Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hellooooo Holiday!

Bring on the Christmas music! I just downloaded the Big Mama Christmas CD -- it's pretty good for ajummas! They sing mainly in English. Sort of weird that Happy Birthday (saengil chukha hamnida) is thrown in the mix.

So what did I do on my first day of freedom? I went shopping!!!!!! Nad and I went to Metro. It's not that crowded yet. Found some gift ideas but didn't buy them b/c I thought I forgot my Visa (it was in my coat pocket all along!). I made a promise to myself that I'm not allowed to buy anything for myself except for boots and leg warmers because I don't need anything else right now and I hate knowing that things go on sale after I buy them... buuuut I bought a coat from Buffalo 'cause I didn't know if it'd still be there afterwards. It's not a winter winter winter coat though... it's a trench-type silhouette.
I made a list of place sI want to go on boxing day. lol I have to plan out my shopping route.
1. Mimi McQueen for their Soia & Kyo coats (right now they're $310 w/ 20% off)
2. Aritzia for things I usually wouldn't pay full price for.
3. Lucky Brand Jeans for their Lola Straights
4. Guess
5. Futureshop for the Nikon D40x
6. American Apparel (oh I tried on the unisex v-neck sweater.. looked so funny!)
7. Does Costco have a boxing day sale? I want to check out the Nikon D40x
8. Blue Ruby
9. Find some cheap OPI nailpolish
10. Plenty
Then I want to go downtown. Actually, downtown has all I need.. but are mall sales better??? I don't really need to go to Mimi McQueen. Yea - I think I'll just go downtown instead. Do they open regular hours?
11. Urban Outfitters
12. Aritzia
13. BCBG Max Azria (both Robson + PC)
14. B2 shoes - for fall heels and/or boots
15. Club Monaco
16. Mexx
17. Holt Renfrew - some designer steals? haha I can't afford at the moment... but I'll look anyway. Maybe I'll find my Chanel bag! I've started saving up already -- I have a Chanel fund. I should start a Christian Louboutin fund.
18. Plenty - just browsing
19. Blue Ruby - also just browsing... I'd like to revamp my accessories collection eventually

Hope to get some good deals!

We attempted a house party in Kits that night but didn't stay long b/c we didn't know anyone (it was Emily Carr students) and there wasn't anything to drink. It was literally BYOB. We ended up walking along Kits at 11:30 (I think I'm gonna go back and search for some boots) and then went back to Nad's house to chat! They all have work tomorrow morning haha poor them!

Next year, I want to try new restaurants... well I'm still very curious about Vij's and Holt's Cafe! Gotta go there.

Found this new site - Style Diary. It has the same concept as Wardrobe_Remix where people post pictures of their outfits and tell us where they got it from. That'd be fun to do once in a while once I build a decent wardrobe. I'm quite impressed by this one lady's wardrobe! She has quite the collection of upscale, designer brands that she mixes very well with affordable pieces and makes the whole outfit look expensive... when it's only semi-expensive haha
Some examples:
This Diane von Furstenberg dress is soooo gorgeous =0!! She has the perfect figure which just emphasizes the gorgeousness.
This girl's wardrobe is all from H&M. Amazingly so. How come I never find anything like that there?? Oh - apparently it's b/c she mainly buys from the H&M designer collection! Lucky...Ok I realize I'm posting very basic stuff - they have fun stuff too. These are just notable because I like the style.
I have more but it's time for bed!
** Remember to burn Xmas CD later today!

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