Monday, April 21, 2008

How DBSK Would Dress Their Girl

LOL I thought this was interesting
From the left to the right:
Junsu - wow he really likes conservative, ajumma-type girls.... seriously looks like it's for a 35 year old. Actually, it looks similar to the way his mom dresses minus the hat.
Yoochun - Looks pretty Japanesey. I like the whole tunic-type-dress idea but I'm not a fan of this outfit.. or that necklace .
JaeJoong - this one is quite Jaejoong I think. Replace the scarf and it'll look a lot better.
Changmin - I'm impressed! I quite like this outfit - it's trendy and versatile and has an interesting combo of colours, texture and pattern.
Yunho - Also a very Japanesey type outfit. Looks like it'd come from a page of my Mina magazine. A light and airy Spring/Summer outfit.

I wonder how I'd dress a guy...
They don't have much choice. I like simple outfits... button-ups w/ sleeves rolled up a bit, almost plain tees etc. Not really the type w/ words on it... well, depends on what it said and how bold the words are. No attention-getters please.

How would you dress a guy?

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Nat said...

i'm still working on it.. :(

lol for dbsk..that just.. would.. yikes promote more extreme fan-ism.. wouldn't it?? :S:S more stalker obsessed girls :S:S