Saturday, December 22, 2007


I am a happy but exhausted turtle who needs some rest.

The past week has been nonstop. I hosted a Christmas Party, was over at Nad's house a LOT to work on the photobook -- it looks so great!! Totally worth the 12+ hours we spent on it. Nad practically made it w/ her expertise -- can't thank her enough so here's a measly hippopotamus-sized THANK YOU!!!! =D for now.
I also had family dinners, worked for my dad, worked @ UBC bookstore, went out for a K-night, and shopped for my loved ones. Now I just want to browse around.

Pier 1 Imports Vanity - Hayworth Collection [~$400?]
I don't like the mirror though.

The Hayden (Red Patent Bag) [$500]
Dooney & Bourke's signature pattern is one of my least favourite types of bags.. but for this one, you can't even tell it's from them... and yea - this one is named after Hayden Patteniere or however you spell her last name. I like her even though I haven't seen her in action. She has some meat on her bones like Hilary Duff circa Lizzy McGuire and has a pretty face (and good style). Red bags are nice. They really make outfits like this:
Apparently red bags are next year's trend.

Burberry Poplin Trenchcoat [$995] @ Saks
Trenches are THE coat of spring. I got mine already but mine is like a dark grayblue... a little too dark for spring? Maybe. That's why I need a classic beige one heee
Stylist: The Interpreters of Fashion by Rizzoli [$75]
Perfect book for my non-existent coffee table.
Ultra boring post. I need to catch up on my Gossip Girl... after Christmas.

Oh here are a couple pictures Nad took with her lovely Nikon D40X @ my party on Dec 18th:
We had a TON of food -- it was a potluck
Dessert! Homemade by Cass and Jason!
Gingerbread train made by B and D
Group shot

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bunnies Don't Know What To Do With Cows

Triton just hit you with a fluffy snowball - view it!

I'm a tired hippo. 5 hours sleep last night... a full day today and an extremely full day tomorrow. Fun though! I've got a lot of things on my mind that I feel like I have to get done... and I just want to do them all NOW but I can't. They will be done before Christmas though.

I went to Nad's earlier today to work on the photobook! Should be done tomorrow! Then went to Auntie Anna's for dinner. Erin and Kyle were there too (sarang). Played Rayman Raving Rabbids again (hence the title). I'll be back in Richmond tomorrow!

Hoping to get a pair of jeans this Boxing Day.. I know they don't "celebrate" Boxing Day in the States, but maybe some things will go on sale.

As hard as I try, I can't stay away from Skinnies/Straight-legged jeans. Flares make me feel short (but they are easy to wear when I want to wear something OTHER than flats) and bootcut... well maybe I haven't tried the RIGHT bootcut, but they make me feel wider in unnecessary places. So here are a couple of skinnies I'd like.

Hollister's Laguna Low Rise Skinny [$50CDN]
I'm not a big fan of Hollister (don't like their logo) - I like A&F a LOT more... but I do like these washes a lot.

Abercrombie has very similar jeans for double the price.
Erin Skinny [$108.50CDN]
Their other 2 skinnies look good, but they're stretch material.
I have no idea what sort of reputation Hollister/A&F jeans have. Do they stretch? I've been quite disappointed by AE and Levi's jeans in the past because they always stretch out (and FADE) after wear and wash! Apparently Lucky Brand jeans do that too... not a good thing IMO!
Oh yea - and if I dooo buy from those chain companies in the future, I'm gonna buy off of Ebay... just gotta try them on first in store.
Forever21's Aliea Straight Legged Jean [$20]
These are OK... I'm a bit wary on cheap jeans though. I've tried on Forever21 jeans in the past and the stitching isn't very good quality. I bought a pair of $15 (or was it $20) jeans in Taiwan and yea... they look really cheap.
Btw, there are tons of other companies out there - I know. I just saw these jeans on WhoWhatWearDaily and liked the wash. I'll go actual jean shopping later.
Hmm - I don't think I will be changing my header anytime before Christmas. Oh well. I will definitely make a new one next year.
"Sleep well",

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2 x Gingerbread Train Kit

No time to really post about yesterday, but thank you everyone for coming and helping out! I really really really appreciate it =) I'm eating leftovers as I type - yummmm

Here's my schedule for the next few days!
19th - Nad's house to work on photobook then to my Auntie Anna's for dinner (bring gingerbread house)
20th - Nad's house - finish photobook!!!! Then K-night -- sleepover to 21st

Ohnoshedidn't -- breaking news guys -- Jamie Lynn Spears is PREGS (and she's 16!)!!

Anyway, back to my sched.
21st - Work from + hand in photobook? Finish brother's present + print Costco Pics + out @ night
22nd - Shoppinggggg + dye hair + haircut
23rd - Bikram's Yoga in the morning + pick up photobook + huuuge extended family dinner @ night
24th - No family dinner how sad - deliver presents + watch AADBSKII @ B's
25th - Family day
26th - Shop my heart out
27th - a much needed ALL ABOUT ME day finally!!! Lounge around at home
28th - States shopping w/ family
29th - Don't remember any plans after this...

Pink Is The New Blog photo...
"Rumour had it that Posh had her breast implants taken out before the world tour, fearing they would pop out of her Roberto Cavalli outfits during energetic dance routines. But it seems that wasn't enough."

Gotta shower,

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hot Water

I'm back at home now! It felt like I was at home there -- I had my own room that I could make a mess of (it's clean now though!) and could raid the fridge haha! I silly-ly forgot my laptop and cell @ Nad's house! Felt a little incomplete without them. How sad is that? The effect of technology on my life...

I'm a bit behind in my fashion blogs. Oh well - maybe tomorrow. I need a BIG "me" day where I can just lounge around... and I think tomorrow will be it - except I have a dinner @ my Auntie Anna's house.

Abercrombie & Fitch [$49.50CAD] (It's probably really $35)
This is sooo cute. You can't see it, but there are mini buttons down the middle.

Gotta go now - work on the photobook!

Monday, December 17, 2007

When Superheroes Need To Rest...

Back to old habits - It's 2:27AM and I'm making my photobook with Nad's Adobe InDesign program (so neat!!). The Taiwan section is gonna take hella long but I'm finished the Macau and part of the Hong Kong section. I'm really loving what we're producing so far!

I've been eating soooo unhealthy the past week! I can't believe myself... cake for breakfast, ice cream, cookies, icing, batter, apple blossom thingies, chocolate times 31494822, rice krispy bits... yea really letting myself go.

What a disappointing post... so tired eyes closing gonna zonk now.