Saturday, October 25, 2008


omGOODNESS I am SO excited about exchange all over again! International Exchange Orientation just ended (an hour early) -- I'm still at school. They answered all my questions and there was a panel of people who went on exchanges to various places last term that we got to talk to -- one from Korea (Yonsei). Now I'm just so anxious to get my acceptance letter from Korea University (which won't come until mid-Dec!!!) and so I can apply for my visa. I'm not reeeeeeally sure about what visa to get and all that, but I think I want a working visa ontop of my student visa too... 'cause I wanna teach English (which is basically just talking to people) legally (some students do do it under the table which could = jail 'cause they're super strict...). I also met the other 2 students going to Korea Uni (KU) too! They're both Korean -- really interesting, I find, how pretty much all the students who go to Korea for exchange are Korean themselves. Also, from what I've heard/read, it seems as though we've got it the toughest here in North America education-wise! Everyone says that school in Asia and Europe (especially) was so much more slack - so much that they think that they've forgotten how to study. There's so much to do before I go though... like renew my passport, photocopy a bunch of stuff, get visa, airfare, figuring out what I'm going to do after, research cell phone, regulations, transportation, where I'm going to live, figure out more courses... get into Business.... AND I realize I want/need to work more to make more spending money b/c apparently it's very easy to spend way more than budgeted.. even if you over-budget. We're talking $10,000+, going mainly toward travel to other places! To be honest, I've only budgeted around $8,000 for personal spendage. Thank goodness I can work full-time in January and Feb before I leave in March! I'm also thinking of extending my stay there to 2 semesters since a lot of past exchange students wish they had, but we'll have to see. It's easier to plan for 2 and just drop the 2nd semester instead of adding it on once I finish a term. Lots of paperwork... I guess it really all depends if I get into Business or not... I realize that this is really my last term to get into Business if I were to graduate in 2010. If I don't, then I can only try again next Fall (and then it'd be another 3 semesters for sure). Really, there's no rush, but school, to me, isn't the funnest thing and I'd sort of like to end it ASAP. Backup plan? I'd probably just get a Geo major, but I'm not sure how many courses Korea offers for Geo. My goodness how boring and uninteresting.

Anyway, I'm absolutely exhausted from my 5 hours of sleep. I had 2 cups of coffee this morning, I guess it helped a bit for a while and now I'm all zzzz again internally. I think I'm gonna head over to work now and read some notes at Blenz.

Did you know you can't ship perfume by mail?!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Texture & Pattern

LOL.... Plush is now called GOSSIP?! Ohmyohmyohmyhar!

Yess just handed in my Hazard Poster Project idea to my TA.
Time for a break... but not for long

F21 Heritage Milford Tartan Jacket [$39.90USD]
Cute but cheap buttons.
F21 Sheer Floral Woven Blouse [$19.80USD]
Still looking for you, my pretty!

A&F Gretchen Sleeping Short [$50CAD]
So cute + cropped -- makes the boyish print girly.
It screams, I'm a present! Merry Christmas! to me.
Zipia's Verywell - Romantic Shirring Slim Line Skirt [$22USD]
New sewing project?
Gucci Classic [$629USD]
For some reason, I think this would be a great bag for a mom to bring everywhere! It fits a lot.
I've been seeing this bag more and more on the street and I'm really liking its obnoxiousness!

Next week:
Fri - tutorial, send project portion (!!), audition practice, study, work
Sat - Int'l Exchange Orientation + straight to work (booooo)
Sun - meet up w/ project ppl (online?), audition dress up, STUDY + do homework
Mon - Ling all day
Tues - Work, Dinner
Wed - Int'l Profile due, presentation, Dinner, Gardenburst concert
Thurs - REST? not...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Downloaded JJ Lin's Sixology. There's something about his voice that makes me so calm, content, and care-free. Maybe it's 'cause I subconsciously relate it to HK and vacations, but it's soothing stuff! I had an amusing discussion/debate on Chinese/Tw singers w/ a customer last week at Posh. She was all into Fahrenheit + Jay Chou when I was into JJ Lin... but we both agreed on Lee Hom.

Got someone to take my Sunday shift so I could actually study. I have international exchange orientation from 8:30AM - 3:30PM on Sat and then I have to go to work from 5:05PM-12AM!! LONG DAY.

Aunt ordered the bag eee! I'm crossing my fingers the colour will turn out differently from the picture. I know this is probably the worst time to buy things from the States lol.. even my brushes! They were supposed to be $30USD but it turned out to be $39CDN!

Oh yea -- I washed them yesterday. My mom loves the mini kabukis I bought her. All the brushes turned out softer after I shampooed them. No dye was released and only 3 hairs (out of hundreds) fell out from one of the Badger ones. The Italian Badger-haired ones are still a bit more rough than I was expecting, but they seem pretty good so far as they pick up colour. The blush one is a bit fat compared to the travel Body Shop one I have so it'll take a little getting used to. The synthetic angled eyeliner is absolutely excellent! I'm super duper happy with that one. I have so much more precision now with the longer, slimmer handle than that stumpy travel Body Shop one.

Just found out Kat Von D from LA Ink has her own makeup line by Sephora! I'm not an eyeshadow girl, but I think her palettes look great -- and they have 118 5/5 reviews too!

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - BeethovenTrue Romance Eyeshadow Palette - LudwigHad a presentation for Geo 312 - World Resources today... it went alright. Now I gotta work on my Tokyo Hazards project and Institutional Profile on YVR for next week...

Really enjoyed DBSK on Mnet My Favourite and Yunho+Xiah on Family Outing (hilarious)! Some of the radio shows are surprisingly boring though... skip skip skip

Gmarket - Button-up loose-sleeved dress/sweater-type [$17.80USD]
Hmm Lindsay Lohan.. you know when they have pics of celebs next to their clothes, a lot of them looked photoshopped.
Mmm sangria/lemon soju... I'm waiting

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Girls Are Like M&M's"

Got my Coastal Scents brushes today! Gotta wash them and then I'll tell you how they are.

Aunt's friend is going down to Cali next month -- I put an order in for that Sabina Leather Convertible Satchel 'cause I got a 25% off coupon for UO. I had a suuuuuper hard time picking a colour. I wish they had a the dark green I saw in LA - I would have chosen that in a heartbeat! I chose the dark brown even though I need a black bag. If you want anything for 25% off, let me know by today (Oct 21st)! I've scoured the UO pages like crazy. I need like $50-70 more for free shipping, but doesn't matter shmatter.

Ummm work was interesting this weekend. More new people... the bar area seems even more crowded... not used to all these bussers but tables get cleaned so fast now wooot I think I've officially stopped hosting. For a while now, I've been hosting 1 day and serving 2, but now I'm serving all 3 days which is great, but it means I don't get to dress up anymore haha but thats fine.

The next few weeks are full of presentations and term projects (I've got 4!) and a couple more quizzes. UGHDKFJDKDGGGHHHH This term isn't too fun school-content-wise...

Nad has got me hooked on this entertaining youtube-r, KevJumba.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family In My Heart

Just as I thought things were fine -- allergies are allergies and my mom's side is very well trained to deal with them -- I run into some other, more serious family health issues. It comes at me all at once like BAM... so undeserving, especially to those who have been through a lot already.......

Always hoping for the best!!