Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 1

OK so I took my lax tea (LT) last night (nice herbal tea - tastes good). Didn't seem like it worked this morning 'cause BM was normal until I found out that laxatives don't create diarrhea unless you take too much ahah. I was sort of expecting that. Then I made my Sea Salt Water flush (SSW). 2 teaspoons into 4 cups (32 oz.) of lukewarm water. While it doesn't taste half as bad as if you were drinking ocean salt water, it's still quite hard to guzzle down. I can only take a couple gulps at a time and really swallow it hard like I'm taking one of my salmon oils. I'm also thankful that it doesn't leave a salty residue in your mouth either because it's uniodized. It just goes through your body and your kidneys don't pick up the salt so it doesn't affect your blood pressure or what not. Anyway, I could only take 2 cups (16 oz.) and think those 2 cups were enough because 30 min later, I had to make a trip to the washroom. It feels like my whole digestive insides have been expelled but I'm sure there's tons more. In an hour, I can start squeezing my lemons and making that lemonade. I'm not hungry yet so that's a good sign.

Just made my first 10 oz. of the lemonade which consists of 2 tablespoons of organic Grade B Maple Syrup, 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemons (half a lemon), and 1/10th teaspoon cayenne pepper. I think I accidentally put too much cayenne in it but that's ok. It tastes pretty good! Just how lemon + maple syrup tastes like with a bit of spice from the cayenne that doesn't kick in until after you swallow.

3:40 PM
1 more lemonade and a cup of warm spring water later, I'm good!
Actually, I had a tiny craving for sugar-coated gummies only 'cause I saw someone eating them on TV but that has now passed. I am tired today but I think it's 'cause I had interrupted sleep and just not enough sleep altogether for the past 3 or 4 days.

Took at nap at.. 6:30? I don't remember... woke up at 10:30PM and made another 3 cups of lemonade.

OK so it is a bit tiring squeezing 6 half-lemons over and over again so I'm going to be making a batch in the morning from now on... xept I only have 1 left for tomorrow. I'll need to make a trip to T&T for more lemons. Great timing sheesh... lemons are quite expensive at 50 cents each. Need Costco's lemon bundle!

SSW: 2 cups
Lemonade: 6 cups
Water: 1
BM count: 3
LT: 1 cup

How my day went: Surprisingly extremely well!! No pains whatsoever, hardly any cravings for food. Parents ordered Megabite pizza for dinner (with actually really yummy-sounding toppings) but I didn't feel the want to eat it at all. Hm. Wow... if I can so easily live without food, imagine why I ate so much in the past.
It's 12:03AM and I'm sipping my lax tea.
If only my legs weren't still sore from the run... that's probably the most annoying part - going down stairs.
I feel.. easy going (which is what I usually feel when it's not exam season), light (no heavy foods are in me), and optimistic (since today seemed so easy, I think this MC is going to be smooth sailing from now on). My only concern is getting tired of the taste of lemonade...

Tomorrow (or Thursday now that I napped instead of organizing potential course plans) I'm going to my academic advisor and hopefully we'll get some courses sorted for the exchange.. and yea just the future in general. I wish I didn't have to leave the house but if I wanna go, I gotta do it! Also, I should go before my Upass expires...

Today I caught 3/4 of the premiere of Rock The Cradle on Much Music. Basically this show is sooort of like American Idol where people sing, are judged, and the audience at home determines whether they stay or not for the next week. The big difference is that these people are the offsprings of well-known celebrities. This show is to see if any talent was passed down to them. They had Olivia Newton-John's daughter (big lips, I call her), MC Hammer's daughter, Bobby Brown's son... it's good to see most of the celebs being there and supporting their children. The highest-rated singer (from the 4 judges) is declared untouchable. I'm not too impressed with the judges... they're all over the place with their scoring of the performances and they don't seem to have that credibility to be one of those judges whose opinion we respect... they don't really seem to know what they're talking about. The performances were also pretty lackluster... but I guess you really can't expect much. The winner gets a record deal. I originally thought that this show was really silly 'cause if they had any good talent, the parents would use their connections and get their children some sort of recognition... but at the same time, this show is good to get their face out in the public and show what talent they did/didn't get. Anyway, I don't think I'll be watching again.

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