Sunday, April 20, 2008

Top 10 Tiffany & Co.

Yay I finally have some down time to do some online browsing again.

While owning a Tiffany piece would be nice sometime in the future, it's not something that's going to be on my lust list anytime soon... however, after browsing around their site, I think it'd be a nice idea to create a stack of rings that celebrates the big and important days in my life... like my 21st birthday (hehe), graduating from university, when I get married, anniversaries, each child etc. haha oh gosh Tiffany totally marketed these rings well. [$1,900-4,800]
Gaudy much? Maybe a little, but yellow stone!!
I wouldn't want a Tiffany & Co. wedding ring... unless they start customizing.
This one is a nice change from the classic Tiffany & Co. charm bracelet... but $570?? You gotta be kidding me.I wouldn't have considered this bracelet if I didn't see this picture. It looks so classy on her. [$5,100]Yea not really liking much of their jewelry at the mo xept for those celebration rings.
They have some beautiful and timeless Tabletop Gifts section though!
This is going to be on my wedding registry hahah
This decanter has such nice lines - just nice to look at.
Of course I need an ice bucket... actually, I'd want 3 mini versions to put Qtips + cotton balls in for my bathroom countertop.So versatile.Can be engraved.
Oh yes - I did the 10k Sun Run today! Becky and I jogged most of the way w/ a couple breaks and got through the finish line at approximately 70 minutes. Lots of dodging (which was very annoying and I believe it made me quite a bit slower 'cause a lot of the time you're stuck behind people and do that hop hop short jog behind them... waiting..... and all those walkers don't stand to the sides!). 59,000 people ran this year. Last year was around 55,000 and the year before was a little over 50,000. We also didn't get to cross the starting line until 41 minutes after it started. I wore my huge, ugly Greek Week UCLA sweatshirt that was a hand-me-down at the beginning and then took it off and threw it over the fence for the homeless. We were lucky we had such good running-temperature. It wasn't hot - it was cool.
Butchea - next time I do it, I really want to get under an hour - very doable.
After, I drank chocolate milk, my dad and I waited for my aunt, and we all went to the cemetery to Bai Saan. Then after we went to my G'rent's house to eat a veggie-less lunch consisting of baos, goh, gai, that crunchy skin pork meat thing, some chinese pot pie, and New Town Bakery apple pastry.
I was exhausted afterwards and took a 10 min nap in the car. I'm surprisingly not sore.. didn't stretch yet. I only "feel it" if I sit for over 10 min or if I go downstairs.
Then M and I went out for Pho + then to Superstore + T&T to look for ingredients for MC.

Mother's Day is coming up...

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