Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Downloaded JJ Lin's Sixology. There's something about his voice that makes me so calm, content, and care-free. Maybe it's 'cause I subconsciously relate it to HK and vacations, but it's soothing stuff! I had an amusing discussion/debate on Chinese/Tw singers w/ a customer last week at Posh. She was all into Fahrenheit + Jay Chou when I was into JJ Lin... but we both agreed on Lee Hom.

Got someone to take my Sunday shift so I could actually study. I have international exchange orientation from 8:30AM - 3:30PM on Sat and then I have to go to work from 5:05PM-12AM!! LONG DAY.

Aunt ordered the bag eee! I'm crossing my fingers the colour will turn out differently from the picture. I know this is probably the worst time to buy things from the States lol.. even my brushes! They were supposed to be $30USD but it turned out to be $39CDN!

Oh yea -- I washed them yesterday. My mom loves the mini kabukis I bought her. All the brushes turned out softer after I shampooed them. No dye was released and only 3 hairs (out of hundreds) fell out from one of the Badger ones. The Italian Badger-haired ones are still a bit more rough than I was expecting, but they seem pretty good so far as they pick up colour. The blush one is a bit fat compared to the travel Body Shop one I have so it'll take a little getting used to. The synthetic angled eyeliner is absolutely excellent! I'm super duper happy with that one. I have so much more precision now with the longer, slimmer handle than that stumpy travel Body Shop one.

Just found out Kat Von D from LA Ink has her own makeup line by Sephora! I'm not an eyeshadow girl, but I think her palettes look great -- and they have 118 5/5 reviews too!

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - BeethovenTrue Romance Eyeshadow Palette - LudwigHad a presentation for Geo 312 - World Resources today... it went alright. Now I gotta work on my Tokyo Hazards project and Institutional Profile on YVR for next week...

Really enjoyed DBSK on Mnet My Favourite and Yunho+Xiah on Family Outing (hilarious)! Some of the radio shows are surprisingly boring though... skip skip skip

Gmarket - Button-up loose-sleeved dress/sweater-type [$17.80USD]
Hmm Lindsay Lohan.. you know when they have pics of celebs next to their clothes, a lot of them looked photoshopped.
Mmm sangria/lemon soju... I'm waiting

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