Monday, April 21, 2008

疲れています = Tsukareteimasu = I'm tired.

Yes - I'm sore in my thighs and shoulders but I only feel it when I have to sit down/get up/go up or down stairs. I can keep walking fine. Happy Birthday A! Had a full day today - went for brunch (stuffed faces) w/ A @ Stefos (Greek) on Davies (w/ dessert!), shopped downtown (brr), shared a brownie @ Capers, Refresh Tazo tea @ Starbucks, and shopped more! I had a good time and I'm glad both of us will have a lot more time to see each other this summer! Then I realized I really needed 2 more ingredients for my MC so M picked me up from the stn and we popped by Zellers for some Lax Tea (haha the cashier looked at us questioningly) - which was on sale!! Then to D's house for some Salad Rolls since I unfortunately missed the last couple days. I didn't eat my record for dem rolls... only 7. My record was 9 I think. I could have made it if there was enough meat lol.
I'm home now and am exhausted. I wanna just spend some time alone -- not in a loner-ish way, but in a "I need some me time" way. Tomorrow I'll be home all day. I'm not too sure what I'm going to do. I have a lot on my list, but I'll have to see which one I feel like tackling first.

Btw, my MSN is being very annoying and isn't letting me send messages!!!!
I tried to download the highest version but I already have it. HM

OK tomorrow is the first day of the MC. Tonight I'll be drinking my lax tea (LT) at 10PM.
M wants me to do a daily blog on my thoughts/experience w/ the MC so I guess I'll take a stab at it. I'm really not expecting it to affect my body very much.

Zzzzz time soon.


Jamie said...

hey! good luck with the cleanse :D hope it'll be a success hehe. shirley did that awhile ago but she didn't do it properly I think and her immune system got really weak or something and it caused her to break out in shingles...! but yeah hope it works out for you!

N said...

OHhh wow are you serious? I wonder what she did wrong... using iodized salt instead of uniodized? That's the only way I can think of -- I'll make sure I follow the instructions well.

Melanie said...

shingles are painful!!! :S
I don't know that nat's actually even had chicken pox in order to get shingles. So maybe she's in the clear.

Nat said...

soo? how is the mc going?
i've heard horror stories too about them detox things