Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2 x Gingerbread Train Kit

No time to really post about yesterday, but thank you everyone for coming and helping out! I really really really appreciate it =) I'm eating leftovers as I type - yummmm

Here's my schedule for the next few days!
19th - Nad's house to work on photobook then to my Auntie Anna's for dinner (bring gingerbread house)
20th - Nad's house - finish photobook!!!! Then K-night -- sleepover to 21st

Ohnoshedidn't -- breaking news guys -- Jamie Lynn Spears is PREGS (and she's 16!)!!

Anyway, back to my sched.
21st - Work from + hand in photobook? Finish brother's present + print Costco Pics + out @ night
22nd - Shoppinggggg + dye hair + haircut
23rd - Bikram's Yoga in the morning + pick up photobook + huuuge extended family dinner @ night
24th - No family dinner how sad - deliver presents + watch AADBSKII @ B's
25th - Family day
26th - Shop my heart out
27th - a much needed ALL ABOUT ME day finally!!! Lounge around at home
28th - States shopping w/ family
29th - Don't remember any plans after this...

Pink Is The New Blog photo...
"Rumour had it that Posh had her breast implants taken out before the world tour, fearing they would pop out of her Roberto Cavalli outfits during energetic dance routines. But it seems that wasn't enough."

Gotta shower,

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