorrow is the first day of the MC. Tonight I'll be drinking my lax tea (LT) at 10PM.
M wants me to do a daily blog on my thoughts/experience w/ the MC so I guess I'll take a stab at it. I'm really not expecting it to affect my body very much.

Zzzzz time soon.

How DBSK Would Dress Their Girl

LOL I thought this was interesting
From the left to the right:
Junsu - wow he really likes conservative, ajumma-type girls.... seriously looks like it's for a 35 year old. Actually, it looks similar to the way his mom dresses minus the hat.
Yoochun - Looks pretty Japanesey. I like the whole tunic-type-dress idea but I'm not a fan of this outfit.. or that necklace .
JaeJoong - this one is quite Jaejoong I think. Replace the scarf and it'll look a lot better.
Changmin - I'm impressed! I quite like this outfit - it's trendy and versatile and has an interesting combo of colours, texture and pattern.
Yunho - Also a very Japanesey type outfit. Looks like it'd come from a page of my Mina magazine. A light and airy Spring/Summer outfit.

I wonder how I'd dress a guy...
They don't have much choice. I like simple outfits... button-ups w/ sleeves rolled up a bit, almost plain tees etc. Not really the type w/ words on it... well, depends on what it said and how bold the words are. No attention-getters please.

How would you dress a guy?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Top 10 Tiffany & Co.

Yay I finally have some down time to do some online browsing again.

While owning a Tiffany piece would be nice sometime in the future, it's not something that's going to be on my lust list anytime soon... however, after browsing around their site, I think it'd be a nice idea to create a stack of rings that celebrates the big and important days in my life... like my 21st birthday (hehe), graduating from university, when I get married, anniversaries, each child etc. haha oh gosh Tiffany totally marketed these rings well. [$1,900-4,800]
Gaudy much? Maybe a little, but yellow stone!!
I wouldn't want a Tiffany & Co. wedding ring... unless they start customizing.
This one is a nice change from the classic Tiffany & Co. charm bracelet... but $570?? You gotta be kidding me.I wouldn't have considered this bracelet if I didn't see this picture. It looks so classy on her. [$5,100]Yea not really liking much of their jewelry at the mo xept for those celebration rings.
They have some beautiful and timeless Tabletop Gifts section though!
This is going to be on my wedding registry hahah
This decanter has such nice lines - just nice to look at.
Of course I need an ice bucket... actually, I'd want 3 mini versions to put Qtips + cotton balls in for my bathroom countertop.So versatile.Can be engraved.
Oh yes - I did the 10k Sun Run today! Becky and I jogged most of the way w/ a couple breaks and got through the finish line at approximately 70 minutes. Lots of dodging (which was very annoying and I believe it made me quite a bit slower 'cause a lot of the time you're stuck behind people and do that hop hop short jog behind them... waiting..... and all those walkers don't stand to the sides!). 59,000 people ran this year. Last year was around 55,000 and the year before was a little over 50,000. We also didn't get to cross the starting line until 41 minutes after it started. I wore my huge, ugly Greek Week UCLA sweatshirt that was a hand-me-down at the beginning and then took it off and threw it over the fence for the homeless. We were lucky we had such good running-temperature. It wasn't hot - it was cool.
Butchea - next time I do it, I really want to get under an hour - very doable.
After, I drank chocolate milk, my dad and I waited for my aunt, and we all went to the cemetery to Bai Saan. Then after we went to my G'rent's house to eat a veggie-less lunch consisting of baos, goh, gai, that crunchy skin pork meat thing, some chinese pot pie, and New Town Bakery apple pastry.
I was exhausted afterwards and took a 10 min nap in the car. I'm surprisingly not sore.. didn't stretch yet. I only "feel it" if I sit for over 10 min or if I go downstairs.
Then M and I went out for Pho + then to Superstore + T&T to look for ingredients for MC.

Mother's Day is coming up...