Friday, December 14, 2007


Gucci Starlight Evening Clutch [$950USD @ Neiman Marcus]

Not usually a fan of Gucci's double G's, but I looove this clutch!! It's perfect! According to Bag Bliss, this "has appeared for the longest time on Saks Fifth Avenue’s Best Selling Designer Handbag List". I wonder if it's just the flash of the picture or whatnot, but it looks different than the gold one..
Oh here it is! Made w/ gunmetal leather and interlocking gold hardware... lol that description sounds so masculine.

Something to wear with the clutch? haha ok so the clutch is so versatile. I just like this dress (and no, that is NOT me - I got this picture from a site where people post pictures of their outfits). It's cashmere. Doesn't really look that great on this lady though.. but she said she gained a few pounds from her vacation.

It reminds me of Yeon Hee's dress (middle) from about a year ago.
Hmm I swear her dress looked so much nicer when I first saw it... Oh well, I like the colour at least!