Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bunnies Don't Know What To Do With Cows

Triton just hit you with a fluffy snowball - view it!

I'm a tired hippo. 5 hours sleep last night... a full day today and an extremely full day tomorrow. Fun though! I've got a lot of things on my mind that I feel like I have to get done... and I just want to do them all NOW but I can't. They will be done before Christmas though.

I went to Nad's earlier today to work on the photobook! Should be done tomorrow! Then went to Auntie Anna's for dinner. Erin and Kyle were there too (sarang). Played Rayman Raving Rabbids again (hence the title). I'll be back in Richmond tomorrow!

Hoping to get a pair of jeans this Boxing Day.. I know they don't "celebrate" Boxing Day in the States, but maybe some things will go on sale.

As hard as I try, I can't stay away from Skinnies/Straight-legged jeans. Flares make me feel short (but they are easy to wear when I want to wear something OTHER than flats) and bootcut... well maybe I haven't tried the RIGHT bootcut, but they make me feel wider in unnecessary places. So here are a couple of skinnies I'd like.

Hollister's Laguna Low Rise Skinny [$50CDN]
I'm not a big fan of Hollister (don't like their logo) - I like A&F a LOT more... but I do like these washes a lot.

Abercrombie has very similar jeans for double the price.
Erin Skinny [$108.50CDN]
Their other 2 skinnies look good, but they're stretch material.
I have no idea what sort of reputation Hollister/A&F jeans have. Do they stretch? I've been quite disappointed by AE and Levi's jeans in the past because they always stretch out (and FADE) after wear and wash! Apparently Lucky Brand jeans do that too... not a good thing IMO!
Oh yea - and if I dooo buy from those chain companies in the future, I'm gonna buy off of Ebay... just gotta try them on first in store.
Forever21's Aliea Straight Legged Jean [$20]
These are OK... I'm a bit wary on cheap jeans though. I've tried on Forever21 jeans in the past and the stitching isn't very good quality. I bought a pair of $15 (or was it $20) jeans in Taiwan and yea... they look really cheap.
Btw, there are tons of other companies out there - I know. I just saw these jeans on WhoWhatWearDaily and liked the wash. I'll go actual jean shopping later.
Hmm - I don't think I will be changing my header anytime before Christmas. Oh well. I will definitely make a new one next year.
"Sleep well",

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