Thursday, December 13, 2007


hehe I had to wait until I finished finals to use that picture.

ENOD.... DONE! Whew! I don't want to talk about it - I'm in non-school mode now!
Nad's out at a hotpot dinner so I'm house sitting for the night. Actually I'm picking photos to make a photobook. I'm using Blacks. It's gonna take a while -- I have over 1,000 pics to choose from!

Taken from Becky (xept I have no need to procrastinate anymore!):
[I live] on top of something a bit bigger than a mole hill but with a great view
[I miss] traveling
[I wish] to stay happy the rest of my life
[I want]
to design a house, to own ferrets, to have a walk-in closet (designed by me) filled with fab clothes, to own a dslr, to travel the world, and to speak 4 languages fluently
[I can] do anything I want to - how well I do it is another matter
[I love] memories.... and shopping... and designing when I feel like it
[I need] boots and a haircut
[I think] too little
[I am] dreaming
[I hope] to remain healthy the rest of my life
[I dream] too much
[I hate] .. can't think of anything right now
[I laugh] a lot - I find a lot of things funny
[Love can] "move mountains"
[Shoe Size] 8.5
[My Parents] are sarang
[Pets] need to find me... ferret! Find me!

Favorites :

[Colors] White, ivory, black, navy, and gray are the colours of now. I like specific shades of other colours too
[Number] 6
[Animal] No specific one right now...
[Drinks] strawberry daiquiris from Lan Kwai Fong ahha - I like a lot of fruity drinks
[Soda] Gingerale
[Books] I haven't read any spectacular books recently
[Flower] White flower bouquets
[TV Shows] try TLC/FoodNetwork/HGTV + Gossip Girls
[Holiday] Ok out of them all, Xmas is the biggest really... so Xmas!
[Season] Spring
[Movie] I go through phases
[Food] Right now, Korean is #1
[Hangout] no specific place - I like to try new places
[Song] Too many favourites!
[Commercial] I'm not really a commercial girl.

[Twirl your hair] I don't twirl... but lately I've been searching for split ends a lot.
[Have tattoos] Iie (Japanese for "no, not at all")
[Have piercing] Ears
[Cheat on tests?] I have
[Smoke?] Iie
[Like roller coasters] Want me to count how many I've been on last summer? I can't haha (too many to count!)
[Wish you could live somewhere else?] Only for a while - I'd always come back to Vancouver
[Want more piercing?] I want temporary ones. I want them now, but once I hit 30, I want them to disappear -- too bad there's no such thing.
[Like cleaning?] I like cleaning my room, yes.
[Know how to drive] Not really. I will this Spring
[Own a cell phone] Yesss
[Ever get off the damn computer?] I do

Have You Ever ? :

[Cried over a boy/girl?] No
[Been in a fist fight] No
[Considered a life of crime] No
[Considered being a hooker] haha!
[Lied to someone] I'm sure you have too
[Been in love] Iie
[Used someone] No - my brain can't think like that
[Been used] I think so but I can't remember when
[Been cheated on] Iie
[Kicked someone in the nuts] haha no

Currents :

[Clothing] black turtleneck + black leggings (haha - I'd never wear the leggings by themselves outdoors) and my Stitch blankie that makes me look like a cold Superman.
[Mood] Relaxed -- is that a mood?
[Taste] Chocolate dipped (cream-less) cream puff
[What do you smell like?] Nad's house
[Hair] Down and dead
[Thing you ought to be doing] Making the photobook
[Cd in stereo] Nad's Xmas Tunes ".... hippopotamus for Christmas!"
[Book you're reading] Nad just let me borrow her Golden Compass series to read before I watch the movie - it's my winter reading
[Last movie you saw] hmm I don't remember -- has it been that long? Battle Royale?? I think I have a few dramas to watch this Winter -- don't know if I'll get to them though.
[Thing you're eating] Nothing
[Talking to anyone?] Yes
[Drugs] No
[Believe in life on other planets] Hmm really truly believe, no... but I think that is is possible.
[Read the newspaper?] Yes
[Any gay/lesbian friends?] Yes
[Believe in miracles] Yes
[Do well in school] I'm an average student
[Wear hats] They look funny on me.
[Hate yourself] No
[Have an obsession] Many
[Have a best friend] Yes
[Collect anything] Yes - some magazines... um can't think of anything else. I think I collect things without realize I'm collecting.
[Close friends] Yes

Love Life :

[First crush] Grade 2.
[Do you believe in love at first sight?] Sure
[Do you believe in "the one"] Yes
[Too shy to make the first move] Yes

Are You A :

[Daydreamer] Yes
[Bitch/Asshole] No
[Sarcastic] Someone once called me Miss Sarcastic... but I don't think he knew the real definition of sarcasm.
[Angel] Am I?
[Devil] Maybe in disguise.
[Shy] Depends around who - usually I don't really think so.
[Talkative] I am around certain people.

Random :

[What is your middle name?] Natasha Rita
[How big is your bed] The smallest size that fits an adult. Twin.
[Last person you hugged] Daddy
[How is the weather now] Samui desu! (Cold) and slushy
[First thing you notice about the opposite sex] Face in general
[Do you want kids] Yes
[Hair color] Right now dyed a medium-to-dark brown. Will be a rich dark brown soon I hope.
[Eye color] Dark brown
[Contacts or glasses] Both
[Dogs or cats] Both
[Have you ever loved anyone] Iie
[Who would you like to see right now?] I'm curious what my mom's maternal mother was like
[Do you like to travel by train] It's alright...
[Right handed or left] Right
[If you could do anything right now what would it be] Right this instant? I'd want to pack and leave for Korea and Japan in 2 days.
[Are you missing someone] Not really
[Wallpaper on your cell] Fat Vancouver pigeons
[Get enough sleep last night] No - 5 hours.
[First thing you think about in the morning] Is there anything to look forward to?

I'll come back with some shopping fun soon!

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