Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gom Se Mari Ga...


I just had my first Korean class with M this morning! First time I had to wake up so early for a class... this class starts at 10. My earliest class this term started at 11:30.
I really enjoyed it! Super small class - b/c of lack of interest, both Korean Level I and II are combined. Can't wait for next week. I hope we learn more faster. We just went over the vowels in the alphabet and 10 new words. Fun though!
After, we me up w/ B and went to Lombardos for lunch and filled up on pasta (for me for the run), scouted out for some gelato but the "long lineup" discouraged us from that half litre LOL. Ended up walking up and down the Drive and getting some baked goods at Fratelli's (Italian Bakery) for pretty cheap w/ an entertainment coupon! Then B+ I rented Enchanted @ Blockbuster's (I haven't been in sooo long) - finallyyyy I haven't watched a Disney movie in so long! That movie was so SHORT!
Songs from the movie I'm repeating over... and over... and over again:
Jon McLaughlin - So Close
Carrie Underwood - Ever Ever After

Oh yes - so my new plan for school:
Becky suggested that I take some Linguistics courses since:
1. I took a Linguistics course before, did well and really liked it,
2. I love languages and it has to do with languages, and
3. It's not that hard.
SO in short, I will do a minor in Linguistics. BUT I still don't want to graduate w/ an Arts degree so I will just use Ling to raise my GPA, get into Business and finish what I started. If Business still doesn't go through or I change my mind w/ it, then I will still major in Geo and minor in Ling. Becky made me realize that having an Arts degree really isn't that bad. Sure, there are some ppl who have B.Sc's or even MS's and they're only receptionists at law firms, but really, the jobs that suit me involve me starting at the bottom and working my way up. Not really in a traditional office, but you know - just different positions and responsibilities. And usually it doesn't matter what degree you have when you're hired for the "bottom" position anyway. Butchea. I do sort of have some sort of idea of what I'd like to do:
My dad mentioned my family friend's company. He built it himself and built it up slowly - only about 10 years ago (he's 50) did it become successful. Basically he organizes and holds conferences around North America. He finds well-known speakers and organizes their accommodation and wines and dines with them and yea - just organize conferences in which ppl pay hundreds to attend. I think his conferences have to do with alcohol ... but that's 'cause he's a drug and alcohol peer counselor for high schools. He also helps sell the speaker's books and makes profits off of that too etc. PLUS he gets tons of Air Miles from the expenses so his family gets to go on big trips often! His business is doing astoundingly well.
I think this is perfect for me. To be honest, I'm not confident (at this moment) to do this all myself because I don't know what exactly goes on - I'll need a team and experience. But I think this is definitely a great idea/goal b/c it not only has to do with event planning (which I enjoy), I get to TRAVEL (which I absolutely LOVE). Plus, this job is one that is really due to honest hard work where you may have to work hard at first, but you'll reap the rewards big time at the end. That is an accomplishment. What my dad mentioned, though, was that my family friend had to go back to school and get his MBa or else he would not have gained any credibility. The point I'm getting at is that THIS is why I want to continue with Business. I might not enjoy it now, but this goal definitely sounds appealing to me.
SO new end result: Joint Major in Geo and Business and a minor in Linguistics... we'll think about getting an MBa later...
Seems like a lot eh? I still have to talk to an academic advisor about all this, but it's what I thought up. Yes, I will become a professional student unfortunately... from my calculations, this is going to take me another 3 years... joy.
If my plan goes well, I will take 2 Linguistics and 2 Geography courses in the Fall, apply for Business again, get in, and take those horrid Business courses that have to do with numbers during my international exchange ('cause I get credit for them but they don't affect my GPA at home lol so all I have to do is pass).

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Time for bed.

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