Friday, April 18, 2008

Back On Track

Thank goodness for Becky -- I feel much less confused [refer to long essay-type from 2 posts ago] and I'm formulating a plan now. Whew relief!

I'm actually quite tired. Cleared away my school stuff and picked up my Sun Run package from the Sun Run fair.
Currently researching for school.

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Nat said...

it is pretty tough with your situation... i didnt realize you had so much pressure from your parents. i think you could do SO well in college or bcit, where you can really specialize in something. even arts institute could have some interesting things. you are so suited for something creative..definitely! it's nice to have all those courses that round you out.. but are you gona become a professional student? what a tough life :P
anyway im glad u're less confused; what's your new plan like?