Thursday, December 13, 2007

Plastic Surgery... I mean, Photoshop

I played w/ Photoshop today -- it's fun!! I tried fixing up a couple photos from the trip, but ended up making 6 different versions of this 1 picture. I just fixed a few (minor) imperfections like freckles/zits/skin discolouration/teeth whitening (look at M's teeth!! Looks like she's been using Crest Whitestrips for years! Puts mine to shame...) and added filters.
The wonders of Adobe Photoshop:
The Paint Filter - actually this one needs a little more of a touch up... I look very Asian (horrible makeup job) but doesn't M look good??
The (I forgot what it's called) Filter. Coool we're vinyl. Much more natural.
Oh the picture was taken at the end of August, 2007/Beginning of September. It was really late - we were coming home from Artemis's and I felt like an apple pie from McD's... and you know what happens when I want something...
Yep. I get it.

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