Thursday, October 23, 2008

Texture & Pattern

LOL.... Plush is now called GOSSIP?! Ohmyohmyohmyhar!

Yess just handed in my Hazard Poster Project idea to my TA.
Time for a break... but not for long

F21 Heritage Milford Tartan Jacket [$39.90USD]
Cute but cheap buttons.
F21 Sheer Floral Woven Blouse [$19.80USD]
Still looking for you, my pretty!

A&F Gretchen Sleeping Short [$50CAD]
So cute + cropped -- makes the boyish print girly.
It screams, I'm a present! Merry Christmas! to me.
Zipia's Verywell - Romantic Shirring Slim Line Skirt [$22USD]
New sewing project?
Gucci Classic [$629USD]
For some reason, I think this would be a great bag for a mom to bring everywhere! It fits a lot.
I've been seeing this bag more and more on the street and I'm really liking its obnoxiousness!

Next week:
Fri - tutorial, send project portion (!!), audition practice, study, work
Sat - Int'l Exchange Orientation + straight to work (booooo)
Sun - meet up w/ project ppl (online?), audition dress up, STUDY + do homework
Mon - Ling all day
Tues - Work, Dinner
Wed - Int'l Profile due, presentation, Dinner, Gardenburst concert
Thurs - REST? not...

1 comment:

Melanie said...

those shorts also say, "I'm a present, open me." to anyone who sees you in them! so I'd watch where you wear them if you ever get them... :P