Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 2

My room is clean! I can see my floor! A lot of it too! Just my desk is still full of random things like paper, pens, nail polish, creams, jewelry, pictures...

I didn't feel hungry/thirsty but decided to do the SSW anyway -- 2 cups again w/a straw this time. Makes it a bit more bearable. I'm so glad the saltiness doesn't linger in your mouth. I drank that at... 11:30AM? Hm... now it's 2PM and I'm still not hungry/thirsty but I'll make myself do the lemonade. I actually want some tea -- will make some green tea too.

Lemonade tasted even better today - I even put less maple syrup! My taste buds don't seem to notice the cayenne pepper anymore which is excellent. Parents made BBQ ribs for dinner. Sure smelled good. No cravings for it whatsoever for that. The smell was enough to satisfy me hahaha
Actually, I contemplated for 10 seconds whether or not I should eat a piece of plain, steamed veggie (sans sauce) but I didn't. I don't see why its so bad to eat that... maybe the pesticides... but hmm. Oh yea - one of the points of the MC is to let my digestive system rest... and if I do eat anything then this isn't a detox like it's supposed to be, it's a diet.

Btw, you lose how much toxins/junk is inside you. I guess this will determine how healthy/unhealthy I've been... so far, I'm no different than I was 2 days ago.

SSW: 2
Lemonade: 6
Tea: 2
LT: 1

After my nap yesterday, I looked for jobs on Craigslist. I found one "Summer STUDENT Work" that had to do with customer service and sales and had a guaranteed base pay of $16.89/hour not including commission. They'd also train you and said you work in a fun student environment with flexible pay and you could win scholarships and stuff... too good to be true? Sort of... I called them and all they said was that the company was Vector Marketing Canada. Hm.. I looked them up online after they set up an interview for me at 6PM tonight and Vector Marketing (NOT the cereal lol) sells Cutco knives! OMG. Totally not something I wanted to do. Plus, I read the fine print and it said that I would have to go through 3 days of training UNPAID. Not fun. So I called them back to tell them I was uninterested.

Cleaned railings front and back and picked up dead leaves and weeds today. Going to deal with some bills later. Cha ching!

lol I told my brother to grow out his hair the day before he was going to get a haircut a few weeks ago 'cause I think he looks a lot better.. so he didn't get his hair cut. My mom just told him to get his hair cut 'cause he's looking like a girl... "like a Barbie doll" HAHAHAH I bet he's feeling all torn now.. who should I listen to? My sister who knows what's in and what isn't, or my mom who (I can't believe) wore sport-material navy blue pants (that looks like it can repel water) with shoe-laced pockets and a top with childish butterflies to work? Oh gosh what a hard decision.

Oooo just watched the latest ep. of Gossip Girl (finally!). It was a good one. B and J are pretty good at this battle for queen bee I must say. And Ooooo can't wait to see Georgina, I mean, G, come into the picture and mess things around. B has been a bit boring recently.

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Nat said...

LOL to ..your mom hahahahahha. gosh. how come your mom is dressing worse and my mom is dressing better?? actually i take that back; the other night she wore her creamy tuna coloured leather box jacket out. shudder.
mavi party actually sounds pretty good o_O
went to the rw co one yesterday.. i got a dress for 8$!! woo, originally 78$!! gosh. it's not the prettiest thing ever but i could wear it to work, and it's somewhat fancy.. it's kind of old style fancy tho, lol. free gift w/ purchase - bright red and pink nail polish, hairapy samples, ck men fragrance samples, lou lou mag.. lots of free water..haha. there was a draw for a bag but i didnt win :( they gave away 5 too. annnd barely any food = ='' but i think i went too early..

i just read on style spy - h&M free gift w/ purchase...hmm i think i will head out there now haha. actually im heading out more for guess' sale.. 20% off reg and 50% off sale! SPC card = 10% more! wow.. haha.. god i'm a slave to sales = =''