Monday, December 17, 2007

When Superheroes Need To Rest...

Back to old habits - It's 2:27AM and I'm making my photobook with Nad's Adobe InDesign program (so neat!!). The Taiwan section is gonna take hella long but I'm finished the Macau and part of the Hong Kong section. I'm really loving what we're producing so far!

I've been eating soooo unhealthy the past week! I can't believe myself... cake for breakfast, ice cream, cookies, icing, batter, apple blossom thingies, chocolate times 31494822, rice krispy bits... yea really letting myself go.

What a disappointing post... so tired eyes closing gonna zonk now.

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Nat said...

haha i guess that would be my house's fault for having all that tempting food :P i'm tired.. my legs are so tired from standing at giftwrapping..normally i'd be okay, but.. yeah coz slept so late haha. we gota finish the book VERY SOONNNNN